Requirements to Open a Hair Salon: Investment, Licenses and MORE

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Beauty and aesthetics are values ​​that are very taken into account today, so you should read the Requirements to open a Hair Salon, since it is a very profitable business in Chile.

If you are thinking of a venture, and the hairdressing business is one of the options that has crossed your mind, then go ahead and review each of the tips offered in this article.

Beauty is always something you can bet on, as personal care is appreciated by both ladies and gentlemen.

Start by knowing more about the subject, keep reading and so you can make a better decision.

What are the Requirements to Open a Hairdresser in Chile?

Starting a hairdressing business in Chile is a profitable business, if you have the technical knowledge and the required equipment and furniture.

For this you must take into account the Requirements to open a Hair Salon in Chile and these are the following:

Formal business constitution

The business must be constituted as a legal entity, that is, as a company.

Be clear if the business is undertaken alone or responsibilities are being shared with a partner. In the case of having partners, it is advisable to set up a limited liability company.

All permits and licenses required to open the hairdresser must be processed, according to current legislation. The business must be legalized at the Notary Public, then at the Commercial Registry.

Budget definition

It is essential for the proper activity of the business. All business requirements, legal procedures, stylist salaries, financing request, etc. must be secured.

Make the Business Plan

Carry out an evaluation of the business in the short and long term. You can use evaluation tools, such as analysis with the SWOT matrix.

In this way you can identify needs, establish objectives and operating strategies.

Take into account the market you are targeting, the business model that you are going to adopt. Likewise, establish a financial plan, define the marketing and sales strategies and evaluate the risks of the activity to be developed together with the tactics that can be adopted.

Select the appropriate location

You should study the location, the area, the ease of access, review the competence of the place. The best thing is to locate the business in an attractive sector for the clientele or potential clients.

The picture

The image of a business is given primarily by the quality of the service, the good presence of the employees, the logo and the profile on social networks.

Competent and willing staff

You must have a staff trained in the services offered, since that together with the quality of the service is the necessary hook to attract potential customers.

Have a presence on Social Networks

Currently the presence of the business in social networks is very important. Show yourself, promote yourself, but more importantly, add value to the service that is being offered and differentiate yourself in this way from the competition.

Definitely, opening a hairdresser in Chile is a magnificent idea and it can be very profitable, as long as all the recommendations are taken into account and seek advice from experts.

How Much Investment is Needed to Open a Hairdresser in Chile?

Continuing with Requirements to open a Barber Shop, The investment required for a hairdressing business depends on the type of business. A small rented room is lower in cost compared to a recognized franchise. Of course I must have the viable project already in hand, to be able to review the investment that must be made in the business.

Regarding the equipment, all the necessary furniture must be obtained, chairs, tables, head washers, dryers, irons. If the premises are for rent as well as the equipment and furniture, then consider the monthly rent to pay for their use.

In case of being a franchise, it already comes with the required equipment, while if it is new it means a considerable outlay for the acquisition of the equipment. The approximate cost of the franchise is $ 32,000, depending on the room, the number of chairs and the services offered.

The supplies used in a hairdresser are also expensive. It will depend on the brands that the salon uses. There are also the tools for perms, hairpieces, cleaning supplies, towels, washers, dryers, scissors, brushes, blades, combs. For everything that is work tools and supplies, an approximate of $ 23,000.

The payment of public services, the commercial license of the establishment must be taken into account. Rent payments, deposits, utilities, administrative expenses.

Do not forget the promotion of the business, investment in marketing and advertising is very important.

Therefore the total amount is approximately $ 80,000.

Licenses and Permits to open a hairdresser

Within the Requirements to open a Barber Shop, An important point is everything related to authorizations to operate a business, in accordance with the regulations of the country and municipality where it will operate the barber shop.

In principle the formal business constitution in Notary and Public Registry. Authorization by the municipality to use the premises for the field of aesthetics and hairdressing. Likewise, all permits related to the installation of a new business.

The tranquility of comply with all necessary licenses to start the hairdresser according to the established regulations.

Prices of the Services

Dyeing or toning application from 25,800 28,600 29,800 pesos.

Reflexes 15,500, 18,500 and 21,500 pesos.

Kerastase Hair Treatments (includes drying) for short, long and extra long hair at 17,900, 19,700 and 21,500 pesos.

Redken Hair treatments (Includes Drying) for short, long and extra long hair at $ 24,000 $ 27,000 $ 31,600.

Also, Moroccanoil Hair treatments (Argan oil | includes blow drying) for short, long and extra long hair at $ 17,900 $ 19,700 $ 21,500

Sebastián Hair Treatments (includes drying) for short, long and extra long hair at $ 24,000 $ 26,400 $ 34,800.

Cutting, washing and Brushing Woman for short, long and extra long hair at $ 18,700 $ 19,800 $ 20,800.

Kerastase or Moroccanoil shampoo wash plus cut plus styling for short, long and extra long hair at $ 19,800 $ 19,800 $ 19,800.

Woman blow dry hairstyle and wash for short, long and extra long hair at $ 9,300 $ 11,900 $ 13,500.

Express manicure, wash and style for short, long and extra long hair at $ 16,500 $ 19,100 $ 20,700.

Fantasy hairstyle for short, long and extra long hair at $ 18,900 $ 20,900 $ 22,900.

Washing and drying for short, long and extra long hair at $ 7,100 $ 7,800 $ 8,500

Kerastase OR Moroccanoil Wash plus Blow Dry for short, long and extra long hair at $ 9,100 $ 11,100 $ 12,100

Straightening Brasil Cacao for short, long and extra long hair at $ 60,500 $ 92,300 $ 120,300.

On the other hand, the express manicure $ 7,200

The complete manicure and exfoliation $ 8,700

Also, hands two designs $ 12,100

The enamel change $ 5,900

If it is makeup, hands and brushing the price is $ 36,900 $ 39,500 $ 41,100

Makeup $ 18.900

Also, eyebrow profiling $ 6,100

The most tinted eyelash perm $ 20,700

Likewise, the permanent eyelash without tint $ 13,800

Eyelash tint $ 8.100

Fixing eyebrows $ 6,400

Eyelash extension $ 28.600

Also, tab one by one $ 13,800

Deep facial cleansing $ 23,000

Acne treatment grade 1 $ 24,200.

Treatment of the double chin $ 6,900.

Anti Age 1 treatment $ 17,300.

Benefits of Opening a Hair Salon

Reviewing the Requirements to open a Hair Salon we find the benefits of opening a hairdresser. Among which we have:

The need to request professional services related to aesthetics and beauty is always latent. Always it is a current business.

It is not necessary to have a very large premises to have a nice space for a hairdresser. With a well-lit, well-conditioned room with easy access it is enough. Also if it has parking, it is perfect.

It doesn’t have to be a luxurious environment, if you must meet customer expectations and receive excellent service.

The Required furniture can be basic.

The local decoration it can be simple but cozy.

As the business develops, you can expand the services it offers or improve the existing ones.

A well-planned, well-run and managed hairdressing business with an eye on customers is always going to be a profitable business.

Premises to Open a Hairdresser

The location of the hairdresser is a primary element. The place where the beauty salon or hairdresser will operate will be precise for its profitability. Important is the movement of people through the area, if the traffic is moderate or high, if there are places to park. And of course, something very substantial is the presence of similar businesses or the same industry, which are not competitors.

Likewise, the purchasing power of the inhabitants of the area where the hairdresser is located is also important.

A place has to be adapted to the image it is intended to show.

The world of aesthetics, beauty and hairdressing are traditional activities that are open to new trends. That is why the current hairdressing business has to reflect personality, so that the client is happy and satisfied with the results.

The beauty and aesthetics business provides its services so that people feel well-being. Being able to delight in the happy reaction of customers is priceless.

Therefore, after having analyzed all the Requirements to open a Hairdresser in Chile, be more aware, willing and encouraged to start the hairdressing business.

Go ahead, start now.


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