Requirements to Open a Restaurant: Furniture, Costs and MORE

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If you are pursuing success in the food business, you must consider a large number of factors, possess the talent and ability to compete in the industry, and think in terms of profit and service. You should also know the Requirements for a restaurant , know if you have the ability to prepare tasty dishes, which should be a constant in your business, do not think that this is enough to lead you to the triumph and realization of your dream.

The relationship between prices and performance must be correct. Errors and miscalculations in these aspects have ruined more than one. You should plan everything in the long term without improvising anything.

Stay and read the following content and discover how to open a restaurant in Spain.

What are the requirements to open a restaurant in Spain?

The requirements to open a restaurant may vary according to the Autonomous Community and the City Council.

Economic and legal

They are:

  • Permits and requirements.
  • Strategies that you have to apply in your restaurant and the necessary publicity to make yourself known.
  • You must define the recruitment of future employees.
  • Present a plan of how you will carry out the work within the facility.

Town hall requirements

  • That you carry out a technical project.
  • That you process the Certificate of Works and Opening.
  • If you have to use public spaces outside your premises, you must have a license that allows you to do so.

Requirements of the Autonomous Community

The Autonomous Community is going to demand a series of requirements, among which are:

  • The Food Handling Certificate.
  • The Health Authorization issued by herself.
  • A complaint sheet for diners to post their complaints about the service, when any.
  • An advertisement that identifies the restaurant for all to see.
  • Register and certify your business in the Register of Local Companies and Activities of the Department of Industry and Commerce.
  • A Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Post a price list and a list of the different dishes offered in the restaurant in a place that is visible to the public.
  • Establish the Fire Legal Standards correctly and purchase the appropriate equipment from your local. You must educate and prepare your employees to react effectively to a fire.
  • Process the obtaining of the Spanish Tax Code.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must have the Foreigner Identification Number, this is issued by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • With the opening of the business, fill out the Social Security Registry, which, when paid monthly, entitles you to public medical care and simultaneously you pay the Spanish Pension Fund.
  • When you hire workers, you must let the Social Security know, to which you will be assigned a special identification, which ensures that you comply with the requirements of this obligation that you have as an employer.
  • At the Ministry of Labor and Social Security you must sign the Guest Book, which you can do electronically. When you receive visits to verify that you are complying with Social Security and your workers, endorsements can be made.
  • If you are going to reform your premises, you must obtain a Minor Work License, if the reform is small, and if it is larger, a Major Work License.
  • If it is much larger, a project presented by an Architect is necessary.
  • The Municipality requires an Activity License, with this it guarantees that according to the existing construction regulations there, your project will be approved in that location chosen by you.
  • The Health License, which is a document issued by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance for your business to run smoothly. It is a mandatory document.

What does it take to open a restaurant in Spain?

  1. First, you must have clear and specific knowledge of the food sector.
  2. Then in the second place, you must obtain the necessary permission and do the procedures that your project requires.
  3. Third, at the end of step two, the ECA (Collaborating Administration Entity) will inspect you to give the go-ahead so you can start working.
  4. Fourth, seek professional advice to run your business wisely and successfully.
  5. Achieve the Requirements for a Restaurant.


The furniture will depend on the type and size of the business and also on the services offered. According to this, there are a series of equipment and machinery that are basic, they are:

  • Refrigeration equipment, such as a freezer and an ice maker.
  • Heat equipment such as an industrial kitchen, a deep fryer, an oven, a griddle.
  • Other types of equipment such as a coffee machine, a microwave, a dishwasher, a hood to extract smoke from the kitchen. In addition, dishes, cups, glasses, cutlery, tablecloths, tables, chairs, air conditioning equipment and others.
  • Toilets for ladies and another for men, toilets and sewage for garbage disposal. Storage furniture.
  • Other utensils.


Regarding the workforce that you aspire to hire according to your needs, we can tell you that it is the most valuable asset of your company, hence the importance of the selection to which you must concentrate a lot of time and effort to recruit the best for your business.

What you must do first is to promote your job offer to make a first selection and then you must make the offer itself.

Applicants for different job offers show greater confidence if they know about the vacant position. You must be able to transform the values ​​of the company into attractive factors for the candidates.

You have three basic tools that will help you to hire your workers, they are: the interview, the references and the test.


The interview is made to the most prepared, and the studies they have done, the work experience they have, the ability to work in a group, the ability to work under pressure, motivation to achieve, among other things, are taken into account.


After interviewing potential employees, you should check the references. You can inquire about their performance in each place where they have previously provided their services by asking about their experience, the reasons why they stopped working there, etc.


Finally, the test, a defining tool before hiring personnel, but for it to be effective, it has to cover the following aspects:

  1. Time; it can be the performance of a single food service, up to a month of work, which must be paid. We recommend doing this test on lazy days of work so that the applicant is not overwhelmed and so that he does not delay the rhythm of the restaurant’s work.
  2. The candidate must possess certain qualities: cleanliness (essential), speed (vital for diners), dexterity (serving food and drinks), that he knows recipes, tricks and practices through which he becomes valuable for the company, he must be positive , attentive, must provide good service, patient with difficult customers, identifies with the restaurant’s values; they are characteristics of a good waiter, and also of a good cook.

Cost of opening a restaurant in Spain

They vary according to the type of business to be carried out. The most important expenses that are made are:

  • Local (either bought, rented, bond or adequacy).
  • Water, electricity, gas, internet.
  • Payment of all required licenses.
  • All the equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures and utensils you need to operate.
  • Fixed expenses: Supplies represent between 10 and 15% of the business budget, the income of the establishment should not exceed 10% of the monthly billing, the workforce is assigned between 25 and 30% of the income .
  • Variable expenses: Your suppliers take between 30 and 40% of the monthly billing, in Spain an average fixed expense of 24,000 euros is estimated to set up a restaurant, of course, making the necessary adjustments over time, you always have to take account for inflation.

Tips for opening a restaurant in Spain

  • The first What you should do is prepare a Business Plan that answers questions such as: What exactly do you want to offer? How are you different from your competitors? Where is my offer could have the greatest demand? Will it be possible to carry out the activity in the chosen place? Will the schedule be adequate? How will the intensity of the noise in the place be?
  • Investment in facilities to meet additional legal requirements (noise protection, electrical installations, equipment, emergency exits, fire protection).
  • Investment in the decoration of the premises (lighting, decoration, music).
  • Reforms to the facade of the restaurant to convey a certain impression.
  • You must establish a ratio between investment, income and expenses.
  • Another thing you should do is find the best possible location for your project, it is a very important advantage, with a large influx of public, close to cinemas, theaters, schools, universities, museums, work centers, etc., which makes it possible for you to have of a considerable amount of potential clients each day.
  • Also the menu is essential, your menu will distinguish you. It is not easy to work it out. You should think about the different needs of your clientele, for example, vegetarians, customers with dietary restrictions, etc.
  • Try to make yourself known with a good advertising campaign, you must achieve a good reputation on the Internet. Create your own website, in addition to making yourself known on different social networks and opinion platforms.
  • Meets the Requirements for a Restaurant.

If you want to know more about the restaurants, click here.

Remember to meet the Requirements for a Restaurant in Spain.


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