Requirements to Patent a Motorcycle: how is the Procedure, Cost and MORE

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A patent It is a right that gives a person exclusivity and total control over an asset that they have acquired or an invention such as a motorcycle. If you want to do with it, you must comply with the Requirements to Patent a Motorcycle.

This process is important and necessary when acquiring a motorcycle, this process is very easy and simple if the indicated steps are followed and in this article we will teach you how to do it.

Stay and read this content and learn how to patent a motorcycle!

Requirements to Patent a Motorcycle

The process of patent a motorcycle It is a not so complicated process if all the required requirements are met. To begin, it is necessary to decide whether to apply for patenting the motorcycle as a buyer or to do so through the corresponding dealer, from where the motorcycle was obtained.

Between the important requirements to patent a motorcycle, consists of selecting the sectional register. This defines in which registration this procedure will be carried out.

In addition, in order to carry out this procedure, certain documents must be issued, which are presented below:

Necessary documents

  • Process form.
  • Personal identity document (DNI), in original and copy.
  • CUIT or CUIL certificate.
  • Present the proof or purchase invoice issued by the concessionaire. Provide original and copy.
  • Form 12. This document is granted by the corresponding concessionaire.
  • Form 01. It is also granted by the concessionaire and must be signed in it. Submit original and copy.
  • In case of being an imported motorcycle, present the document that proves it, which is the import certificate.

The aforementioned documents are the main requirements that must be submitted to patent a motorcycle.

Patent a Motorcycle: Procedure

Now that the requirements to patent a motorcycle are known, in this section it is disclosed how the process is. That is, in other words, it is explained how the procedure is carried out.

Step by Step

The steps to be followed to patent a motorcycle are listed below:

  1. To begin, you must look for the automotive registration, which must correspond to the residence or address of the owner of the motorcycle.
  2. Once this is done, you must go directly to the headquarters, with all the documents duly gathered by the buyer.
  3. After issuing the documentation, the personnel in charge of carrying out the procedure will issue form 13, which must be completed. It is important to note that if the process is carried out by a third party, the form to complete is Form 59.
  4. Also, the staff will issue a proof of processing. The holder must verify the procedure number, directly in the following link. Please click here.
  5. To finalize the process of patenting a motorcycle, the registry proceeds to grant the motorcycle’s license plates, along with all the corresponding documents. Generally, they are delivered within 48 hours of the request.

The applicant must make sure to comply with all the steps and in the case of not knowing how to carry out any of the steps indicated, he can request advice in the Registry.

Requirements to Patent a Motorcycle: Cost

An important aspect to consider is the cost of the process of patenting a motorcycle and this varies according to whether it is a national motorcycle or an imported one.

Next, the present list expresses the related tariffs:

  • Issuance of the certificate.
  • If it is a national motorcycle, 1.5% of its value must be paid, and in the case of being imported, 2% of its value must be paid.
  • Issuance of the motorcycle’s identification plate.
  • High tax.
  • Form 13 or 59.
  • Stamps and taxes.

There is a method where the applicant can calculate and estimate the cost of the procedure. You can click here and verify.

Registration in the Automotive Registry

When acquiring a vehicle, in this case a motorcycle, it is necessary to register it in the DNRPA, that is, in the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry.

This procedure is extremely mandatory and important for legal persons and also for natural persons. It is carried out directly at the headquarters of the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry, corresponding to the area where the owner resides.

Requirements Registration in the Automotive Registry

In order to carry out the registration process for the motorcycle or other motor vehicle, it is necessary for the applicant to meet a series of requirements and submit them to the DNRPA.

Next in this list, the requested requirements are shown:

Application form

The Initial Enrollment Request Form «01» must be submitted. This applies to national and imported vehicles.

Said request must be processed and completed with the buyer’s information and must have the signature of the corresponding concessionaire and it must be duly certified by a notary public.

The application document must be processed at the DNRPA, and this is delivered by the dealership that granted the motorcycle.


Another requirement is to supply a copy of the motorcycle purchase invoice. If it is a motorcycle that has been donated, the document that proves it must be presented.

Manufacturing document

In the event that the vehicle, in this case the motorcycle is national, it is necessary for the owner to present the manufacturing certificate and if it is an imported motorcycle, he must issue the import certificate.

Request «12»

Application type «12» is a document that must be processed in order to carry out the physical police verification of the vehicle.

Social contract

The social contract must be presented, which must have the domicile address of the owner of the vehicle.

Identification document

The owner of the motorcycle must present the identification document (DNI) to the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry. This requirement is essential and must have a photo and the owner’s signature, present in original and copy.

For foreigners, the requirement to present is the passport or DNI for those who have permanent residence, presenting a copy and an original.


You must issue the CUIL, CUIT or CDI, which can be obtained through the AFIP or ANSES.

Form 13

It is important that the applicant provides form 13, or if it is an imported vehicle, form 59.

Sworn declaration

In order to detect if it is a motorcycle or car that is under legality, that is, that it is not stolen or that it is within a crime, the affidavit of the origin of funds must be submitted.

It is necessary to comply with these requirements to avoid delays and inconveniences in the process.

Who must complete the procedure?

The registration process must be carried out by the owner, that is, the buyer, or by the dealer in charge of selling the vehicle. In the event that the owner cannot carry out the process, it can be carried out by a third party, presenting the requirements and the requested documentation.

This process may take more or less, if it is a national or imported vehicle. In the case of being national, it may take one day and if it is an import, it may take two days.

What does it mean to patent a motorcycle?

To know what it is patent a motorcycle, we must first know the meaning of the word patent. This term generally applies to medications, but it can be used for much more.

A patent is a right that grants exclusivity over something that has been created, that is, over an invention. It consists in that a person who owns this right is the only one who has full ownership of said invention, being able to use his creation for whatever he likes, as long as he acts under the law.

In this sense, it can be understood then, that patenting a motorcycle refers to the process where an exclusive right to a motorcycle is granted, giving the person who owns it, total control of said device.

To carry out this process, a series of steps and guidelines must be met, in addition to supplying certain requirements and requirements, paying the corresponding cost.

It is important to comply with the Requirements to Patent a Motorcycle, just follow the instructions and you will have a successful process.

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