Requirements to renew DNI: Duration, Cost it has and More

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This article will explain what they are Requirements to renew the DNI where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

The DNI is a super fundamental document that all Argentines and foreigners who reside in said country must have, because it is the main record that confirms the identification of the citizen.

It is important to note that if you moved, lost the document, it was stolen or it simply expired, the steps and what the steps are will be explained below. Requirements to renew the DNI.

What are the requirements to renew DNI?

To renew your ID, here are the steps to follow:

  1. To renew your ID you must enter directly to the official page of National direction of Migration .
  2. You can choose the closest office depending on whether it is in CABA, Rosario, La Plata or Córdoba, you can take an appointment and when the confirmation of your appointment has arrived, you will have to attend. You will have to keep the receipt until the DNI is delivered to your home.
  3. If you are in other parts of Argentina, you must go to the office closest to your residence, but depending on whether you are in the ready, and it is on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Next you will have to fill out the form.
  5. If you have done this, you will have to go to the office of your choice and wait for your turn until they attend you.
  6. Finally, you should keep the receipt when they have brought your ID to your home.
  7. Those who are under 14 years old will have to attend with their legal representative.

It is important to be aware of Requirements to renew the DNI because it is the beginning of the process.

Necessary documents

Now with being clear about the requirements to renew the DNI, then you will have to collect a series of documents that are the following:

Under 14 years old

  1. People who are under 14 years of age will have to bring the original birth certificate.
  2. present yourself with your legal representative with your respective ID. In this case, if another person is the guardian, they must present the document proving guardianship.

Over 14 years old

  1. People who are over 14 years old must carry their old ID.
  2. In the event that it has stolen or you lost it, you will have to bring the document with the respective complaint.

Older than 75 years

People who are older than 75 years can opt for the enrollment booklet, civic booklet or old DNI process. This new card keeps the same number as the previous DNI.

It is important to note that if you are moving to a new address you will have to request a new ID.

It is important to note that if your ID has been stolen or lost, you will have to file a report and that document will have to be brought to your appointment.

For the foreigner

The foreign citizen must request the permanent DNI for having had 2 years with the temporary DNI. It is necessary to do so within 60 days prior to the expiration of the temporary ID to opt for the permanent ID.

You must first enter the page of Remote Filing Module for Foreigners (Radex) and request the change of category to permanent over time. The system will guide you to attach the relevant requirements to opt for the permanent DNI:

  1. For foreigners who need to obtain the DNI, they must present their respective identity card, or valid passport.
  2. Address certificate or an invoice of the applicant’s name such as electricity, water, shops, etc.
  3. Scanned temporary ID.
  4. Document referring to criminal records (if required).
  5. Passport-type photo.

When you have uploaded all the documents, you will have to cancel what corresponds to the requested procedure and you will have to continue. At the end of the process, you will indicate that you have requested the permanent Filing and will have to wait for the appointment where you will deliver the original documents and the temporary precarious arrival through your email.

On the day you have to attend the corresponding office, it is very important that you bring the original documents that I upload to the system, and you must also have the precarious document that was sent to you by mail when confirming your appointment. This precarious has a validity period from the confirmation of your appointment until it corresponds to you to attend to deliver the documents.

When you arrive at immigration, you will have to be aware of which row you are in to be in, in this case you must make the line for the permanent process.

When it is your turn, you will have to deliver the original documents, they will take a photo of you and take your fingerprints, then you will have to wait a while and they will give you the new precarious one. The temporary DNI will no longer be valid.

The DNI takes time to arrive, you must be patient because with that document it will be legal on Argentine soil.

Duration of the procedure

Within 15 days of the start of the process, the DNI will be delivered to your home but you will have to deliver the receipt that you were given when you attended the appointment.

Foreigners who will request a permanent DNI can have a duration of 70 days or more according to how long it may take to complete the process.

Cost to renew DNI

The cost to renew your ID is $ 300.00. DNIs that are processed through fixed posts and at airports have a cost of $ 350 that you can cancel by credit or debit card.

Why is it important to renew DNI in Argentina?

The importance of renewing the DNI in Argentina, is because it is the legal document that identifies you as a natural and foreign citizen, it allows you to carry out all the procedures before state institutions, banks and businesses. It is essential to have this document updated because it is a record that will be there for the rest of your present life.

It is a fundamental requirement that all Argentines must have to comply with the rules and laws in the country for order to exist.

This document is important to renew because it enables citizens to work legally in Argentine territory, where children and adolescents are prohibited from having to work. This Identification Document is valid for up to 15 years.

What is the DNI?

The DNI confirms and shows the personal information of each citizen, therefore the people who have this document can be easily identified by the data they have provided.

People who request the DNI are assigned some numerical figures that will always be present in their lives. The person does not have a DNI practically does not exist, he cannot carry out financial operations or make purchases, request documents, he will not be able to exercise the right to vote, etc.

This document is effective because it allows speed in identifying people, that is, it is easier for the authorities to give you the DNI and quickly have your information as a person.

In Argentina the DNI is the only personal and indispensable document. The way in which it is used is subject to the Law No. 17671 of Identification, Registration and Classification of the National Human Potential, pronounced in 1968, which replaced the enrollment booklet document and the civil booklets.

The DNI cannot be replaced by another document to legal results, that is to say, the DNI is the only official document that can be used in the Argentine territory, where with it the direct and secret universal right can be exercised in popular elections.

It is important to note that since 2009 the DNI has been modernized creating a new model of DNI that was divided in two ways into notebooks and cards, but today the model used is that of the card, which is the only document which is valid in Argentina.

Finally, it is important to us that this information is reached to all citizens interested in how to renew the DNI and already have a notion of how to do it. Therefore, it is essential that this procedure needs to be organized because it is the only thing that has a guarantee and validity in Argentine territory.

We hope we can help all people so that from the beginning they have guidance to know the requirements to renew the DNI.

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