Requirements to Open a Travel Agency: know the Legal Documents and MORE

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In this article you will know the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency. You must be attentive so that you carry out all the corresponding procedures.

We will also inform you about what is a Travel Agency, the steps to follow to open a Travel Agency, its cost, benefits and many more information.

What are the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency?

If you have thought about setting up one of these agencies, you must comply with the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency. Likewise, you have to process an enabling permit granted by the Ministry of Tourism. This permission enables you to operate commercially and is acquired after performing the following steps:

Precarious Permit: This is valid for six (6) months, which can be renewed for a further six (6) months (one time only). It allows you to contact them in advance, however, it does not allow you to assist clients or sell or advertise tourist trips.

Provisional License: It is managed in the current period of the precarious permit. With this license you have the possibility to assist clients, sell and advertise tourist packages. Also change the commercial name and transfer ownership.

By having one year with the provisional license, you can acquire the definitive license and continue with the business.

Legal Documents Needed to Open a Travel Agency

There are some documents as part of the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency. Which you must present at the time of application.

In addition, the formats to manage for each license, They are in a file to download called: Instructions to install travel agencies of the Ministry of tourism.

In this sense, the documents are detailed below:

The Precarious Permit, This permit requires:

  • A report issued by the bank and a business report.
  • The request for precarious permission, with the signature accredited by a clerk or a justice of the peace (you get it on page 8 of the named arrival file).
  • The sworn statement of the precarious permit, and signature accredited by a clerk or a justice of the peace (found on page 9 of the aforementioned file).
  • Tariff cancellation receipt.
  • Commercial registration or social agreement registered with a copy certified by the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ), or the Public Registry of Commerce. If required:
    • The request to renew the precarious permit (the format is on page 11 of the aforementioned file).
    • Receipt of payment of the fee for the renewal.

The Provisional License

  • Report issued by the bank and a business report.
  • Copy of Excuse me precarious.
  • Petition of the provisional license, with the signature authorized by a clerk or justice of the peace ((the format is obtained on page 21 of the file named at the beginning).
  • The affidavit provisional license and signature authorized by a clerk or a justice of the peace (the form is on page 22 of the same file).
  • The receipt of payment of duties.
  • The commissioner’s affidavit technical, with signature authorized by a clerk or justice of the peace (the format can be found on page 25 of the previously mentioned file).
  • Certification of the suitable, with the last payment made in the year and the certified copy.
  • The private affidavit (all), and the signature authenticated by a clerk or justice of the peace.
  • Certification of address (everybody).
  • The certificate criminal record (applies to everyone), valid for 2 months, before starting the proceedings.
  • Lease agreement, ownership of property or loan of use (loan with a certified copy.
  • Municipal authorization (The home address must match the rental agreement, and the provisional license affidavit) with certified copy.
  • Facilities plan with the affidavit and simple signature of the holder.
  • Photographs and affidavit, with simple signature of the owner, in the event that the agency is located at a distance greater than 40 km from the Federal Capital.
  • Registration certificate in the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).
  • Cancellation of monotax (only if applicable) and certified copy.
  • The cancellation of freelancers (includes owners, presidents or managers) and certified copy.
  • A fund as collateral, and protection insurance.
  • The book of minutes listed and also blank.

The next step is to choose the modality with which it will work later. There are 3 options:

  1. Travel and Tourism Company: They perform all their functions for their own clients. Likewise for other travel agencies that operate both in Argentina and outside the country and for third parties.
  2. Tourism Agencies: They perform all their tasks based on their own clients.
  3. The Ticket Agencies: They only operate in the sale and reservation of tickets, for all types of authorized transport. Also, in the sale of packages planned by travel and tourism companies.

How much does it cost to Open a Travel Agency?

The cost of opening a Travel Agency is distributed as follows:

  1. Precarious Leave: $ 10,000 pesos.
  2. The Provisional License: $ 10,000 pesos.

Requirements to Open a Travel Agency: Step by Step

The steps to follow are detailed below to comply with the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency:

  • Suggest 7 names with which you would like function. Specifying in order of priority. Business names similar to some previously approved may not be approved for you. Or maybe it can create confusion. Since they take away the clarity of the tourist activity. You will not receive business names with a single acronym.
  • Pay the duty through transfer or a bank deposit (with receipt): In the name of the Ministry of Tourism, CUIT (Unique Tax Identification Code): 30-61116034-4. Uniform Banking Code (CBU): 0110599520000002617747, checking account: 2617/74 of Banco Nación. This is located in Sucursal Plaza de Mayo (N ° 85).

  • Submit documentation directly at the National Directorate for Tourism Quality Management. It is located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Suipacha 1109, 7th floor (C1008AAW).
  • Supply an address email, there you will receive official information. You will be informed by the entity through the emails sent to that address.
  • You must set the address where it will work the agency. Appoint the person who will be the ideal or technical manager. You also have to present all the documents belonging to the owners of the company. You should also create a guarantee fund.
  • Cancel the duty through transfer or bank deposit (send receipt): In the name of the Ministry of Tourism, CUIT (Unique Tax Identification Code): 30-61116034-4. Uniform Banking Code (CBU): 0110599520000002617747, checking account: 2617/74 of Banco Nación. This is located in Sucursal Plaza de Mayo (N ° 85).
  • Provide documentation personally in the National Directorate of Tourism Quality Management. It is located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Suipacha 1109, 7th floor (C1008AAW).
  • Withdraw the resolution by granting the provisional license. Once the year is over, you will be notified by certified letter of the final license.


Within the benefits it provides a travel agency, you will find the ones mentioned below:

  1. Offers your customers as a specialist the best products and services. As for travel, counting on a great experience.
  2. It’s a commercial market little explored, so competition is very low. Which contributes to getting customers faster and easier.
  3. You give your customers a deal totally personalized, and this quality makes the difference. Since you can better adapt to the needs and preferences of your customers.
  4. Protect your payment. In these services, costs can be high, so having an office that generates trust is very important for clients.
  5. Travel agencies not only offer lodging and flight services, it also provides other specific activities, which you can obtain through the advice of a fully trained staff.
  6. They are to serve you at all times, especially in those where unexpected situations arise, and you require someone to give you a helping hand and thus achieve the resolution of incidents.

What is a Travel Agency?

A travel agency is a company linked to tourist activities. Its main function is to mediate, plan and carry out projects and tours. Likewise, the creation and commercialization of tourist packages for its clients and specific travel providers.

Agency providers they are cruises and airlines, lodging services such as hotels. In order to provide some services at your command, for people who want to use them. In such a way, that there are 2 types of Travel Agencies. These are:

Due to its operational quality and point of view, it is Commercial Travel Agency, which is divided into:

  • The Tour Operators: They structure the trips by contracting with the suppliers directly.
  • Wholesaler or Wholesalers: They create plans, provide and deliver tourism services through retail agencies. They generally do not agree with the end customer. And the wholesalers make a profit on the sales of the retailers.
  • Retailler, Retailers or Retailer: They are those that agree directly with the client, the products planned by themselves or by other agencies.
  • Those of Provision of Services, Mixed or Organization: They are enabled to create and structure services and trips for both agents and clients.

Geographic Agency, these are classified as:

  • International: They have worldwide reach.
  • National: They only have coverage within the Argentine territory.
  • Local: They have scope in a specific city or locality and its adjacencies.

The Tourist Operation, These are classified as:

  • Tourist Export Agency or Egresiva: Assists tourist demands abroad.
  • The Receptive Tourist Agency: This assists within the Argentine territory, tourist customs from other countries.
  • Internal Tourist Agency: Attend the tourism activities of a nation.

By Argentine Legal Regulation, are classified into:

  • Travel And Tourism Companies: They carry out all the functions that Law 18829 names in Article No. 1. For agencies within the country, foreigners, for third parties and for their clients.
  • Tourist Agencies: They perform all the functions mentioned in Law 18829 in Article No. 1. Integrating open tourism, on their own and for their clients.
  • The Ticket Agencies: They act in the reservation and commercialization of tickets, for all types of approved transport. The sale of activities planned by the Travel and Tourism Companies. Also land, air and water carriers.

For more information on this, you can go to this link.

You already have the Requirements to Open a Travel Agency. Through this company you will have the opportunity to create jobs, provide quality tourist services and much more.

What are you waiting for, meet the necessary requirements and live the experience of opening a Travel Agency in Argentina. Do not forget to take into account the legal regulations.

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