Requirements to Request a Light Meter: Procedure, What it is and MORE

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If you have just moved or are planning to move, but are concerned about whether or not you have electricity, don’t think twice and apply now. Over here in the Requirements to Request a Light Meter, We tell you how to do it.

Read on and learn more about the service you require and what you can do easily without any complications. Currently, facilities and speed are offered in the attention given to the request received.

What are the Requirements to Order a Light Meter?

According to the Requirements to Request a Light Meter, making the request for a light meter in Ecuador is no longer so difficult or cumbersome. The current requirements to make the respective request are mentioned below:

  • You must present the identification document.
  • Likewise, you must deliver a copy of the voting certificate.
  • Deliver the updated proof of payment of property tax. Also, you can present the document of property deed (registered in the Property Registry) of the owner or any other document that proves ownership.
  • Record the sketch of the property and telephone number.
  • You must go personally to any of the agencies of the Empresa Eléctrica de Quito (EEQ).
  • Must do the filling out the form of request with the exact details of the address of the property where the service will be installed.
  • If the applicant is a tenant, must then have the corresponding authorization written document from the homeowner, in addition to the lease agreement.
  • Make the escrow payment for the service.
  • In the case of being a legal person, you must present, in addition to the written request of the legal representative of the company, a copy of the appointment of the legal representative and a copy of the Ruc.
  • You must present the Municipal Authorization for installation in premises, fairgrounds or on public roads, if it is a legal person.
  • The site where the light meter is to be installed, dYou must have the technical regulations of the distributor and it must include the connection duct, the socket base, the main breaker and the grounding bar.
  • In the case of foreign natural persons, the identity card or passport is requested, together with the respective documentation.

Special requirements for requests of load greater than 12kw:

  • The applicant must have the corresponding infrastructure.
  • It must have interior electrical installations, distributed and technically connected. The conductors with insulation, dimensions and other characteristics for each circuit.
  • Must have a factory line enclosure or embedded pipe 11/2 to 3 inches in diameter by five to seven meters high to anchor the meter and support the connection.

  • Also, you must be grounded through a cooperweld rod 5/8 inches in diameter by 1.80 meters in length, for proper protection against high voltages and electrical discharges.
  • Likewise, the internally distributed thermal load center for protection against overloads and short circuits.
  • The meter must be installed at a height of 1.60 meters from the floor.
  • If the property does not have all the required adjustments, the inspector will indicate the changes to be made prior to approval.

Procedure to Request a Light Meter

According to the Requirements to Request a Light Meter, The steps that must be taken to obtain a light meter are the following:

In person

  • Initially, whoever intends to request an electric light meter must go to the different agencies of the Electricity Company, to the Customer Service Department.
  • Attach all documentation which is an essential requirement to carry out the procedure.
  • Perform the signing the contract.
  • After four business days, the light meter is installed. It may take a few more days if the demand is high.

Now for good news, the process for requesting a light meter in Ecuador can also be done through the website of the electricity company.

In this way, customer service and their requirements are optimized.


  • Should check in to access all services.
  • Login with ID number or Ruc.
  • Enter the key code.
  • Attach documentation

Through the web portal you can access all the services mentioned below:

  • They can do the request for new services.
  • Printing duplicate invoices.
  • Also, the request for new light meters.
  • You can make the request for re-location of the light meter.
  • Likewise, you can do the history query of payments for the previous two years.
  • Do the technical review from service.
  • Do the data update through the web portal.
  • The request for repairs and technical advice.
  • Also, you can make reports of theft of the service
  • You can track the procedure that was requested, among others. The procedures in a virtual way allow to facilitate and expedite.

Where can you Request a Light Meter?

I agree with you Requirements to Request a Light Meter, to make the request for a new light meter, as mentioned above you can via the website of the electricity company and also visiting the power utility agencies correspondent.

Present yourself with the necessary documentation, sign the contract and the light meter will be installed in the following days. Once the request is made, the electricity company conducts an inspection with the technicians in the area.

This is done in order to determine what type of meter you need. The same occurs if the request is for a second or third meter within the same property.

Costs of Requesting a Light Meter

Continuing with the Requirements to Request a Light Meter, Regarding the cost of the application, the corresponding information is shown below:

  • If you are applying for the first time and have not paid for the service before, the installation may cost you a few 300 dollars. Additionally, the amount for the device warranty, and depends on the artifact type.
  • Also, the cost includes the inspection performed by the technicians, where they define what type of meter the applicant requires, which Additional works
  • In the case of other additional meters within the property, the cost is less than one requested for the first time.
  • The total cost can be paid in the first return or it can be deferred to be paid in a period of six months.

Some reference prices of meters are of $ 159, the industrialists have a cost of 610 dollars and collectors are worth about $ 3,500.

What is it?

The Light meter, is a instrument that measures electrical energy consumption and is used by residential or industrial consumers. This utensil is calibrated in kilowatt hours. The kilowatt hour is the amount of energy required to supply 1000 watts of energy per hour of consumption.

That is to say that for example 10 light bulbs of 100 watts that remain lit for an hour they will consume one kilowatt hour of electrical energy.

The company or company that supplies the electric power service use meters to count electricity consumption at home, factory or office. When the electrical installation is carried out, it is the electrical company that installs the meter.

This appliance is kept in constant operation, modifying as electricity consumption varies, either increasing or decreasing consumption. A common light meter is one with a basic induction motor that uses alternating current.

The so-called classic meters have two electro magnets and a metal disk that can rotate between them. The disk turns, the gears also and the numbers change.

Light meters use circuits that produce electrical signals whose frequency or strength is proportional to the voltage you are using. These signals are converted into energy measurements recorded by the meter.

They are expensive but very accurate meters and allow an accounting of electricity consumption throughout the day and night.

The electrical energy that is consumed in the home represents a high percentage of the total energy consumed.

If you got here reading the Requirements to Request a Light Meter, You can now go to the offices to make the request or do it online, you no longer have an excuse, meet the requirements and do the corresponding management.


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