Requirements to Open a Mechanic Shop: Steps, Investment and MORE

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If you have a business idea in mind, check the Requirements to Open a Mechanical Workshop. To plan and specify the project, you must inform yourself and be aware of all the essential requirements to get ahead with the business.

Review all the aspects that correspond from the location of the premises where it will work to the rigorous aspects such as those of a legal nature.

Starting a venture today is easier than before, however, to be successful you must take everything into consideration and not overlook important details that have not been reviewed.

What are the Requirements to Open a Mechanical Workshop in Chile?

If you want to start a business like this, then keep reading the Requirements to Open a Mechanical Workshop:


It is essential to know what capital is available to start the business. It must take into account the tools, machinery, premises, preparation of the premises, taxes, etc. Likewise, salaries, overtime, payment of services, supplies and other administrative expenses.

The infrastructure.

The place must have enough space for vehicles, machinery, equipment. In addition, it must have lighting, ventilation, entry and exit of different types of vehicle. Also, office spaces, bathrooms, parking lots, among others.

The equipment.

Make an evaluation of all the required equipment according to the type of workshop to be installed. The same should be done with the tools that must be kept in the workshop.

Good ubication.

The location must be strategic. It should be taken into account if you are close to similar businesses such as dealerships, also observe the competition of the place.

Taking all of the above into account will lead you to establish an ideal business. This will allow you to offer quality service and in compliance with all rigorous requirements.

Step by step to open a Mechanical Workshop

Nowadays it is easier to take the definitive step of starting a business as a mechanical workshop. Here is some information to help you get started.

  1. Establish the service to be offered to the customer.

The services can be alignment, balancing, lubricants, oil change, general mechanics, engine regulation, braking system, air conditioning, gas, injection system, hydraulic steering, etc.

Previously, a mechanical workshop was to attend to all the problems that will arise with the cars. Today the workshops are specialized in some services, providing better service and results to customers.

  1. Choosing the work team.

Determine the number of workers who will work in the workshop, this will depend on the number of services that it is intended to offer.

Take into account the mechanical, electrical, alignment, balancing and the administrative part of the workshop cannot be forgotten. Also, have staff training as this will make part of the difference.

  1. Workshop location.

It is an element of great importance, from this derives in part the success of the workshop. The competition should be considered, if the area where the workshop will be is crowded, potential local clients, conditions of the property and access roads.

An important tip is that the workshop should be located in areas with similar or related businesses.

  1. Structure.

The workshop must have space for the attention of several cars and must also have space for offices. It must have an oil change ramp, hydraulic press, lantern aligner, welding machine, computerized balancer, car lift, tire gauge, cleaning machine, hydraulic jack for transmission box, among others.

  1. Organization of the processes.

The processes involved in a mechanical workshop are customer service, evaluation and diagnosis, car repair and of course the administrative management of the business.

A mechanical workshop does not require continuous purchase of raw materials, so it is important to have an assortment of essential supplies.

  1. Make a Difference.

In large cities, great competition is observed in the mechanical sector businesses. It is important to update, add value and provide something more to the customer. Therefore, it is of great importance to provide specialized services.

The idea is to innovate, differentiate and provide the best possible service.

Equipment to Open a Mechanical Workshop

Following the guidelines of the Requirements to Open a Mechanical Workshop, the need to have an infrastructure and equipment in line with the business can be inferred. Knowing how to structure the business, the distribution of the premises, lighting, ventilation, signage, among others.

First of all the Local It must be the most suitable and have all the corresponding permits from the premises. Regardless of the number of meters, it must have gaps and everything must be well defined.

Have a separate area for painting, mechanics, storage. Likewise, the electrical installations in perfect condition and an appropriate ventilation and lighting system.

Comply with fire safety requirements, have fire extinguishers and appropriate hoses for emergencies.

Refering to Machinery and equipment are the following:

  • The manual tools: screwdrivers, hammers, spanners, riveting tools, torque wrench, etc.
    • Manual clamping equipment: pliers, clamps, fixing tomes, among many others.
    • Manual clamping equipment: pliers, clamps, fixing tomes, among many others.
    • Cutting instruments: drill bits, scissors, saws, files, etc.
    • Measurement tools: voltmeter, gas analysis machines, level, goniometer, tape measure, power bank and others.
    • Likewise, cable glands, wire strippers, punches, hydraulic jacks, etc.
  • The Neumatic tools They are those that work through air compression. For this reason, compressors must be installed on site. Grinders, polishers, sanders, wrenches or impact guns,
  • Equipment for lifting loads that are used in various ways in a mechanical workshop. Used to change tires, for damage to the bottom of the car, to align the axles, etc. Among which are: elevators, mobile cranes, hydraulic and mechanical jacks, among others.
  • The electric and electronic tools used for repairing batteries, electric welders, also diagnostic equipment.
  • Instruments for brassware and paint, all these instruments must be separated from the rest.
  • A shop requires a paint booth, elevators, easels, mixing room, paint mixers, grinders, spray guns, torches, infrared drying equipment, sanders, polishers, varnishes, primers, etc.
  • Necessary equipment for tiresThese are tire remover and remover, pressure gauges, silicone to seal, patches, vulcanizers and balancers.
  • Likewise, it is necessary for a mechanical workshop to have sealants to join parts, oils, lubricating greases, putties, glues, disinfectants, antifreezes, among many others.

With respect to Furniture requires having:

  • Tables
  • Mesons
  • Chairs
  • Shelves
  • Wardrove
  • Computer equipment
  • phones
  • Showers
  • Toilets, sinks and more.

How Much Investment is Needed to Open a Mechanical Workshop in Chile?

A mechanical workshop is currently a profitable business idea, if one takes into account that in Chile there are more than 7.2 million vehicles.

Of course, everything must be done with due planning and knowing exactly what type of business you want to start.

Also, be clear about how much budget is needed to start and how the financing will be obtained.

If you apply for loans to the bank, or if you apply for state subsidies, if you will have capitalist partners, in order to determine what resources you have.

It takes a good amount of money to open a machine shop. Of course it will depend on the scope and type of business. In addition to acquiring equipment and tools an approximate of $ 100,000 to start the workshop business.

Legal procedures

If you are thinking of starting an enterprise that is related to the world of mechanics, you must take into account the legal procedures that must be done previously.

According to Requirements to open a Mechanical WorkshopThese are the legal steps that you must take into account when opening a business of this nature:

  • Have the Information Certificate.
  • The Certificate of zoning.
  • Have the building permit.
  • Also, the final reception.
  • Likewise, the permit for basic services.
  • Likewise, the so-called special permits.

The Information Certificate

It is the permit that indicates if the place where the workshop will be installed is compatible with the address and the commercial use that you want to give it. It must be applied for before applying for the patent.

You must also indicate if you have the possibility of expansion and construction of the premises. A sketch or plan is necessary to indicate details.

To obtain the certificate, you must fill out an application form in the corresponding municipality and have all the requested documents and deliver them to the Municipal Works Directorate where it corresponds.

The zoning certificate

It is a fundamental permit that makes it easy to know in advance, if a commercial activity can be carried out in a certain location. Also indicate the construction requirements.

The request can be made online for the case of some communes such as Maipú, Santiago, Peñalolén, Valdivia, Lo Espejo and Vitacura.

For the remaining communes, it must be done in person, removing the corresponding form and attaching data, property, and health report.

The Building Permit

This permit is in the event that the workshop requires construction, expansion or others. It must be requested at the Municipality’s Works Directorate (DOM) and attach the following documents:

  • Application signed by the owner and the architect of the project.
  • Deliver a photocopy of the information certificate.
  • Present the map of the location.
  • Also, the site plan.
  • Likewise, present the schematic plants.
  • Deliver the silhouettes of the elevations.
  • The comparative plane of shadows.
  • Deliver the general picture of the built surfaces.
  • Also, the classification of buildings and the independent review report.

The definitive reception

It is the permit or authorization for the premises to be used as a mechanical workshop.

You must go to the Municipality’s Works Directorate (DOM) with the required documentation. Generally, it is the project file and its modifications if it is the case.

Basic services permit

To obtain this permit, the place must be inspected by an authorized technician from the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel (SEC).

Special permissions

These refer to the type of workshop and the corresponding characteristics. Among which may be: trade permit for electrical, gas and liquid fuel products, electric power concession permit.

All the aforementioned procedures and procedures are mandatory if you want to start a mechanical workshop.

Recommendations when Opening a Mechanic Workshop

Following what is indicated by the Requirements to open a Mechanical Workshop, It can be said that the general recommendations when opening a mechanical workshop are, among others, the following:

Preserve the image of the establishment and facilities.

This point is very important, since a good image must always be offered to the client. Proper equipment and lighting create an atmosphere of professionalism.

Maintain good business contacts.

Having good business relationships with suppliers and choosing the best ones will allow you to offer the customer a better quality of service at a competitive price.

Have a presence on social networks.

Social networks currently represent a presence in the market, they are one of the most valuable tools to publicize the business. Marketing is essential for the diffusion of the brand and the business and to have a greater reach.


In order not only to attract customers, but also to keep them, it is important to treat the client and the service that is offered.


Thinking of a clean, better-looking auto shop than most builds appeal to customers. Take this detail into account and maintain appropriate hygienic conditions in the business.

Personalized attention.

Personalized attention makes the client feel important and taken into account. Avoid bad treatment, or bad service, delay, among other errors that drive the customer away.

Likewise, listening to the customer is a very important aspect as well.

The promotion.

The promotion of the business and the services it provides through the usual means or through social networks, give excellent results.


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