Requirements to renew Driver’s License: Types, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements to renew Driver’s License are every time More demanding, for to guarantee the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the country. That is, the renewal of this document is essential to to avoid any iregularity with the Argentine Transit System.

Do you want to know everything related to the renovation?Keep reading the article! Here you can get everything related to the requirements, necessary documents, costs, benefits, among others.

Requirements to renew Driver’s License

Certainly sometimes they happen fortuitous situations in which personal identification documents are lost, such as a driver’s license. In addition, in the case of Argentine citizens when this occurs type of eventuality They are not required to retake the driving test but must revalidate some documents and knowledge.

Therefore, you will need to previously comply with the Requirements to renew Driver’s License. The most important thing, to meet these requirements is to have a cfully legal traffic control for each of the Argentine citizens. As well as, follow traffic regulations will guarantee the security of the country.

Lost your Driver’s License? Did your vehicle document expire? Quiet! We will tell you each of the Requirements to renew the Driver’s License.

  • Personal Identification Document (DNI)
  • Original and photocopy of your current address
  • Previous Driver’s License (in the case of theft or loss, present an explanatory letter)
  • Updating your email address
  • Certificate of «Free of infractions» available on the official Buenos Aires Transit website
  • Billing of the National Traffic Background Documentation (CENAT)
  • Last payment of the Smart Single Ballot
  • Attendance at the «Renewal Talk»
  • Criminal Record Certification (Validation of approximately (10) days)
  • Medical certificates in case you suffer from any disease

Attention! If you have any questions about the requested requirements, you can enter the official website.

Necessary documents

Now if you meet all the Requirements to renew Driver’s License you must record a series of previous documents, in order to carry out the process as soon as possible.

Consequently, obtaining these documents will will guarantee renew your Driver’s License under the legality of the Argentine transit system. Then enter faster proportions these papers, you will get your license with you in less than two (2) weeks.

Next, we will tell you each of the documents that you must provide to the Traffic offices of your City or Municipality:

  • National Identification Document (DNI)
  • BIU Bulletin (mandatory for this procedure)
  • Previous license (to compare the expiration of the same)
  • Duplicate driver’s license
  • International driving license
  • Course certificate licensing training
  • Renewed License Talk
  • Document certifying the criminal record
  • License legality certification
  • Document verifying the «Degree of Poverty»
  • If you have the Malvinas Veterans Certificate, you should not cancel any procedure

Do you have each of them with you? !You can now renew your Driver’s License! In the same way, we want to recommend the following tips to present your documents in the most orderly way possible:

  • Brown folder with hooks
  • Documents ordered according to the list above
  • No amendments in the requested papers
  • Two (2) backup copies of the above documents
  • If you wish, you can place your name in the folder that contains the documents to avoid losing them

Certainly, when you order each of the papers you must follow a series of steps to request your new Driver’s License. ThenAre you not informed of what they are? Quiet! If you follow these instructions you will have your license as soon as possible.

  • Get the National Certificate of Traffic History (CENAT). The most important thing is the validation time (90 days) and payment thereof
  • Attend your City’s Main Licensing Headquarters to attend your renewal talk (Available from 12:00 pm)
  • Reserve your Attention Shift: Individuals, Professionals and Change of Jurisdiction
  • Present your documentation at the Licensing offices
  • Revalidate the traffic knowledge test
  • Ready! Now, you just have to wait for the indicated date to withdraw your new License

Requirements for Foreigners

On the other hand, are you a foreigner and do not know about this process? Quiet! The Argentine Traffic Office allows to process the renewal of the Driver’s License for foreigners, through the letter granted by the General Directorate of Migration.

However, in order to carry out this process you must also fulfill a series of Requirements to renew Driver’s License for Foreigners. So, continue reading our article to find out about the process.

  • DNI stating residence in the country
  • Copy of personal data
  • Two (2) copies of recent photographs
  • Definitive filing
  • Granted in the DNI: You must present the copy that revalidates said document
  • Certified in Ministerial Resolution: You will present original and copy of this paper with a validity of two (2) years
  • Temporary Filing
  • Validated in DNI: It will depend on the expiration date of said filing
  • Not revalidated in the DNI: You will present the Precarious Residence Certificate (certified by the Migration Department)
  • Temporary filing without presenting DNI
  • Passport: Original and Copy of this Identification document
  • Certificate of Nationality
  • Precarious Residence: Two (2) copies of the document. Remember! If you don’t have this document, go to the country’s Migration Department
  • Address revalidation document: Through the Federal Police you can receive this certificate stating the address where you reside. In addition, it must be issued with a validity period of 90 days.

Argentina also offers immigrants their license renewal!

Requirements for minors under 18 years of age

Now, Argentina is a country that offers every day more opportunities for young citizens. For this reason, there is the renewal of the Driver’s License for the under 18 years of age. That is, if you are a minor and have a Driver’s License, you have to comply with the Traffic Law for your safety.

However, if your driving document expired, you must renew it. As well as, meet all Requirements to renew the Driver’s License for Minors. Likewise, we remind you that if you are not yet 18 years old, tYou will have to go to the Traffic offices with your parents or legal representatives.

Documentation for other types of cases

  • Adopted Youth: Present a Judgment that revalidates the adoption before the Civil Registry (original and copy)
  • Emancipated minors: Copy of the sealed letter stating the emancipation before the Civil Code
  • Foreign minor citizens: Passport of the country of origin. However, if it is in a language other than the language used in the country, it must be translated. As well as, the papers that certify residency in Argentina

Cost of renewing Driver’s License

Certainly, to carry out procedures of this magnitude you will need to have money set aside to cancel them. That is, the procedure carried out will have a cost approximately 180 $ pesos. However, we recommend that you visit the Traffic Offices of your City to find out the taxes related to the renewal depending on where your address is located.

The most important thing is that you are aware that you must make this payment once you present the documentation requested in the previous sections. As well as, that of cancel the Single Smart Ballot (BUI) according to the amount that is informed by your email. The latter is crucial to receive the renewal of your Driver’s License.

Still don’t know how to cancel it? Here we tell you all the payment methods they have for you!

  • Electronic Payment: Cancel two (2) days after the expiration of the ticket is generated
  • In cash: Pay the corresponding amount after five (5) days after the expiration of your BUI is generated
  • Remember! A Unique Smart Ticket per day will guarantee your license. In addition, it has an experience of approximately six (6) months.

Why is it important to renew a Driver’s License?

Similarly, renewing this transit document is essential to maintain road control throughout the country. In addition, it will guarantee the legality of the document and of course, avoid any inconvenience with the traffic police. As well as, being up to date with your fines will also allow you to have access to the renewal of your Driver’s License.

That is, it is a procedure that is performed with the objective of protect all drivers and pedestrians from the country. Likewise, Argentina is considered one of the safest Latin American countries by land due to the compliance with licenses of all its citizens.

In another vein, it is crucial that you know when your Driver’s License is valid in the country. Therefore, we dedicate tolist the items that this document should have:

  • National Flag (right side of the card)
  • Driver’s photo
  • Microtexts of printing systems
  • Regulations of the National Driving System
  • Personal information
  • Expiration
  • Better optimization of your data

So, check if your Driving License complies with all of the above!

What is the Driver’s License?

The Driver’s License is one of the main documents you must have to drive your vehicle in the country. Certainly, it supports the legality of all Argentine drivers with the country’s Transit System.

In addition, it allows the vehicle information of all citizens to be backed up, with the aim of ensuring the lives of pedestrians.

However, Driver’s Licenses have an experience of approximately five (5) years. That is, you must renew this document after thirty (30) days after expiration.

Therefore, you must comply with the Requirements to Renew the Driver’s License. As well as, present a series of documents in the Traffic Offices in the Municipalities of the country.

On the other hand, the requirements will vary depending on the conditions of the driver. (Resident, Foreign or Minor). In other words, in order to recover the Driver’s License, you must enter each of the specified requirements. As well as, be aware that to carry out the process you must pay an amount that depends on the municipality in which you reside.

Finally, some important aspects about the Driving License in Argentina are the following:

  • For people over 65, the validity will be less and less
  • If you want to renew your License you must cancel your fines
  • You can access your license by your cell phone
  • For more information, see here

Do you want to renew your driver’s license? Do not wait more!

Drive now with your renewed License!

Visit GESTIONALO.NET Argentina

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