Requirements to Open a Restaurant: Steps, Registration and MORE

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Do you want to open a restaurant? Then you must take into account the Requirements to Open a Restaurant, as well as the procedure, the business plan, the SUNARP registration, the furniture you would need and finally some advice that we want to give you.

A Restaurant It can be a very good business idea if you know how to execute it. After all, who doesn’t like to eat? However, there are a series of whores that you should follow and that will not only make your business start, but also keep it going.

That’s why you can’t go! Today we will tell you about everything you need to know about how to open your own restaurant.

What are the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Peru?

Let’s start with the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Peru, knowing that these are the basis for everything that will come later.

Remember that all the information that we will give you is a simplified version of what you have to do. It is up to you to investigate more deeply as we indicate.

Let’s see,

  • Municipal Operating License. Without a doubt, this document is essential, it will allow you to start activities in your restaurant.
  • An Authorization for Ads and Advertising Notices may be necessary, it is processed in the municipality where you are going to place your business and you need your current operating license.
  • The property must be classified in group II to be used to set up a restaurant. All municipalities have different requirements regarding the property, but ideally it falls into this group.
  • Health card o Health Card, with mention of Food Handling, for all employees who require it. For example, waiters, chefs …
  • Decide how you are going to formalize your business: if you will open it as a natural legal person, company name and type of company (do you have partners?), Tax regime that you must follow according to the type of business. If it is a small business, you can join the NRUS.
  • Know her Sanitary Standard for the Operation of Restaurants and Related Services, where it is established, among other things:
    • The establishment must be separate from the owner’s home.
    • The space must be free from the risk of contamination.
    • The ventilation and lighting, as well as the physical structure, must follow certain specifications.
    • Equipment and utensils should be easy to clean.
    • The different areas of the restaurant must be separated: kitchen, bathrooms, changing room, etc.
  • Preferably not be near another similar restaurant. You can check this in Geographic Information System for Entrepreneurs (SIGE).
  • Process the RUC at SUNAT.
  • Jobs should not be mixed. There is the cleaning staff, the waiters, the cashier, the staff manager, the bartender, the chef, and so on. Also, find quality staff, it is a requirement for the success of your business.
  • Take into account the Inspection Sheet for the Sanitary Surveillance of Restaurants and Related Services and the normative by Digesa.
  • Do not be less than 100 meters from educational centers if you plan to sell alcoholic beverages. In such a case, it is necessary to be up-to-date with the municipal regulations that regulate the marketing, consumption and advertising of alcoholic beverages.
  • It must have evacuation doors, fire extinguishers, an emergency kit and an adequate distribution of tables in case of earthquakes. This will check it Civil defense.
  • Have a clear idea of ​​what the restaurant will be like. The ideal is to have a theme and follow it, with an attractive menu that is attached to it.

If you take into account all these requirements, you should have no problem opening your restaurant.

Steps to Follow to Open a Restaurant in Peru

The Steps to Follow to Open a Restaurant They may seem complicated to some, but the truth is that they are all very necessary. Let’s see what they are,

  1. You must approach business development management of the district where you will open your business to see how its licensing system works and if the premises must be classified in group II.
  2. Take into account the regulations regarding health and characteristics of the establishment, so that you can find a property that can adapt to these requirements.
  3. Register your business (SUNARP). You must decide whether to do it with a natural or legal personality, as well as determine the company name and the type of business that you will set up, the latter determining the tax regime that you must follow (NRUS if it is a small restaurant)
  4. Process your RUC in SUNAT.
  5. Buy the necessary equipment so that you can run your restaurant. Among these are tables, cutlery, food utensils, ovens, refrigerators, cold rooms, cash register, and so on.
  6. Hire employees and request the Health card for all of them. Also, take safety regulations into consideration.
  7. Start the procedures for the Operating license. In business development management you will have to present an affidavit specifying RUC, DNI, owner, type of contract and other data related to the validity of powers.
  8. Subsequently, perform the payment for processing rights of the license (approx. S /. 280). You will also have to pay for the security inspection of the establishment (between S /. 90 to S / .270 depending on the area of ​​the premises) by Civil Defense. The sanitary regulations established by MINSA must be complied with, and all employees must have their Health Card.
  9. When Defense gives the go-ahead, the Municipality will issue the maximum Operating License the next day and a certificate to the Inspection Office so that the restaurant can intervene if it does not continue to comply with health and safety regulations.
  10. Finally, process your Authorization for Ads and Advertising Notices and start your restaurant activities with the best energy.

Remember that keeping the place clean, in order and following the specifications of the MINSA is not only the benefit of the State and the client, but your own benefit. Working in a well-set, safe and pleasant area can positively affect the productivity of your workers and improve customer service.

A comfortable customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer can easily turn into a loyal customer.

SUNARP registration

The National Superintendency of Public Records (SUNARP) It is the body in charge of registering real property, legal persons, natural persons and real estate persons. Being registered allows you, among other things, to apply for loans and protect your rights.

For the constitution of a company it is necessary reserve the name what will you put on this one. It greatly facilitates the SUNARP Legal Entity Registration process. You can do it in service at the windows or through this link. Your name will be rated within 24 hours.

Later you must go to the constitution of the company through the digital platform SID-Sunarp. You will not have to leave your office or home to register, but you can do it in a on-line.

By doing so, you will be able to register in less than 24 hours, with the possibility of obtaining the RUC, by going to this site Remember that the constitution of a company or society follows the following procedure, in general:

  • Search and reservation of the name.
  • Preparation of the Minute of Incorporation of the Company or Society.
  • Capital contribution.
  • Preparation of Public Deed before the notary.
  • SUNARP registration.
  • Registration to the RUC.

If you will do it as a legal entity, then this is the side that you will be taking at each step of the registration. Then you can go on to get the rest of the Requirements to Open a Restaurant.

Plan to Open a Restaurant

Have a Plan to Open a Restaurant It’s very important. In fact, whenever you are going to open a business you have to have some kind of plan.

This plan starts with an idea. It is not enough to want to open a restaurant, but you also have to know what it will be. It can be a restaurant serving Peruvian, Mexican, Mediterranean, fast food, etc.

You must also determine what kind of clientele do you want to attract. If you want to have a young or young adult clientele, then you should set the place in a cheerful way, if you can by following the decorative trends of the networks.

On the other hand, if you want a more familiar environment, more for adults, then a simple but cozy decoration could suffice. The truth is that the image of the restaurant is very important.

Likewise, you should also see if there are restaurants near the same court, with the same themes, because then you could have to face competition.

Remember that the more original your idea is, more chance of success you could have. Of course, always evaluating if there is demand for that idea …

If you see that Mediterranean food restaurants have previously failed where you want to put yours, you should reconsider your idea.

Once you know where your restaurant will be and what it will be made of, whether it is traditional, fast or foreign food, think of some extras that you could add. Maybe an outdoor space, a bar, live music …additional benefits that could attract customers.

On the other hand, you should always have a Business plan. Once you have the whole idea staged, you need to know how much money you need to get it going.

Also, you have to determine how to get that money. Either through a loan or by getting partners to open the restaurant. And, in the latter case, how the capital would be managed.

In your plan, a formal market study is carried out, establishments are investigated, it is decided if it is better to rent or buy, available chefs are looked for, what equipment and furniture will have to be purchased is determined, objectives are set, and so on.

Try to find a place that is easily accessible, which always complies with the Requirements to Open a Restaurant, and that it is preferable in an area of ​​demand for food services.

The next step is to carry out all the necessary procedures to start your business. Register the business, get quality employees, acquire the operating license and prepare the public for the opening of the place. You could hire a lawyer to help you with the legal paperwork.

Finally, don’t forget to create a attractive menu and to create a marketing plan with great potential. People everywhere need to know that your restaurant is opening and that you will offer services that cannot be missed. Invite them to the opening, bring free music and snacks.

Start your business on the right foot!

Furniture to Open a Restaurant

Regarding the Furniture you need to Open a Restaurant, You must bear in mind that this will depend on the theme you want to give it. However, there are basic pieces that you cannot stop having. Let’s see what they are,

  • First of all, tables. For 4 or 6 people. Many times those of 4 are converted into a single table for 6 people. They can be square, round or rectangular.
  • These may or may not have armrests. They must be comfortable and resistant.
  • Buffet, if required.
  • Boards.
  • Sideboard, intended for staff use.
  • Side table and gueridón.
  • Hot or roast beef car, to carve meats in front of the diner.
  • Trolley for hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cheeses and / or liquors.

Undoubtedly these are the ones that are in view of the client. There are many others that you will need in the kitchen. Remember to always keep in mind the Requirements to Open a Restaurant.

Requirements to Open a Restaurant: Tips

Finally, some Advice What can we give you so that you can open your restaurant and keep it in time are:

  • Follow the Regulations of the Ministry of Health (MINSU) at face value, for the duration of the business. Not only those related to ventilation and lighting, but also those related to cleaning. Maintains the equipment used in the restaurant, places strict supervision on cleaning staff, and creates hygiene measures for food-handling staff.
  • No matter what the theme is, create an inviting environment. Either because of the music, the smell, the decoration, the views or all of the above. In this digital age, the image matters a lot.
  • Offer unparalleled Customer Service. Make customers feel at ease, comfortable, and want to return to the restaurant. Most importantly, build customer loyalty. Analyzing the user to see if he is a person who likes to talk or prefers seriousness from those who attend him is very useful in this type of business.
  • Offers additional benefits to attend your restaurant. Either because you have live music, because you offer free uncorking two days a week, because you run promotions on Fridays …
  • Love your work and create an environment of productivity in your workers. That respect and the bonus for good work reign in your workspace will always bring positive consequences.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to Open a Restaurant and we wait for you in the next one.

Good luck!


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