Requirements to Process the CURP: Correction, Foreigners and MORE

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The Requirements to process the CURP allows you to keep the record of Mexicans regardless of the part of the world where they are.

In this way, the State has the necessary information to identify and locate the inhabitants in all kinds of situations. Above all, in those that require to send certain type of information.

In order for you to make good use of this useful tool, today we are going to explain all the Requirements to process the CURP.

What are the requirements to process the CURP?

The procedures to process the CURP are carried out in person and not online. Once you have been in the corresponding office, you must present the Requirements to process the CURP, which are:

  • The official identity document with its respective copy.
  • Certification of the identity document on behalf of the administrative officer in charge.
  • Access to the platform of all the data related to the demonstration documents.
  • Include in the RENAPO, all the relative data to save them on the platform of the national CRUP.
  • The administrative official gives the applicant the certificate where a particular password is granted, with a folio and the respective date.

If the procedure is to be carried out for a minor, the Requirements to process the CURP they are named below:

  1. A plain copy of the birth certificate.
  2. The simple copy of the accreditation as elector of one of the parents (the one who will personally manage the CURP of the minor).
  3. If the minor is over 10 years old, the certification of not being registered in the CURP must be consigned. This is downloaded online through the agency’s web portal.
  4. If for any reason, one of the parents cannot attend to carry out the diligence. There is the possibility that one of the maternal or paternal grandparents does. Of course by presenting the identification document with a photo and that appears on the minor’s birth certificate.

Upon completion of this process, the CURP can be consulted online through the password that is in the certification. Being on the web page, you only have to place the requested data in the second field and register the confirmation key.

If the verification is carried out on the CURP web portal and the information provided is not possessed. The registration is completed using the personal information of the interested party: The full name, the date on which he was born and the sex. Upon completion, the CURP information should appear and then print. It is a diligence that it has no cost, and it can be done in a few minutes.

It should be noted that it must be done personally. However, some relatives such as (children, parents, spouse, siblings, grandparents or grandchildren), are empowered to manage the CURP of a relative. In such case that the interested party cannot do it for reasons of distance or illness. To verify the link, they have to consign some documentation that certifies the family bond that exists between them.

CURP correction

On the other hand, there is also another procedure, which is the correction of the CURP. This diligence is also carried out in person. You must go to the office belonging to the CURP closest to your home, you can even verify the available offices through this web portal.

If extra information is required on the correction procedure of the CURP. You can communicate by the following telephone number in the Mexico City 51 28 11 11. And in other parts of the Mexican territory at 01 800 911 11 11.

In such a case, that the applicant cannot carry out this procedure personally for a specific reason. It can be done by someone else in your place in person, bringing the required documentation. These people are named below:

  1. The Father or Mother: Bring the updated official identity document, and some document that proves the relationship with the applicant, in original and copy.
  2. The tutor: It refers to the citizen who holds the parental authority of the applicant. Present the updated identity document. Certification of the guardianship act or of the enforceable opinion of parental authority or guardianship, to verify the representation, also in copy and original.
  3. Sons: Consign the documentation that proves the relationship between them, in copy and original. Also the updated identity document.
  4. Concubine or Spouse: Present the marriage certificate or the certification of cohabitation (this must be managed during the life of the couple), in copy and original. Also the official identity document.
  5. The attorney: Consign the power of attorney, which must be signed by the grantor, the attorney-in-fact and the witnesses. With their respective updated identity documents, all this in original and copy.
  6. Brothers: Bring some document that proves the relationship with the applicant, and of course the updated identity document, in copy and original.
  7. Grandchildren: Present the documentation that proves the link with the applicant, and the current identification, in copy and original.
  8. The grandparents: Consign updated identification, and documentation to verify the link with the applicant, in copy and original.
  9. Great grandparents: Bring the birth certificate of the grandchild, in this the grandfather’s data should appear. And also the grandfather’s birth certificate, showing the great-grandfather’s information. In the same way, the updated identity document, in copy and original.

File the CURP as a foreigner

As a permanent foreign citizen and temporary resident in Mexico, the opportunity to manage the CURP is also granted. However, it should carry out the immigration process first at the National Institute of Migration. Then they must request the CURP presenting the card that accredits them as an inhabitant and the valid passport.

To complete the diligence, you must comply with the Requirements to process the CURP being a foreigner. These are:

  • Documents proving that the Applicant details are true (original and copy).
  • The official and updated identification document of the interested party with photo (original and copy).

As identification document, those mentioned below will be accepted:

  • Certificate of having studied with its respective photo.
  • Certificate of residence, issued by the institution belonging to the place where the applicant lives.
  • The professional license.
  • Official accreditation issued by the ISSSTE.
  • The National Military Service card.
  • Official accreditation issued by the IMSS.
  • The accreditation as a voter.
  • Passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The supporting documents that are accepted for this process are the following:

  1. Birth certificate issued by the Federal District Government, by the consular office of the Mexican Foreign Service. And by the Civil Registry of the governments of the federative entities.
  2. Certificate of nationalization or the certification of Mexican naturalization, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

To acquire the CURP as a foreigner, a series of steps must be followed:

  • Login to this link.
  • Complete the required data. Remember to choose the option FOREIGN, and press the button CALCULATE.

To take into account: In the case of using only one last name, the Maternal Last Name box should be left blank.

Where to process the CURP?

To manage the CURP, you must attend the Civil Registry, or some module of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System. And also to the offices of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

What is it?

The Unique Population Registry Code. It is an essential tool, which has the objective of recognize and locate users on any platform. It is a private registry, which does not apply only to people who live in Mexico, also for nationals and foreigners.

It also includes all Mexican people residing abroad. In Mexico, the CURP is a unique alphanumeric identification code, consisting of 18 digits.

Using the CURP

At this time, the CURP is essential to manage the tax return, organize a registry within the companies. In the same way, in schools, for affiliations in health services, request for passports and other government entities.

Likewise, the CURP of the persons will be established, both in the private records and certified copies as well as in the records of death and birth. Which belong to the Civil Registry. The use that was thought to be given to the CURP was to cover the amount of registration figures of some organizations. These are: The INE (National Electoral Institute), RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry) and the Social Security Number.

However, it has failed to standardize all these data, because the institutions continue to use their own password. The National Electoral Institute will integrate the CURP into the accreditation, and other official accreditations are incorporating it. But the voter’s code continues to be the official one for this institution.

It should be noted that in other countries the same password is used to recognize its inhabitants. Which applies to all governmental and non-governmental organizations. Hopefully this will begin to take place throughout Mexico very soon.

The census that characterizes the curp It allows the information of all the people born in Mexico or foreigners who reside in this country. This identification is intended to carry out a great variety of processes.

If you have not taken it out yet, what are you waiting for to consign the Requirements to process the CURP?


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