Requirements to Open an Account in the BCP: Types, Documents and MORE

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Do you need to open an account? This article will explain the Requirements to open an account at BCP. Banco de Credito del Peru is a largest financial institution and the largest provider of such services in the country.

In the year 1889 founded it, that is, this important bank in Peru has 131 years of presence. They also have 375 agencies, more than 1,800 ATMs and more than 5,600 agents BCP throughout the Peruvian territory.

This bank is dedicated to ensuring that each client lives an experience by providing the best service to each one of them. That is why, if you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading.

What are the Requirements to Open an Account at BCP?

The Requirements to open an account at Bcp are as follows:

  • It is essential that the citizen who wants to open an account, is present to request it.
  • You must bring a copy of your Valid DNI.
  • In the event that the person is a foreigner, they must present their valid passport. Also, you must attach a letter from a Bank Business Officer.
  • You must bring a copy of a receipt, be it water, telephone, electricity, etc.
  • If the citizen wants a Associated account, the partner must demonstrate and present the same document as the account holder.

Documents Needed to Open an Account in the BCP

If the person meets the requirements to Open an account in the BCP, then they will have to collect the documentation explained below.

  • You must bring the contract general conditions You can find it on the page of the BCP.
  • The opening request checking account and savings accounts legal entity. This request can be downloaded through the web portal of the Bank.
  • Update of the customer-information legal person.
  • The Summary of Constitution of Guarantees.
  • The model Letter of Delivery of Saldomático card.
  • Checklist to open or change checking accounts legal persons.
  • Information booklet of current account.
  • Calculator.

Types of Accounts

At Bank of Credit of Peru (BCP) owns several types of accounts that are the following:

Savings account

Savings accounts serve as a deposit of money with immediate resources. It is determined through a notebook in which it stores all the operations that the client carries out.

People who want to open a savings account, most financial institutions need to sign a contract. At Credit Bank of Peru they supply several types of savings account Which are the following:

Digital Account

The BCP digital account provides customers who can open one, without a minimum amount opening. Likewise, this digital account can be carried out between BCP accounts through internet banking, Yape, Mobile Banking, ATMs, etc.

Prize Account

Users who wish to open the prize account can participate in two draws of at least 1 million soles and 10 draws of 20,000 soles per year, you should only have an average monthly amount of 900 soles 0 in that case US $ 300. You can also open your account without having to have a set amount.

Unlimited Account

By opening an unlimited account at the financial institution BCP, you provide customers with unlimited operations at the windows at no additional cost.

BCP salary account

This account is ideal for people who want to receive their salary. With this account you have a 70% discounts in restaurants, clothing stores, beauty centers among many other things. Also, with this account you have a salary advance, up to 2,500 soles without interest

Account with you BCP

People who wish to open this account must register with the number of a BCP account that they already have on the web and they will see it reflected at least after 5 days.

They can benefit from unlimited withdrawals on any channel, be it ATM, BCP agents, transactions between accounts, etc.

BCP Checking Account

By accessing the BCP checking account, they can carry out multiple transactions. In other words, customers can carry out up to 8 counter transactions at no cost each month.

Also the user can open the account without the need for a minimum amount.

CTS BCP account

To open this account the user can do it without a minimum opening amount. They can also have 100% of your CTS that exceeds 4 times your last gross salary.

Benefits of Opening an Account at BCP

There are several types of accounts offered by Banco de Credito del Peru where each one has good benefits, which are the following:

Savings account

  • It is for free.
  • You can request the account statement through the web portal.
  • People can apply for a savings account at any time. That is, it is 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.
  • You can print your statement up to 3 months prior.

Digital Account

  • You can request a digital account through the website of the bank with your ID.
  • Users can download their account statement free of charge from the internet banking.
  • Also by email they send citizens their statement of account at no cost.
  • You can make your ortransactions between BCP accounts Through internet banking, the mobile banking application, Yape and ATMs throughout the Peruvian territory, at no cost.
  • Citizens can carry out their operations through BCP agents at no cost, in the same place where they opened their account. For the payment of services it has a value of 1 sol for each operation.

Prize Account

  • People who aspire to this account can participate in 2 draws of 1 million soles and 10 draws of at least 20,000 soles per year. You should only have a monthly amount of a minimum of 900 soles or US $ 300.
  • You can carry out your operations between BCP accounts through internet banking, the mobile banking application, Yape and ATMs throughout the Peruvian territory, at no cost.
  • Citizens who access a Prize account get up to 1% TEAThis will depend on the amount you have in your account.
  • Customers can make up to 6 deposits and 6 cash withdrawals free of charge, as long as it is where you opened the account. Each additional operation has a value of at least 5.00 soles or US $ 2.00.
  • As in the digital slope, your account statement is also sent to your email at no cost. You can also download it.

Unlimited Account

  • You don’t need a minimum opening.
  • Clients can carry out unlimited operations at the counter at no additional cost.
  • You can make withdrawals at ATMs other banks at no additional cost.
  • Users can carry out their operations in any of the channels they offer, free of charge.

BCP salary account

  • People who wish to have this account must be workers of legal age who aspire to get your salary at the BCP.
  • You can aspire to have a 70% discounts in places like, clothes, travel, restaurants, etc.
  • With this account, citizens can receive additional discounts for having your CTS in the bank.

Account with you

  • People who access an account with you do not have automatic charges for their fund withdrawn from AFP.
  • You can carry out unlimited free operations between BCP accounts at agents and the ATMs of said bank throughout the Peruvian territory.
  • Has withdrawals unlimited free in agencies BCP throughout Peru.

Current account

  • Citizens who wish to open a checking account can aspire to carry out 8 operations Toll free at the window each month.
  • The person can make the decision to pay from 8.00 soles or US $ 3.01 per month depending on your account balance.
  • You can carry out all operations through Internet Banking, the application, ATMs, etc.
  • No minimum amount to open it.

CTS BCP account

  • The citizen accessing this account will be able to enjoy the 100% of your CTS that exceeds 4 times your last salary.
  • You can carry out your operations through ATMs, internet banking, your application, etc.
  • You can aspire to have discounts in various places like rshelves, clothing store, travel, among others.

Account Maintenance

It is important to note that citizens who wish to open a current account in the BCP you can pay from 8.00 soles or US $ 3.01 monthly maintenance.

That will depend on your account balance. It should also take into consideration that the debit accounts will have a maintenance value of 22.50 soles or US $ 8.49 per month.

Citizens who aspire to open a digital account should know that they do not charge for maintenance. Likewise, the premium account does not have a monthly maintenance cost as long as the citizen has an average monthly amount greater than 1,500 soles or US $ 500.

The salary account contains zero maintenance, the account with you also has no maintenance cost and the CTS account has no maintenance cost.

What is it?

The Credit Bank of Peru (BCP) It is the largest financial institution in the Peruvian territory. Today this important bank is the market leader with a 40% in corporate loans.

The aspirations of this company is that they want to become the financial company that helps each client. They also want to be a regional benchmark in business management, developing leadership.

If you want to be a client at this important institution, you must first comply with the Requirements to open an account at BCP.


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