Requirements to Open a Pharmacy: How to Do It, Costs and MORE

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Would you like to start a business by opening a pharmacy? You have no idea of ​​the Requirements to Open a Pharmacy, to pedal and do it? You are in the right place, here we will show you the simplest approach to opening a pharmacy in Nicaragua.

Let us remember that, despite the various operators of danger that we encounter every day, we can experience the harmful effects of different diseases.

Next, we will share a useful manual to have the option of opening a pharmacy effectively. In the same way, we will be sharing the important requirements to do it and all the fundamental procedure.

Get to know the Requirements to Open a Pharmacy! What are you waiting for?

What are the Requirements to Open a Pharmacy in Nicaragua?

Generally speaking of qualified bodies, it is significant that before opening the premises, you measure all the basic prerequisites for it. Next, we will provide you with the Requirements to Open a Pharmacy what to consider:

  1. There must be one pharmacy for every 2,800 occupants.
  2. You must work on a 250-meter stretch from another pharmacy.
  3. Approval of the establishment.
  4. Academic or comparable degrees.
  5. DNI or corresponding identification file.
  6. Deed of the offer of the foundation or land, rent if applicable.
  7. Plan of the Neighborhood or Foundation.
  8. Advertise the use of synthetics. Same as permission for its dispersal.
  9. Permission for disinfection or cleaning.
  10. Evidence of industrial registration as a patent.

It should be noted that these records have a place with the general scope of the methodology. In case you need to know the particular prerequisites, we recommend that you visit the bodies responsible for completing these procedures.


  • Have the comparative school title with the school seal.
  • Relationship card of the holder.
  • Deed of offer of the premises or rental, or file that demonstrates its accessibility, consistently within the regions characterized in the call.

  • (Normally the circumstance and the separations regarding the other workplaces of the drugstore located in the environmental factors, as well as the current well-being or whose development is ordered, are relieved.)
  • Neighborhood map (staggered by the school) accompanied by an illustrative report on the circulation of the different units that make up the drugstore, as a territorial map.
  • Declaration of ownership of the synthetic articles, as well as the device and utensils requested by the Spanish Pharmacopoeia IX, and the crisis medications required by the Request of May 5, 1965.
  • Welfare permit or work notification for the change of medication.
  • Enrollment of industry patents.

How to Open a Pharmacy in Nicaragua?

Pharmacies are an industry that does not stop developing. Its objective is to offer the client medicines both to treat their illnesses and to prevent them. For some, opening a pharmacy is wise speculation and a business with enormous potential, despite having huge drug chains as contenders.

So a pharmacy can be a productive business, although by the way, there are several contemplations to consider, as it is anything but a business to use.

Procedures to open a pharmacy

The launch of another pharmacy is related to obtaining the approval of the corresponding establishment, which is granted by the Welfare Service or the competent division of each independent network.

The rivalries for the opening of pharmacy offices are maintained with certain recurrence in the various autonomous districts. These rivalries are called by the open organizations of each autonomous network, as provided in the article 3 of Law 16/1997, of April 25, on the Organization of the Drug Store Office Administrations.

Beyond these challenges, the best way to start a pharmacy is by purchasing a current permit or through a legacy. This is precisely why pharmacies are one of the organizations most firmly connected with the family and there are adventures with some ages of pharmacists.

Costs of Opening a Pharmacy in Nicaragua

Regardless of the initial cycle expenses, you are most likely thinking about how much it may cost to start this business. In fact, you actually have to have decent money to do it.

This is because the costs of establishing the pharmacy itself are generally quite high. Also, the execution of agreements with suppliers of the items that will offer the products to the town.

That is the reason why, should you need to start this venture, you have the vital assets to do so. Since, like other companies, your spending can be high and even more so in this type of establishment.

How much does it cost to open a pharmacy

The pharmacy acquired a decrease in the exchange of drug licenses, as well as the costs that were requested for it, reaching at least 300,000 dollars in 2013. Right now, this license can reach up to 600,000 dollars, which is 22% more than was established just a year ago.

Pharmacy or parapharmacy

A parapharmacy is not a pharmacy nor does it have to meet similar prerequisites to open it. From a specialist perspective, what matters is that the latter cannot sell items that are considered drugs under the law. You can sell homeopathic items and natural remedies, but not medicine.

Medicines, only in pharmacies

What we will discover in a parapharmacy will be, in a certain way, articles of well-being and excellence and also, some identified with prosperity, but not with drugs.

Of course, these are not the only elements found in the parapharmacy, where it is also normal to see diet and food things, as well as other planned for babies, for example, recipe for newborns, baby food, bottles, etc. .

In addition, it is configured as hostile to lice, bandages, mortars, etc. As a general rule, any item that is not a medicine and has to do with care and prosperity.


The commercial interpretation of this distinction is that there is no particular guideline for the launch of a parapharmacy and the reality of the situation could show that there is one close to the other without a population limit, as is not the situation with the pharmacy. In fact, there are establishments that are absolutely committed to working in this area.

Nor is it essential that the workers of a parapharmacy have a drugstore title, although they should always have certain information about medical services.

Absolutely for that there are experts in drugstores and parapharmacy, who are experts qualified to have the option of offering consideration and exhortation to clients who look for it in the pharmacy.

Have a pharmacy as a business

One of the incredible benefits that pharmacies bring you as an organization is reliability and the extraordinary interest in drugs that will always exist. So, it is an extraordinary decision as a business, which greatly benefits the population of the neighborhood.

It should be noted that the salary earned by this type of premises will always be continuous, since people constantly need to cover fundamental needs. Thus, there are several drug stores that, despite selling drugs, generally sell different things and drugs for customers.

In addition, it is one of the few organizations that will not depend so much on monetary circumstances. Therefore, it will be a business that can adapt to budget emergencies or financial recessions.

Operating license

It is essentially an approval allowed by the Welfare Service, through the General Directorate of Sterile Directive. With the aim that a foundation or drugstore can perform different wellness exercises.

For example, make, bring, market, move, broadcast, process, store, group, distribute, and manage items. In any case, the display of various wellness items can also be included.

In this way, we can contribute to improving the well-being of the country. At the same time, it allows residents to easily purchase essential items.

Drug and Pharmacy Law

In allusion to what has been expressed, in particular in Article 22, with respect to the determinations that the articles contained in a pharmacy must have. We can say that each of them must have its subjective and quantitative structure fully established.

To create a drug, it must be authorized by the agency in charge to give its approval. In the same way, because of substances, for example, natural in which it is absurd, the preparation techniques will be clarified.

Clarifies that, drugs must consent to the basis of the farthest reasonable ranges of quantitative variability. Regarding all the parts that make up the medicines.

What is it?

Pharmacies are an industry that does not stop developing. Its objective is to offer the buyer medicines both to treat their diseases and to prevent them. For some, opening a pharmacy is wise speculation and a business with gigantic potential despite having huge drug store chains as contenders.

So a pharmacy can be a productive business, although by the way, there are several contemplations to consider, as it is anything but a business to use.

Thanks for reading the Requirements to Open a Pharmacy!

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