Requirements to Open a RUT Account: Documents, Activation and MORE

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The Requirements to open a RUT Account they are requested every day by hundreds and thousands of Chileans and foreigners. In order to avoid savings accounts or checking accounts, they look for a service that allows them to make their payments and safeguard their money in a reliable way.

Join us to know the documents, how it is activated and what are the Requirements to Open a RUT Account.

What are the Documents Needed to Open a RUT Account?

The necessary documents and conditions used as Requirements to Open a RUT Account in Chile they consist of:

  • Begin the process as a natural person.
  • Have a valid national identity card, without expiring or blocking.
  • Not having a previously registered RUT Account.
  • Be over 12 years old, if the applicant is a woman. The owner’s mother or father must accompany her in the process when she is over 12 years old but under 18 years old. For the process to take effect, parents must be registered as such within the Civil Registry.
  • Be over 14 years of age, if the applicant is a man. The owner’s mother or father must accompany him in the process when he is over 14 years old but under 18 years old. For the process to take effect, parents must be registered as such within the Civil Registry.
  • Have a valid Unique Tax Certificate processed through the civil registry.
  • Original and copy of the identity card.

Open a RUT Account at the Banco del Estado

For open a RUT account at the Banco del Estado citizens must start their process, either online or by going to a branch. If the cardholder carries out the procedure in an office, the request will be made effective as soon as possible, so that they can withdraw their card almost immediately.

When instead you prefer to use the web option to declare the Requirements to Open a RUT Account, citizens must follow the process explained below.

Web way

The steps to follow to present the Requirements to Open a RUT Account at the Banco del Estado via the web are the following:

  1. Enter in the online platform of the Banco del Estado de Chile.
  2. Find the product section.
  3. Select the option to process the RUT Account.
  4. Press the request box.
  5. Enter your identification number. You will be allowed to enter any of the following data:
    1. The Unique Tax Role.
    2. The serial number.
    3. The national identity card.
  6. Pass the Captcha test and select continue.
  7. Among the following boxes you will need to declare are:
    1. Your personal information.
    2. Your home address.
    3. Your contact information, such as your phone number or email.
  8. To complete the process, you must download the generated contract. Do not forget to read all the corresponding clauses, as well as consult any provision that could confuse you.
  9. Click continue. Below you will be indicated all the available branches so that you can withdraw the result of your process from the Requirements to Open a RUT Account. Try to have a current affiliate email in order to be informed of any updates.
  10. Once you have submitted your application, you should wait to be notified when it is your turn to show up at a branch. For this, an email will be sent to the Banco del Estado office so that you can collect your card.
  11. Are you ready! Through these simple steps you will have managed to process the Requirements to Open a RUT Account.

How to activate the RUT Account?

The truth is that you can activate the RUT Account when you have finally withdrawn your card from the Banco del Estado branch.

For activate the RUT Account you need to enter the Online Banking system. You must enter your Unique Tax Role number and your password, as well as fill in the fields according to the dates given to you.

By accepting and answering certain security questions correctly, you will be able to activate your RUT Account for your personal use.


The Benefits that offers you the use of a Rut account includes:

  • It is extremely easy to obtain. As you can see, among the Requirements to Open a RUT Account no commercial records or income statements can be found.
  • There is no need to pay a commission to open or keep your account active.
  • No stamp or stamp tax is required to make a transfer or money order.
  • Your account is totally personal, since this service does not offer two-person accounts or additional cards.
  • User identification is completely personal.
  • Once the card affiliated to the account has been received and the holder’s signature is registered, it goes from level one to level two.
    • Level two has more benefits than level one, because it has no limits on deposits and account balance.
    • In contrast, level one only allows a maximum balance of 500,000 pesos, as well as a maximum deposit capacity of 300,000 pesos each month.
  • Your account can remain up to two years without having any credit balance.
  • It allows purchases to be made without a commission for the transaction in RedCompra services. To make this benefit effective you must use the same password used for ATMs.
  • It cannot be overdrawn. This means that you can only make a transfer when you have a credit balance, because it does not work as a credit.
  • No interest rate is generated.
  • You will be able to access your account to check your balances or movements through the online or telephone options. These services have no additional cost.
  • The ATMs have a maximum transfer of up to 200,000 pesos per day in order to maintain the safety of users.

What is it?

The RUT account of the Banco del Estado de Chile It is a view account that authorizes you to make deposits, credits and transfers without any restrictions.

The Rut account it has a particular number that does not contain a check digit. It does not work like a credit card, but its use is not limited to a few options. Rather, quite the opposite, because the card, ATMs, the neighboring box, the services offered by businesses related to RedCompra, telephone or electronic services, among others, are allowed to be used.

The main characteristics of a Rut account include:

  1. You are offered the possibility of depositing, transferring or paying money, as well as withdrawing and making your purchases as long as you have a balance in your favor.
  2. You can make use of all the services mentioned above without any type of restriction, either online, by phone or in person.
  3. Your RUT Account number is, precisely, your Unique Tax Role number, without the need to use a verification digit after the hyphen.
  4. You can make deposits through:
    1. The attention of cashiers.
    2. ServiEstado.
    3. The Neighbor Box.
    4. The mailboxes.
    5. ATMs.
  5. However, you should know that ATMs and mailboxes will only have the ability to receive money in the form of cash or checks. Even so, all other options receive coins.
  6. The deposit process is as simple as submitting your Unique Tax Paper and the amount you want to deposit along with the check or money. As a result, you will be given proof that the transaction was successful.
  7. You can make use of a debit bank card.
  8. You have the responsibility to ask your bank for your coordinated security card when it is necessary to carry out a transfer. This is totally unique to your Rut account, and it will only be valid once it is registered with your signature.
  9. The Rut account will work on all existing services, whether the card, ATMs, the neighboring box, the services offered by businesses related to RedCompra, telephone or electronic services, among others.
  10. Your request form for the Rut account It can be requested personally and individually at an office of the Banco del Estado. It is also available during the online application.
  11. Your bank card will be sent to your address by postal mail if that is your preference. On the contrary, if you want to do it yourself, you will be able to do it through the branch where you submitted the form or the one chosen during the online registration.
  12. This type of Rut account does not have and does not use a checkbook.
  13. Your bank card will have a chip that will allow you to use it in public transport, mainly for TranSantiago, without any additional commission.
  14. You will be able to request your change in cash every time you make purchases with your card through RedCompra.
  15. You can pay various bills through the automatic bill payment system. This includes your credit products or credit cards from Banco Estado.
  16. You are allowed to cancel your deposits through the online services.
  17. You have the option of making transfers to other people who already have one Rut account.
  18. You will also be able to transfer to other types of account among those available at Banco Estado and other banking entities.
  19. You will be able to create a password for your one-time use, necessary for ATMs, online services and transfers. Through it, you are also authorized to make deposits in the Banco del Estado, as well as money transfers through any ATM in Chile.

If you decide to join Banco Estado, we will make sure that you have all the information available to make the best decision.

In case the benefits and facilities of an account of this style are adapted to your needs, don’t wait any longer and gather the Requirements to Open a RUT Account!


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