Requirements to Order the Ice Light Meter: Fees, What it is and MORE

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In order for you to have your electricity meter, we will show you the Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter.

This service is indispensable. since without it it is not possible to carry out our daily activities.

What are the necessary requirements?

The Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter, are common to all the services offered by the Ice Group.

Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter Natural Person

Within the Requirements to Request a Light Meter for natural persons are the following:

Consign the original updated identification card for natives, or documentation that certifies the stay in Costa Rica if you are a foreigner.

This documentation can be:

  • The identity card as a resident in the country
  • Provisional authorization of permanence.
  • The refugee card.
  • Accreditation as a retired resident.
  • The card as a rentier resident.
  • Accreditation of territorial asylee or passport.

Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter Legal Persons

In the case of Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter for legal persons, they are mentioned below:

  1. Consign the original identification card, the resident card or the passport of the legal representative.
  2. The digital or original certificate, issued by the national registry of the legal entity with a maximum validity of one month. If it is digital, the person can present the printed documentation through the certification platform, which is valid for 15 continuous days.
  3. If required, you must present a specific power of attorney from the legal representative.

to take into consideration

If the procedure is carried out by a third person, this person must deliver a permission from the owner, authenticated, about the management to be carried out.

Monthly Rates

Regarding the monthly rates for electricity service through Ice, there are several according to their distribution. Are detailed below:

The Residential T-Re Rate

To provide electrical energy services to apartments and houses, which are fixed accommodation dwellings, including the provision of spaces for common use.

This service does not contemplate common spaces and varied employment of an industrial, residential, commercial nature. As well as recreation areas, hotels, recreation areas, hospitals, orphanage.

In mixed services, varied activities (industrial, residential, commercial), buildings with apartments equipped with a single meter, or premises with operations that generate profits.

Regarding its characteristics, the provision of energy and power to low voltage services type B1, B2, medium voltage services type M5, M6, M7 and M8.

Agora bien, the monthly cost to pay for this service is as follows:

  • For the first 200 kWh it will be ¢ 78.31 / kWh.
  • For the consumption of each extra kilowatt will be ¢ 141.13 / kWh.

The T-CO Tariff Shops and Services

For the provision of the electric energy and power service to low or medium intensity services, cataloged in the group of shops and services.

Regarding its characteristics, the provision of energy and power for low intensity services type B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, or medium voltage services cataloged as M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 or M8.

The cost to pay for this service each month will be:

  • For consuming less than 3,000 kWh or equal, you must pay ¢ 117.93 for each kWh.
  • When consuming more than 3,000 kWh, the amount will be ¢ 70.56, per energy charge for each kWh.
  • The cost for power is ¢ 11 664.59 for each kWh.

T-IN Industrial Rate

To provide electric power and power service for low or medium intensity services, cataloged in the industrial area, cataloged as economic operations used by the BCCR (Central Bank of Costa Rica).

The qualities of this service in low and medium intensity type B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 or M8.

The monthly amounts to pay depending on the consumption will be:

  • When consuming less than 3,000 kWh, you must pay ¢ 117.93 for each kWh.
  • The energy charge is ¢ 11 664.59 for each kW.
  • By power it is ¢ 11 664.59 for each kW.

The Preferential T-CS Rate of Social Nature

To provide the service of electricity and power in medium and low intensity to members who carry out these activities:

  • The supply of drinking water, which is specifically for that, with the authorization of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE).
  • Educational area, only for teaching institutes, which fall within the educational sector.
  • The state public area, in this heading includes elementary schools, preschools, special education schools, secondary schools, and secondary technical schools.
  • There are also state libraries, university institutes, universities and institutions that in a special way provide public education.

On the other hand, there are sodas, restaurants, student housing, photocopying facilities, among others. Although they have the name of educational institutes, they will not enjoy this rate, so they must settle where they belong.

Religious facilities, churches founded in a legal manner and where the electrical service must be in the name of the society that operates the religious activity. If it is an activity that is not linked to religious doctrine, it will be out of the tariff.

In the same way, the institutions that protect old age and childhood, home homes and nursing homes are taken into account. Shelters for people with disabilities, state-sponsored day care centers for children and house public homes for children.

The aforementioned institutions, They must be charitable and non-profit, legally founded, where the electricity service must be in the name of the company that operates the activity.

Organizations serving street people and addicts, that work without lucrative interest, legally founded, where the electricity service must be in the name of the company that operates the activity.

For these conditions, the rate is specifically attributed to buildings and other properties used for the stated purposes.

With regard to the health sector, especially for rural health facilities and for the Red Cross, that you are of a state nature.
To pay your bill for electric service, you have the Digital Electric Bill.

You will receive the invoice in your email, for this you have to update your personal information, communicating by phone number 8000423532 (8000-ICELEC).

Send an email with all your data through this link or go personally to the ICE office closest to your home address.

There are several ways to receive your bill for electric service, which are:

  1. Shipping to your room address: It refers to the delivery of the invoice personally, at the site where you requested it. Applies to areas where the service is provided.
  2. Delivery through certified collectors: These distribute the invoices in places close to where the service is provided.
  3. Shipping by PO Boxes: The invoice is sent to a PO Box, and can be requested at the nearest service office.

To check the expiration date and amount of your invoice, you can send an SMS with the word NISE, leaving a space and enter the NISE that you are going to consult to the number 4233.

You can also check it through this link, go to «check your pending invoice» and then enter the NISE you want to check.

To keep in mind

On your payment receipt or on your invoice, you can see the identification number of your electric service NISE, it is important that you have it on hand to carry out your request.

Requirements to Change the Ice Light Meter

You can change the Ice light meter for another with more capacity, if there is an increase in its load or when deterioration occurs of the same.

The requested requirements to change the Ice light meter are as follows:

  • Provide the NISE, which is reflected in your last invoice received or in the payment receipt.
  • Communicate the list of load you want to connect (number of bulbs, motors, all electrical appliances, etc.) and the voltage.
  • Sign the relevant application so that you can obtain the service, as well as the Contract for the Supply of Electric Power.
  • The provisions of ARESEP (Regulatory Authority for Public Services) must be complied with in the Technical Standard called Installation and Equipment of Electrical Connections.
  • If the Ice requests it, you must consign the trans plans
    trained and authorized by the Federated College of Engineers and Architects.


At the time you request the change of meter and enter everything required, the Ice has a period of up to 8 business days to do it or inform the client of the decision of your request.

What is Ice in Costa Rica?

The Ice or Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, is a company that offers electrical and telecommunications services throughout the national territory. Likewise, he is a member of Grupo Ice a Radiográfica Costarricense SA, the Empresa Nacional de Fuerza y ​​Luz y Gestion Cobro, SA

This institute has managed to install 2,400 MW, which is equivalent to 1,713 communication lines and an established sufficiency of 7,406 MVA in the substations.

In the exercise of the electricity sector, Costa Rica has enabled an installation rate of 98.8% of the region in 2008, which translates into almost 99% of citizens enjoying the service.

There is a study that indicates that the index is obtained with the number of residential customers affiliated by the distribution companies, the average population that form a family and the total number of inhabitants in the country.

The largest amount of electricity it generates comes from hydropower, and the next is that produced by geothermal power, and then wind power.

In this article you have all the necessary information about the Requirements to Apply for Ice Light Meter in Costa Rica.

Likewise, the consumption rates in which you must locate and the amount to be paid for them. By complying with all the requirements and within a few days you will get the answer of your procedure.


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