Requirements to Request a Bank Loan: Steps, Banks and MORE

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The Requirements to request a Bank Loan They can save us from many troubles in the future. However, although this option seems very attractive, it is important that we take into account all the options when acquiring a loan.

But if you need to cover big celebrations, pay off a debt with high interest, repair your house and even money for a health emergency, a loan may help you complete your budget without so much risk.

Next we will show you the advantages, processes and Requirements to request a Bank Loan in Ecuador.

What are the Requirements to Request a Bank Loan in Ecuador?

The Requirements to request a Bank Loan in Ecuador They correspond to certain conditions and particular documentation that allows to prove that the citizen will comply with the responsibility of paying the loan in the agreed terms. These requirements are detailed below:

  • The applicant’s citizenship card.
  • The applicant’s voting certificate.
  • Your spouse’s citizenship card.
  • Your spouse’s voting certificate.
  • The Unique Taxpayer Registry or the RISE of the applicant. This will apply when the citizen applies to credits of more than 5,000 US dollars or when the Internal Revenue Service of the Ecuador so declare.
  • A copy of the template for a basic household service. The document must be valid for a maximum of two months at the time of requesting the loan.
  • The investment plan of the project, including the projected cash flow in the cases of loans between 50,000 and 100,000 US dollars.
  • The feasibility project that includes the projected cash flow in the cases of loans of more than 100,000 US dollars.
  • A copy of the contract, certificate or lease deed of the place of investment, if this does not coincide with the domicile of the applicant. This condition applies to credits that exceed 3,000 US dollars.
  • A copy of the commitment contract for the purchase of an asset to be acquired, when the loan is for the purchase of productive land.
  • A copy of an account statement in the bank that you request the loan, depending on the conditions that it applies.

Steps to Follow: Bank Loan in Ecuador

Each financial institution that you approach may have different procedures, there is no doubt about that. Also, some of them will even ask Requirements to Request a Bank Loan different, seeking to secure the credit that you are requesting by all possible means.

But if you have already gathered the above documentation, we know that you are ready to follow the Step by Step the verbatim!

  1. Gather all the Requirements to Request a Bank Loan in Ecuador.
  2. Check the banks in which you already have a bank account, because this is a prerequisite for other services such as the loan that you need.
  3. In case you do not have a bank account in your preferred bank, you can create it at the time of your request with your personal documentation at hand.
  4. Compile your income justifications to prove your job stability. In the case of independent workers, their income certifications must be used.
  5. Attend the first interview with your documentation and review the offers, mainly aspects such as the required amount, term and destination of the credit.
  6. Fill out the forms with your personal, financial and employment information.
  7. Wait for the approval period And ready! In a very short time you will have in your hands the bank loan that you need.

Note: Keep in mind that each bank will offer you different conditions for each credit. Evaluate very well the types of loans, their terms and interest rates and the purposes of each one so that you can make the best decision.

Best Banks to Request a Bank Loan in Ecuador

Next we are going to show you the best offers of Banks to Request a Bank Loan in Ecuador, so that you choose the ideal option based on your needs and possibilities.

During the last years, more and more banking entities have opened the opportunity to the functionality of credit services. In this way, users of almost all banks in the country can access their advantages with little difficulty.

However, there are always better options on the market. In this case, five of the largest banks in the country they are among the most convenient offers when it comes to loans and credit cards.

The best alternatives to request a bank loan in particular are usually the Guayaquil, Produbanco, Pichincha, Pacific and International banks.

Also, the Bank of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security It is the most convenient offer in the case of its members and retirees, who receive certain benefits compared to other users.

To keep in mind

As an extra recommendation, we want to give you an alternative so that you can choose the best bank possible.

To do this, you must enter the online platforms of each of these entities and look for the functions to simulate a credit.

So you can evaluate real interest rates without having to go to an office. Even if it is about the purchase of a vehicle, many banks have their own advisers who offer you more than one alternative to request financing. Make the best use of these resources!

Advantages of Requesting a Bank Loan

The main advantages that offers you the option of ordering your own loan banking include:

  • You can finance the acquisition of a good with a single payment, so you take away the extra responsibility of the fees or the wait until you have all the capital.
  • The forecast of your payments is scheduled in advance, so that they are paid in periodic installments according to your possibilities.
  • The Requirements to Request a Bank Loan they are not excessive. In the same way, they are concise enough to make the process quick and comfortable.
  • You have constant access to the amount of your outstanding debt with the bank.
  • Most banks provide credit services for the smallest to the most momentous expenses. This includes tuition, school supplies, hefty investments, the purchase of a home, and even a cell phone.
  • Each credit is designed personally for the client, so that you cover it as soon as possible without suffering terrible headaches.
  • Many types of bank loans are perfect to cover several expenses at the same time, so you can make different purchases and investments simultaneously with ease.
  • The probationary periods are quite short, as are the submissions. That is why it is so important that you deliver all your Requirements to Request a Bank Loan. So you can finish your application very quickly!
  • Special services are offered for citizens who work as government employees or are retirees and pensioners.

What is it?

A bank loan It is an operation corresponding to financial entities through which a particular amount with interest is offered to a citizen or company to cover private expenses.

The bank loan has different conditions that make it viable for the bank and the borrower. The agreed upon features include the capital to be lent, the type of interest payments and their amounts and the term to comply with them.

Bank loans are frequently requested financial instruments. Both companies and ordinary citizens use them to cover varied needs and tastes, from starting a business to creating your own business.

Some examples of functionalities that a bank loan has are as follows:

  • The purchase of machinery or transport elements.
  • Repairs or renovations of establishments, premises or homes.
  • The acquisition of computer equipment.
  • The payment of tuition, school supplies, uniforms and other corresponding supplements.
  • The hiring of specialized services for different activities.

Likewise, contracting a bank loan includes a very important factor: The interest to pay.

Depending on the entity, the loan amount and the agreement reached, the interest rate will vary considerably. In Ecuador, Much of this calculation is attributed to the APR, with which the commissions to be applied are determined. This will largely depend on the profitability that customers must take into account before hiring the service.

Ecuadorian banks provide loans with two main types of interest: fixed rate and variable rate.

In the first case, users have a fixed and constant amount for the entire duration of the loan. And in the opposite case, the interest rises and falls depending on the indicators that the bank takes as a reference. Both have different benefits and disadvantages that will apply differently in each case.

Additionally, the asset that will be established as warranty. In many cases, an endorsement is established in case you do not present the installments to cover the interest on the loan, so you must pay close attention to this point when you sign your contract.

A personal loan can save us from different difficulties. When we lack a little money for a purchase or we need an emergency fund, it is natural to look for all the available alternatives. And in most cases, the answer is as simple as consulting a bank loan with your trusted entity.

Tell us, have you already started preparing your Requirements to request a Bank Loan in Ecuador?


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