Requirements to Open a Restaurant: Documents, Investment and MORE

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If you are on the path of entrepreneurship, we leave you the Requirements to Open a Restaurant. While it is a business that requires effort, it is also productive.

You will also find information on the cost that must be invested to Open a Restaurant, recommendations, facilities and much more.

What are the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Chile?

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), at least one in four Chilean citizens has a connection with entrepreneurship. And that at the same time they show their favoritism for the gastronomy area.

Below we provide you with information about the Requirements to Open a Restaurant:

As a first point, it is necessary to specify what is the type of company that we wish to establish. And there are 3 types which are:

  1. EIRL (Individual Limited Liability Company): It is a legal person with private capital and of a commercial nature. It works with the Unique Tax Role (RUT). Liability is determined according to the capital supplied.
  2. The Stock Company: It is also a legal person constituted in an assembly through a community fund. Provided by partners and organized by a board of directors.
  3. Limited responsibility society: Associates can be from abroad or natives, legal or natural person. Considering that the amount can be less than 2 nor greater than 50.

After setting the type of company, it begins with the creation of the association. Which can be done in two ways:

By the Traditional Method

Document of Incorporation of the Company: This must contain data on the type of association, the activity it will develop, the associates, and the capital contribution, etc. Later it is legalized in the notary’s office.

  1. Authentication and Preparation of the Brief Extract: It refers to the composition of the compendium of the writing. It should also be legalized in front of a notary, where the members of the association should be. Presenting the document, card and extract. Likewise, it can be done by Advanced Electronic Signature through this link.
  2. Registration in the Commercial Registry, Conservative Real Estate Trade (CBR): Form 2 must be completed on the CBR. Together with a photocopy of the association’s constitution and the Extract. Thus obtaining the protocol with the registration information.
  3. Publication in the Official Gazette: The already protocolized extract of the document must be published in the Official Gazette. And then it is suggested to save it as collateral.

Other method

When choosing this method you have to enter this link and follow step by step what is requested. For instance:

  • The Deed of Incorporation of the Company: The form must be filled through this portal.
  • The Signature of the Document: If you have an advanced electronic signature, it can be done through the same web portal. If you do not have to go to the notary and communicate that you will sign the incorporation of a company through the business method in one day, indicating your service number.
  • Start of Operations: The other step is to manage the start of activities through this link. Or by attending in person and requesting Form F-4415. For a restaurant you must detail the type of establishment you want to place, and the location address. It is necessary to present the documentation that certifies the nature of the address (if it is owned or rented).

Below are the codes related to the Restaurant of the Internal Revenue Service (SII):

  • For restaurants 552010.
  • Fast food outlets 552020.
  • Social clubs and casinos 552030.
  • Industrially made food services 552040.
  • For banquets, weddings and other events 552050.
  • Various services of other places that sell food and beverages 552090.

Documents Needed to Open a Restaurant in Chile

There are others Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Chile. Which are necessary to complete the process and are detailed below:

The Previous Information Certificate

This is granted by the Directorate of Municipal Works, and details the antecedents of the area and is a requirement for the acquisition of a Commercial Patent and Sanitary Permit.

Request for a Sanitary Permit

It is one of the Requirements to Open a Restaurant more important. Once the establishment has been established, one must go to the respective office of the Seremi (Regional Ministerial Health Secretariat) of the community. There you must request the Health Authorization Form for the establishment of «Food Preparation and Expenditure».

On the other hand, some antecedents must be attached, which are:

  • Map or sketch of the plant and its Sanitary Facilities.
  • Plan of steam, heat, odor and cold eradication methods.
  • Waste disposal procedure.
  • Certification or receipt of sewerage and drinking water.
  • The zoning certification.
  • Prices and times.

The Commercial and Alcohol Patent, Cleaning Rights

It is requested in the respective Municipality to the community. The antecedents indicated by the Municipality and additionally the Favorable Sanitary Resolution must be consigned, issued by the Seremi de Salud. The procedure is the same to request the Alcohol Patent.

Trademark Registration

It is not a mandatory procedure, however, it is suggested to do it to safeguard the brand you have set up for your gastronomic company.

It is of great importance that you start your company with an administrative method that allows you to know the details. That is, what happens with sales, with the wait service and inventory.

Once you have finished with all the proceedings and the documentation is ready, you can plan the hiring of staff. The secret of being successful having a restaurant business is to have an orderly and organized system at all levels.


With regard to facilities, buying or renting a space to open a restaurant is a complicated issue. It is a resolution that must be taken sensibly.

Since some clauses must be fulfilled so that clients have a pleasant experience. The minimum costs for this point are: Legal advice, rental procedures, the necessary remodeling.

How Much Should You Invest to Open a Restaurant in Chile?

The investment that must be made is another of the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Chile, it depends on several factors which are detailed below:

Brand identity

The money you need to create techniques and acts that produce an offline or online location of the business. The investment in this regard goes according to some elements such as: graphic and technical quality, creative quality, quantity of proposals.

Also, the amount of elements to be generated, capacity of the market to which it is directed. All this can reach a cost of 3 UTM (Monthly Tax Units).

Legal Steps

Obtaining the RUT that includes the SII (has no cost). But the request for each copy of the RUT has more or less a value of $ 1,500 pesos. In addition to this, the Advanced Electronic Signature Although it is free of charge, notary fees must be paid.

Public Deed

The price of this procedure will depend on the type of association you register and the costs per notary. By having the deed, it must be included in the Real Estate Conservative Registry.

The basic cost of this management is $ 5,500 pesos plus 0.2% of the capital contributed. Then you must proceed to publish the Statement of the company and the cost is 1 UTM. If the capital contributed is less than 5,000 UF, the publication is free.

By Legal Advice

You may request to be legally advised to do these errands, especially if it is your first business and you do not know the necessary requirements very well. For that reason, you must include the payment to a lawyer. For this you have to consider 3 key elements about the service they offer: Time, experience and cost.

Personnel Expenses

According to information provided by the Ministry of Economy, approximately 53% state that having a well-trained and quality staff is the main concern when the business grows. These expenses must include compulsory employment benefits, such as salary, social security and vacations.

General Expenses

It refers to the permanent expenses that the business will have, outside of the number of sales that are had. You should know that not all costs are functional.

The following should be taken into account: Water, gas, maintenance costs, electricity, advertising expenses, repairs, telecommunications and insurance.

The Internet

This is a essential requirement for every company, and that it is of good quality (connectivity and speed). For this reason, it is an expense apart from the fixed ones. Especially if a lot of your activities with online.

Likewise, some points should be taken into account: Functions that require an internet connection, the number of computers that are connected at the same time and the activity of the company.

Different Telecommunications Services

It is essential to have a telephone service, in order to remain in contact with suppliers and customers. In addition to this, HD television can be included to promote advertising or entertain customers in waiting moments.

Software for Business

The services that provide tools to manage in the cloud are key to managing companies today. They contribute to the reduction of expenses, hire plans for use and free presentations online.

Digitized Marketing

It refers to all the instruments based on the study and use of information, to produce the online and offline positioning of your brand. Through the means that your clients use frequently.

Now, having all this information, you should sit down to do the math. But if you are not ready to start your business yet, confirm that you have all the clear points regarding expenses.

Regulations in Chile for Food Establishments

The (RSA) Food Sanitary Regulation, stipulates the sanitary qualities to which the importation, production, manufacture, packaging, storage, distribution and sale of food products for human consumption must adhere.

This in order to safeguard the nutrition and health of society, guaranteeing the supply of healthy products. This goes for all legal and natural persons, who have a relationship or participate in the procedures mentioned above.


Among the recommendations to Open a Restaurant, we indicate the following:

  1. As a first step you must choose the site, with the appropriate conditions for this purpose.
  2. Verify in the Seremi and in the Municipality, if the place has authorization for the business to function.
  3. Create a sketch with the ideal layout of the premises. Especially the sanitary facilities.
  4. Decorate your business. It is essential that it offers a good environment.
  5. Make a projection on quality products, analyze the costs. The presentation must be excellent.
  6. Inspect your company every month with an income statement.
  7. Make sure there are no unpleasant odors in the place. Likewise, cleanliness is paramount in work areas. You must supervise the facilities where you cook.
  8. The personnel who will handle food must take the appropriate hygiene precautions.

Through this article you already know the Requirements to Open a Restaurant. You just have to follow each of the steps described above to carry out the relevant procedures.

We hope we have helped you, and we wish you luck in the business world.


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