Requirements to open a private kindergarten in Colombia: why it is important and MORE

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The Kinder garden It is very important in the development of the child, as it allows them to start socializing from a very young age. This is extremely important in the integral development of the infant, in addition to allowing him to develop language.

Having to live for a few hours with people of the same age range will teach the child about manners, coexistence Y mutual respect, in addition to discipline Y responsibilities. In Colombia there are hundreds of kindergartens and they are responsible for providing the child and his family with maximum support in educational matters.

This without counting, of course, the enormous help they provide so that the representatives of these children can work and trust that their children are in good hands.

In this article we will be talking about Requirements to open a private kindergarten in Colombia, in addition to other points of great relevance, such as the necessary documents, the operating license and the importance of these.

Requirements to open a private kindergarten in Colombia

Some of the Requirements to open a private kindergarten in Colombia most important are:

  • Have a suitable space for children to work comfortably. The establishment must be spacious and must be able to have its respective place of Attention, Hall or rooms, bathrooms, office, and so on. In this way, the administration and the comfort of the place will be optimal.
  • People trained to develop the positions that are needed in the campus. This is the second most important requirement as it is necessary to hire suitable people to manage the place and take care of the children properly. The staff must be able to attend the different ages of the children and be able to apply first aid if required, in addition to teaching faculties, among other things.
  • Know the relevance of maintaining the campus. This with respect to cleanliness, order, safety and hygiene standards for both staff and infants.
  • You also need to have work materials. This is what we mean by all the things you will need to carry out your job in the best possible way, such as mats, books, cabinets, toys, first aid kit, cribs, chairs and tables, blackboard, desks, etc.
  • Availability of funds to carry out all these tasks, in addition to the costs of the necessary procedures.

As to administrative and legal requirements, some of them are:

  • The obligations corresponding to the Tax on Economic Activities must be duly paid. This is a tax that must be paid by all people who carry out an economic activity, hence its importance.
  • All other obligations must be paid. Some of the taxes in Colombia are:
    • VAT.
    • Property tax, which is between 0.3% and 3.3%. It allows the right of ownership of a real estate.
    • Income and Occasional ProfitIt is an income tax for activities that do not properly fall within ordinary obligations.
    • Tax of industry and commerce for commercial or service activities.
  • Operating license.
  • Registration, if applicable, in the labor society.

Necessary documents

Now that we know what the requirements are, let’s talk about the documents that you must process.

In Bogotá, it is recommended to participate in the consultancies for the opening of a María Elena Walsh kindergarten. It is a pedagogical workshop that you can access every Sunday at 8:00 am, previously quoting the schedule at

Once you have participated, then you can enroll the garden at the District Secretary for Social Integration, presenting the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the identity document of the legal representative.
  • Chamber and Commerce title.
  • Certificate of attendance to practical advice.
  • Copy of the establishment of the campus in the District Secretariat for Social Integration of Colombia.

In addition to,

  • Operating license.

Keep them all up to date, as all permits, licenses and registrations are very important. You need the opening notice in your municipality, and be registered in all legal obligations.

What is an Operating License?

The Operating license It’s one of the Requirements to open a private kindergarten in Colombia. You may not know what this document is, so we will explain what it means and why it is so important.

The Operating license It is a document that is required to open a private educational establishment. As with any business, the campus must meet certain conditions that the education department must analyze. In this way, the opening and exercise can be authorized, officially.

This license indicates that the owner can carry out his functions legally. You could consider the most important permission You will have to count on it, since it not only allows you to work, but also assures the client that you are offering a quality and efficient service, with the necessary pedagogical, administrative, financial and infrastructure and staffing conditions.

As a PEI proposal, they must be delivered 6 months in advance of the start of the work and accompanied with the concept of use:

  • Name.
  • Target population.
  • Purposes.
  • One-tier offer.
  • Curriculum guidelines.
  • Administrative organization.
  • Positions and profiles.
  • Description of media.
  • Physical plant.
  • Rates.
  • Additional services.
  • Self-assessment forms.

For more information on the licensing process, click here.

If you live in Ibarre, takes the Application for a License to Operate in Semi Basement Torre David. Carrera 16 with Calle 26. You can register your appointment here and download the spreadsheet here.

Why are Kindergartens important?

The Kinder garden It is the first step a child takes to connect with other children his age. This is very important because they are developing many areas in their first six years, which are stimulated by what they hear, see and smell. In addition to, of course, the social skills and the physical, emotional and mental health that they present.

In this period the brain is open to these stimuli, which allows them to learn how to behave with others and what limits exist. For this reason is that it is very important to have people specialized in handling children, so that they can grow in a healthy way in every aspect.

We must take into account previous experience in initial education, in projects that demonstrate responsibility and commitment, social projects and the mere vocation of wanting children to learn.

Responsibility plays a very important role, because it is the dedication in time, activities and teaching materials that will make the infant learn qualities. Children must be able to receive quality care, sensitive care, good treatment, food support and nutritional monitoring, so that they can develop their own personalities, without leaving discipline and respect behind.

In addition, another advantage is that children can acquire professional care and let their parents work quietly. Currently, women are a very important power in the economy, and many of them can no longer stay at home to care for their children, so kindergarten is a great alternative not only to be able to work, but to promote the welfare of your children.

According to the development areas, there is a series of objectives that teachers should keep in mind:

  • In physical, Knowledge of the management of the own body, protect physical development and provide the tools so that children can have stable body processes.
  • In social and emotionalIt seeks to give them the chance that they themselves see themselves independent, capable of relating to others, always promoting maturity, aesthetic sensitivity and emotional control through various activities.
  • It is also sought that they acquire optimal health and a certain emotional balance in their lives.
  • Finally, in what intellectual, that children learn to develop and correct language by themselves, while promoting creativity and perceptual and sensory skills.

For this and for much more, it is specialized people who must take care of the children in this important process.

What is a private kindergarten?

The Kinder garden in the previous step to the beginning of primary education, which is compulsory throughout the world. Generally, children begin to attend from the age of 3, and from then on the child will be able to develop many aspects of his life, which are also of absolute importance.

In this place the children coexist, learning to interact with people of the same age. In addition, the Garden program is designed to teach them about responsibility, tolerance, patience, and how to share, care, and play.

Thanks to these schools, children can experience learning different from home, with mom and dad, which allows them to go through maturation processes and become more intelligent and perceptive to external stimuli, being able to develop their personalities in an appropriate way.

If you want the opportunity to give children an unparalleled training, we invite you to follow each of the possible steps and precautions and open your own private garden.


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