Requirements to Process INE: Documents, Function and MORE

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In this article you will highlight which are the Requirements to process INE. If you are a Mexican citizen, this information is useful, so take note.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) It is the constitutional entity that is involved in planning and organizing popular elections throughout the Mexican territory.

Mexican citizens need to process their credential to exercise their right to vote in elections. That is why it will be explained below which are the requirements to process INE.

What are the Necessary Requirements to Process the INE?

The requirements to process the INE are the following:

  • Citizens must go to the consular section.
  • You must bring your address receipt (be it income, services, tax). It also has to be the Original and copy.
  • The citizen must attach his Photo identification , with its original and its copy (accreditation of the voter or the valid and updated Mexican passport).
  • Original and copy of the receipt of the Mexican nationality with the birth certificate, nationality document and declaration of nationality.
  • You must bring an original and a copy of the birth certificate of one of his parents, when the applicant was born abroad, in order to verify where he will exercise his right to vote.
It is important to highlight that the voter title is used for all those Mexicans who want to vote outside their country and in their country of origin, in such a way that when the INE has received their application, their identification will be broken down from Electoral Roll to be part of the nominal list of citizen voters domiciled abroad.

Necessary Requirements to Process the INE: certificate to pay abroad

It is important to note that through the pact and agreement in collaboration with the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, every Mexican citizen who is based abroad, can process the credential to vote from where be, through in the embassies and consulates of Mexico.

  1. This foreign credential serves as a document of identification in Mexico.
  2. Mexicans who are abroad can only vote in the federal elections and in a peculiar way, in those districts or states in which they carry out the alternative of voting from outside.
  3. Citizens abroad can process their document through the portal Mexitel, which may request an appointment.
  4. Already with having your appointment must must bring the necessary documentation.
  5. With the completion of the process, you will arrive in your residency your credential.

The shipment and delivery of your document to pay from abroad is exclusively responsibility of the INE.

The citizen who is outside when carrying out the procedure will be given his receipt that contains a sheet at the top with which, the applicant will give rise to his process through the INE.

Interested Mexicans can call the hotline +52 55 5481 9897 (collect) or communicating by mail: This credential is valid for at least 10 years.

Necessary documents

With having complied with the Requirements to process Ine. That is why you have to collect a series of documents that are the following:

  1. Must have your birth certificate or naturalization letter.
  2. The citizen must carry his passport.
  3. Driving license.
  4. Professional Certificate.
  5. Primer of the National Military Service.
  6. Document referring to your public services.
  7. Attach document of the public or private institutions with a duration of 10 years after being remitted.
  8. Document referring to the right holders.
  9. You must have the work identification document.
  10. You must also attach proof of payment of taxes or services.
  11. The account statements.
  12. Lease agreement that is new.
  13. Copy of the deed document.

Where to process it?

To request the credential you must attend the INE module closest with all its documentation.

To request an appointment online you can do it through the following link. In addition, when you arrive at the module you will be asked 3 identification documents which are: nationality, receipt of your address and document with a photograph, all must be originals without amendments.

Next, the citizen must explain what the procedure to be carried out is. Then you will have to fill out a digital form With their respective information, they will capture your fingerprints, they will take a photo, they will digitize all your documents and at the end you will have to sign.

The staff will show you if all your information is correct, as it will be registered for the new credential. To conclude the process, the citizen will be given a receipt with the date from when you can pick it up.

Requirements to process INE: Procedure to withdraw it

To withdraw the credential, the citizen must attend the same Ine headquarters where the process was carried out. Therefore, you must bring the receipt that was given to you when completing the process, then you must identify yourself by putting your fingerprints, sign as received and ready, you have your credential to exercise your right to vote.

What is it for?

The voting credential is used for citizens to participate in federal, municipal, delegational, state elections and to choose the head of government in Mexico. This document also certifies your validation as a Mexican citizen.

Costs of Processing the INE

It is important to note that the electro credential is so free for Mexican citizens. However, the National Electoral Institute (INE) has to cover the production costs of each unit. This entity declared that in the next 5 years it will supply at least 81.7 million plastics at a unit value of 280 pesos.

The final cost of producing a single credential does not cover the value at which the supplier sells the plastic material to the INE for at least 11.50 pesos, but the costs are generated by:

  1. For the management with which the voter requests the credential.
  2. Credential preparation.
  3. Sending of the plastics material to the modules.
  4. Delivery of the credential to citizen voters.

What is it?

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is the highest electoral body of the Mexican people that is dedicated to planning and carrying out the elections and where the voter is provided with a credential to vote. This entity also carries out activities both within the institute and as part of the sovereignty.

It is important to explain that the voting credential is the document or certificate where all citizens can vote in the popular elections called by the INE.

Requirements to process INE: Characteristics

  1. Ine delivers voting credentials. It is a document that all citizens aspire to Mexicans to exercise their vote in that country and abroad.
  2. This entity’s main function is to organize electoral processes to guarantee democracy in Mexico.
  3. With the Ine he examines all the political personalities national and local, pre-candidates, candidates, organizations that seek to provide registration as a political party, electoral observers and all citizens who perform in these actions.
  4. This entity drives the civic culture, where it executes programs related to electoral training.
  5. The Ine carries out that the citizenship report communicates through the Sanctioned Administrative Procedures and Removal of the people that make up the Electoral Council, where there is a justice electoral.
  6. The Ine provides the necessary security of rights in the access to information and the protection of personal data, it also works in making movements in matters of transparency.
  7. This entity is in charge of resource management, has those provided by the Institute regarding the legal framework.
  8. It contains advisers who help with electoral legal issues.
  9. The National Electoral Institute, as an entity of the Mexican people, has the responsibility and commitment to promote, protect and guarantee Human Rights.
  10. It is important to explain that the Ine performs a communication strategy which helps to boost the image and increase the reliability of this entity as the body responsible for planning transparent and free elections.

If you are Mexican, you should know that you have to request the Requirements to process INE and can pay in your country.


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