Requirements to renew License: Payment Methods, Appointment and MORE

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Are you about to expire your license? Don’t you know what the requirements to renew license? In this article we leave you all the information you need to know about it.

Almost always, this type of procedure can seem tedious, but this time it is the opposite, if you follow the steps that we explain here.

What are the Necessary Requirements?

The license can be one of the most important documents, after the identity card, because a large number of jobs or activities are carried out through the driving a vehicle. Hence, it becomes important quickly renew license, when it expires.

However, before you can carry out the renewal, there are a series of requirements that you must meet in order to carry out the process. Being the expiration of your license the first and the most important. Although, you can also renew license three months before the day the permit expires.

Now the rest of requirements to renew license are as follows:

  • Submit a identification document verified and in good condition (identity card, residence card, among others can be used).
  • Stay up-to-date with transit taxes, if you have or have had.
  • Have valid the digital medical opinion.
  • Not be 12 points in infractions transit, to avoid suspension of your license.
  • Pay renovation costs, depending on the places where you carry out the procedure.

Attention! Repeating the theoretical course for the license is not one of the requirements to renew it. This course is only done for the first time.

On the other hand, once you have made sure you meet these requirements, you can schedule an appointment with the institutions or banks that are dedicated to doing this renewal process.

Prices to Renew the License

Another of the important doubts of the renewal is the cost of the procedure, since, this process is not free. However, the price is not that high either, because it is a routine and prompt diligence.

What’s more, cost will vary based on behavior that you have had as a driver, since depending on the amount of fines you have accumulated, the cost of the renovation can be more or less economical, like the years of renovation.

So if you are aware of your fines and your points for infractions, here we leave you the renovation costs, according to the accumulation of those points:

  1. Less than four points accumulated: You will have to pay 5,000 colones for the renewal, and your license will be valid for six years.
  2. Between five and eight accumulated points: You will have to pay 10,000 colones for the renewal and the new license will be valid for five years.
  3. Between nine and eleven points accumulated: The cost that you will have to pay for the renewal will be 10,000 colones and the license will be valid for three years.
  4. Have 12 accumulated points: In this case your license would be suspended and you would not be able to renew it either.

Attention! If you belong to cases 2 or 3, you must also take a road awareness and re-education course, before renewing the license.

Now, the prices for the renewal of the license will also change according to the institution to which you go to carry out this type of procedure. As is the case of Bank of Costa Rica, that apart from discounting the value of the renewal process, they will also charge you a commission (from $ 7 to the exchange of the day) for the charges of the banking service used.

On the other hand, you should also take into account that have five points or more accumulated, your new license will be conditioned as follows:

  • Five to eight points accumulated: Instead of being limited to twelve points for infractions, you will have a limit of eight for the new license.
  • Nine to eleven points accumulated: Instead of being limited to twelve points for infractions, you will have a limit of six for the new license.

Payment methods

Now, although the methods to pay for the license renewal may be few, they are convenient and fast forms of payment for you.

Currently there three forms of payment to renew license, which are: cancel in cash, pay through the web platforms of banking institutions or pay with cards

In the first case, you can cancel all processing of license renewal with cashTo do this, you will only have to go to the government or banking institution, in which you are going to renew, and pay the cost of the procedure on the same day that you are going to go for the renewal.

Also, if you want pay through online bankingAll you have to do is go to the bank’s website, where you are going to renew and cancel the renewal amount, along with the commission for banking services.

On the other hand, the card payment You can also do it directly at the institution where you are renewing, however, you must take into account the commissions charged for this service.

Digital Medical Opinion

The digital medical opinion will be another of the requirements to renew license that will have to pay, to be able to carry out. Therefore, it is also important that you know the cost of this document and, thus, make an effective renewal.

So, first you should know that the medical opinion, now, it is only done digitally, Opinions are no longer issued on paper. Therefore, the document it will come to your email with a code and those will be the data that you must present to record your medical opinion.

Likewise, the form of payment of the medical document will be virtual too. You will only have to enter the website of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Costa Rica, and cancel your medical opinion, which has a value established at 21,800 colones, according to the latest update of rates made by the collegiate body.

In addition, it should be noted that this medical document has a valid for six months, from the moment from which it is issued. Therefore, any diligence that you are going to do regarding the license must be at that time, otherwise you will have to go through and pay for the process of requesting a medical opinion.

How to request an Appointment to Renew the License?

Once you have achieved meet the requirements to renew licenseYou will have two ways to request and schedule a visit to renew your driving license, which will depend on the site you are going to go to.

That is, in the event that you go to any of the facilities of the MOPT or the COSEVI, you won’t have to make an appointment, but you must show up any day with the following:

  • Your valid identity card and good conditions.
  • The digital medical opinion,
  • The payment of the appointment and the renewal, together with the respective commissions.

Now if you wish make an appointment at the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR), which is one of the most important banks for this type of procedure, you just have to dial 800-BCRCITA (800-227-2482) and make the request for your appointment for renewal.

On the other hand, you also have a BCR web platform, to be able to schedule an appointment for the renewal of your license or any other type of procedure according to the driver’s license.

So if you wish request an appointment at this institution, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection so that the process is quick.
  2. Go online using a search browser such as Google Chrome or Morzilla Firefox.
  3. Access the Banco de Costa Rica website from Appointments for Licenses and Passports.
  4. Write your identification document.
  5. Select the action to be carried out (BCR Appointments), the type of document (Passport), the reason for the appointment (Renewal), type of license (Select as appropriate).
  6. Specify your location and the date, for which you want to schedule your appointment.
  7. Click on «Look for» and wait for the available appointments to appear.
  8. Now, just wait for the one that is most comfortable for you and schedule it.

Attention! Appointments for minors can only be arranged by phone, by calling 800-BCRCITA (800-227-2482)

Sites to Renew

To renew your license, you have several establishments, to which you can go and manage the renewal of your road document, although only There are three institutions that are in charge of this procedure.

  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT).
  • Road Safety Council (Cosevi).
  • Bank of Costa Rica (BCR).

Currently, only between the MOPT and the BCR have 55 different places to which you can go to renew license, among which are 13 MOPT headquarters and 42 Banco de Costa Rica offices.

Now, in all these facilities you can renew all kinds of licenses, except at the BCR, since there You can only renew the following licenses:

  • Type A license.
  • Type B.
  • Type C license.

So, renewing a license is not such a complicated process, nor is it long; rather, it is a simple and quick procedure that can be done in a single day.

Therefore, the hardest thing might be to get the requirements to renew license, but once you get through it, the rest is easy.


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