Requirements to Open an Apothecary: Procedures, Benefits and MORE

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The Requirements to Open an Apothecary they must be very taken into account. These are the ones that will allow you to carry out this process and ultimately many of these must continue to be respected even after having your pharmacy.

Open an Apothecary It is not an easy task, there are a series of regulations that you must follow in order to have a business of this type. However, it will allow you to reach more people with the medicines they need and create jobs, in addition to allowing you to sell various products with stable demand.

Today we will explain everything about How to Open an Apothecary: Necessary procedures, legal aspects and the benefits of this business. !Do not go!

What are the requirements to open an apothecary?

The Requirements to Open an Apothecary They correspond to all those conditions and documents that you must have up to date. Knowing them in advance you will be able to know better what the procedures that we will explain in the next section are about. Let’s see what they are,

  • You must have the RUC, in SUNAT.
  • Operating license.
  • The manager, if not the owner, must necessarily hold the title of Regent Pharmaceutical Chemist. Of course, both the original and the copy.
  • Home certificate.
  • Copy of the employment contract.
  • Original and copy of the profession card of both the owner and the manager.
  • Own sketch of the location of the premises. These should be detailed as much as possible.
  • Identity documents, both originals and copies, for all employees. This for labor procedures.
  • Narcotic and psychotropic books, official books and reference material (First aid and toxicological emergencies), recipe books and books of occurrence.
  • Make sure that the place has an optimal degree of dispensing.
  • Obtain providers certified by Health agencies. The products must have a Sanitary Registry of Peru.
  • Have an adequate warehouse for medicines.

As for the specific requirements for the premises, it should:

  • Have a appropriate infrastructure, which together with the necessary equipment guarantees the correct storage and conservation of the products to be sold.
  • Have floors and walls that are easy to clean. In addition, the walls and ceilings have to be covered with washable paint.
  • To be located in an isolated space or separated from other places that are used for other activities. Consequently, it cannot be inside fairs, shopping centers for informal traders, supply markets, and so on.
  • Have the adequate ventilation, as well as good lighting of the space. It does not matter if the sources are natural or artificial.
  • Possess locked cabinets or shelves. Narcotics should be stored here.
  • Have enough valid cabinets and shelves to store the products.
  • Have a space in the dispensing area to display the copy of the professional title and the pertinent legal documents.
  • Present an external sign where the hours of operation are seen and the premises are identified as an Apothecary.
  • To have separate areas for the hygienic service (injectables) and for the Topic, if it is the case.
  • Have a space specially dedicated to dispensing, where the public is served.
  • Have a space specially dedicated to the storage of products. These have to be separated from the toilet services area.

These constitute requirements that you must maintain throughout the duration of the business. In addition, many of the documents will be requested when you go to the Regional Health Directorate.

Necessary Procedures to Open an Apothecary

Regarding the necessary procedures to open an apothecary, must be taken into account in conjunction with the requirements. Together with the legal aspects, they are the basis that will sustain the success or failure of your business.

Some of the procedures that you will have to do are legal, tax, labor and municipal.

  • Municipal:

The main procedure that you must do in the municipality where you will install your pharmacy is that of the Operating license, which will allow you to make a first opening before making the official one at the Regional Health Office. You can also process the Outdoor Advertising Notices License.

  • Labor:

They are all related to employment contracts and are necessary for the cleaning crew, pharmaceutical chemists, and so on. You can register them in the Special Labor Regime for micro-enterprises, protected by the SME Law.

  • Legal:

Register this business as a SAC or EIRL. This is a recommendation, you can also do it as a natural person.

  • Tax:

These are vital procedures, they have to do with the tax payment, an obligation that everyone should have. If you register the Apothecary as EIRL, you can start with the NRUS; It is a tax regime for small producers and merchants. They pay a monthly fee based on income, in replacement of other taxes.

On the other hand, if you register it as SAC, you must choose the Special Regime, as a recommendation.

  • Others:

Something you must do is the Registration in the MINSA Regional Health Directorate.

Of course there are other procedures, but these are the most important. To give you an idea of ​​how the procedure to open an apothecary:

  1. First, you must create the company in the form of a natural person or in the form of a legal person (SAC or EIRL).
  2. Then you must ask for the Single Tax Registry (RUC). This is done at SUNAT. Remember to point out the pharmacy as a business for him retail trade of pharmaceutical and related products.
  3. Process the Operating license. This is requested in the municipality where the business will operate. You can access the Directory of Municipalities here. You must also process the Outdoor Advertising Notices License.
  4. Once the activity has started, you must wait one month (30 days). That’s when you should do the registration in the Regional Directorate of Health of MINSA. You must request FORMAT A and A-2, respectively for the start of activities and for the Pharmaceutical Chemist. You will be asked for the documents that we mention in the section on Requirements to Open an Apothecary.

Legal Aspects to Open an Apothecary

As for the Legal aspects that must be taken into account when opening an Apothecary, are mainly those established by the Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA) and those established by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT).

Generally speaking, like any other business, the Apothecary must pay taxes. These will depend on how you register the business, but we always recommend that you guide yourself through the treatment that is given to medium and small companies in derivatives. SME Law.

The local, the pharmaceutical chemist and the products are the main figures to which you must pay special attention. As we said at the beginning, the place must be properly conditioned, so that all the products that are sold can be kept in perfect condition.

For this, not only the ventilation and lighting of the space must be taken into account, but also the correct separation of work areas and a clean and orderly space.

On the other hand, the Pharmaceutical Chemist or Governing Chemist You must carry your degree. Obviously more than one can be hired, but the important thing is that they are trained to carry out their counseling tasks. Thus, we have to certify to provide certain services must be up to date.

As for the products, they must have Health Register in the country. They can only be sold directly to the public. In addition, very important, the sale of expired or in poor condition, or the sale of donated products or medical samples, can end in a fine or even in the closing of the Apothecary. You have to be very careful with this.

Finally, there are certain Legal regulations regarding the opening of pharmacies and drugstores that you should keep in mind. We cannot explain enough how important it is that you keep them in mind and apply them when starting this business.

For this reason, read carefully the Regulation of Pharmaceutical Establishments, issued by MINSA, with no other interpretations other than those of the latter.

Benefits of Opening an Apothecary

Almost to finish, let’s talk a little about the Benefits of Opening an Apothecary. These are very important factors that you must take into account because a business is not a business without benefits that characterize it. Let’s see:

  • Customers tend to prefer independent pharmacists. These create a small town feel of trust and friendship.
  • The pharmacist, unlike the large pharmacy chains, can get to know the customer. That is, it can explain the scope of the medicine, its applications and clarify doubts in a more effective way.
  • The Apothecary-Client relationship tends to strengthen over time. This guarantees fidelity in both directions and as a consequence there is not only a growth in the business, but the emergence of a friendship.
  • An apothecary not only offers medicines, but many other types of products. You have in your hands a business with a solid demand base.
  • Many people need medication on a daily basis, so it will always be useful to have a pharmacy on hand. If this is the only one in a few blocks, much better to get customers.
  • It can be a very easy business to run. Generally speaking, the hardest part is opening an Apothecary. Then it only remains to do the work of attending, managing the inventory and keeping the accounting.
  • It’s about a comfortable space to work. There is always a fresh atmosphere that you cannot avoid enjoying, without a doubt.
  • It has very good margins on drugs, unlike those funded by the state.

As you will see, there are several advantages that you should take into consideration when opening a business of this type. Of course, in conjunction with the Requirements to Open an Apothecary.

What is it?

A Drugstore It is a pharmaceutical establishment. As its name implies, it is in charge of selling drugs and offering pharmaceutical advice. This, unlike a pharmacy, is owned by an entrepreneur or group of companies, not necessarily a professional chemist-pharmacist.

However, if it is true that within it they will find a professional pharmacist to guide clients in any doubts they may have. However, this is in charge of the sale and counseling; does not participate in commercial agreements.

Today there are hundreds of drugstores in Peru, working every day to be better. If you meet the Requirements to Open an Apothecary, the procedures and the legal aspects, you can do it too. Cheer up!

We hope we have been of help to you.

See ya!


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