Requirements to process a Disability Pension in Argentina

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The Requirements to Process a Disability Pension are mandatory for those who have trouble starting your work activities normally. That is, this type of pension secure the future of individuals who for major reasons do not have the optimal abilities to work.

Therefore, the Social Security Institution of the country is responsible for ensuring the well-being of young people and adults who have these conditions.

Certainly, the process time will depend on the consignment and compliance of the documents necessary to validate the disability status. Still don’t know what they are? Simple! If you want to know more about the requirements, documents, benefits and more, do not hesitate to read this article.

Remember! Your future depends on the decisions you make today.

Requirements to process a Disability Pension

Argentina is a country that offers opportunities to all its citizens, regardless of the situation or conditions they are going through. Certainly, people after years of service deserve to have a pension for their labor Old. As well as, those who unfortunately have physical or mental disability problems to continue with their jobs.

Thats why he Government of Argentina together with the National Agency for Disability has facilitated non-contributory pensions to those people who suffer from some type of disability.

In other words, there are several Argentine citizens who, due to their disabilities, cannot work. Therefore, the National Government has the obligation to offer them a pension that does not correspond to the contribution of the pension fund.

Therefore, the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will take care of to guarantee and insure the non-contributory pensions of people with disabilities.

However, to receive this contribution it is necessary to comply with a series of Requirements to Process a Disability Pension. The most important thing is that once they meet each of the requirements, a more successful control of the Pension System can be carried out without the presence of fraud during the process.

Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! We will explain each of them to you.

  • Accredit a 76% decrease of their work capacity
  • Vulnerability of social conditions
  • An age under 65 years of age
  • Be an Argentine citizen or naturalized (at least 5 years of residence)
  • If you are a foreigner you must have at least 20 years of residence in the country
  • Currently not receiving any aid or benefit from the State
  • Not be under a contract of dependency and labor independence
  • Avoid being registered as «Monotributista»
  • Not having assets under your ownership (Extendable for the beneficiary’s family group)
  • Nor have alimony from a family member
  • Judicial registration without legal problems

Necessary documents

Next, when you meet all the Requirements to Process a Disability Pension You will have to submit a series of documents to continue with the process.

Consequently, if you continue to submit documents in order, your procedure it will be faster and easier. It is important to note that ANSES carries out this type of process to verify and revalidate each of the certificates that you present.

Papers to be consigned

  • Certificate proving 76% incapacity for work
  • National Identification Document (If you are a foreigner, you must present a passport or any immigration paper necessary for the process)
  • «Anses Worksheet» filled in with the required fields
  • Two (2) passport-style snapshots

Documents submission

  • Preferably organize them in the above mentioned hierarchy
  • Yellow folder with hooks
  • Folder identification
  • Present the documents without amendments
  • Legibility of each of the papers

Non-Contributory Disability Pensions for Minors

On the other hand, it is important to mention that there is a disability pension for minors. That is, it is the pension received by parents who cannot work, because of the care an infant requires under these limiting conditions.

Therefore, they must comply with the Requirements for Processing a Disability Pension for Children. As well as the necessary documentation to validate the case of the minor.


  • Being a minor with some kind of disability
  • Parents must be enrolled in ANSES
  • Not having properties under the name of any of the family members accompanying the infant
  • Mandatory documentation
  • ID of the parents of the infant with a disability
  • Medical certificate certifying the minor’s status
  • Role issued by the socioeconomic study of the family

Do you already have all these documents? Do not wait more! Receive your non-contributory disability pension.

Requirements for Non-contributory Disability Pension

Now this section mentions all the Requirements to Process a Disability Pension. As well as, the process for the registration and validation of documents in ANSES.

So if you want to have a successful, fast and easy process We invite you to follow each of the instructions set out in this section.

  • Age less than 65 years of age
  • No family member can receive a pension or non-contributory benefit
  • Certificate that revalidates the individual’s disability
  • Not be employed in any company or independently
  • Be Argentine or nationalized
  • Have a residence stay between (5) and (20) years
  • Have no judicial or legal problem
  • Mandatory Documentation
  • Go to the Health Center closest to your home that certifies the medical condition
  • Request the Digital Official Medical Certificate (CMO). Later, it will be sent to the Natural Disability Agency for you to continue with your process


Option 1: Website

  • Enter the official page of «Anses»
  • Enter your Social Security Code. For your safety, we recommend that you do not provide this information to strangers
  • Complete and check all the mandatory data of the system
  • Validate your family group data
  • Request the turn to revalidate your data in an Anses Office
  • Wait for the system to provide you with all the recommendations and papers that you should take with you on the day of your appointment at the Anses Offices
  • Start the process here

Option 2: In person at a certified Anses office

  • Consign all the documents and attend the certified offices
  • Request your file number to consult all your procedures on the official website of Anses
  • Wait for the consultation and analysis time for the approval of the Non-Contributory Disability Pension
  • Shifts
  • You shall get into to “Attention Shift” to continue with the application process
  • cost
  • Great news! To carry out this procedure you will not have to cancel any amount. That is, the process through Anses is completely free

Attention! Did you have any errors in the process? So, we invite you to enter “Procedures and Claims”to report the problem that occurred during the process.

What are the advantages offered by the disability pension?

On the other hand, when you meet all the Requirements to Process a Disability Pension and its documents, you will be able to enjoy a series of advantages and benefits that no other site will offer you.

Certainly, Anses offers its clients incentives to belong and enroll in its community. Next, we will tell you all the benefits you can obtain if you decide to enroll in Anses under these conditions.

  • Contributions for medical treatments
  • Greater collaboration with special cases and those of greater vulnerability
  • Monthly income
  • Life penssion
  • Improving the quality of life
  • It is a beneficiary for all areas of the country
  • Quotes between 4,470 and 5,110 pesos
  • Annual increase in pensions

How long does the process take?

Although, the procedures that require the application for pensions they take a certain time. The latter refers to the time it takes for the Social Security institution to revalidate and evaluate the social conditions of each of the applicants.

Therefore, the longer you take to enter the requirements and mandatory documents for the process, the longer it will take for your application to be approved.

Certainly, it can be inferred that the approximate time of the procedure lasts at least a few three (3) months. Next, once your request is approved, you must go to the ANSES Headquarters to withdraw your response.

As well as, you must request your Social Security Code to be able to access the page and carry out all the procedures you want.

Attention! If you have any questions about the process and the processing time, we recommend that you contact “Customer Service” of the country’s Social Security Institution.

What is a disability pension?

In summary, a Disability Pension is one received by individuals who have limitations to work. As well as, it is one of the great possibilities that children who also suffer from physical and mental disabilities can receive.

For this reason, ANSES has created Non-Contributory Pensions for those people who go through these conditions. As well as, the exceptions to mothers and children who request this procedure for the first time for a beneficiary family member.

However, in order to receive said contribution from the National Government, it must be previously fulfilled with a series of Requirements to Process a Disability Pension.

In addition, the consignment of a series of mandatory documents to be able to access the ANSES pension process more easily and quickly.

Certainly, there are two (2) stages or phases to carry out the enrollment process and request your pension. That is, there is the face-to-face modality that requires you to go to the commercial offices of the National Social Security Administration.

Then there is the electronic process through its website where you must fill in the required fields for the system to load your personal data. The most important thing during this process is that you must remember the request of the “Shift Online“before visiting the ANSES Headquarters.

Finally, ANSES offers incentives to its clients every year through its presence in pensions. For this reason, this institution offers benefits to those users who belong to this type of pension.

Also, people who meet the conditions of disability may apply for disability pensions. “Single Mother of 7 Children” or although, “Non-Contributory Pension for Minors”.

What are you waiting for? Request your non-contributory pension!

Think about your future!

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