Requirements to Retire in Colombia: for Disability, What it is and MORE

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As people develop throughout their lives, they look forward to a time when they will be able to retire from work. For some people, the state pension is enough to provide a basic level of income. On the other hand, we will tell you How you can acquire your pension and what are the Requirements to Retire in Colombia.

But most people will want supplement what they have with some kind of pension plan. Many employers also believe that while their employees are working, they should be accruing a pension entitlement when they retire. The traditional and the best approach to achieve retirement security consists of a pension, Social Security and individual savings.

Your pension helps you maintain your level of retirement living, and the savings provide significant supplemental income for Unforeseen Expenses. On the other hand, the group pension plans provide guaranteed help to make different purchases of basic necessities, in addition the monthly income for life will help for a long time.

In Colombia retirement is much more achievable for those who have them. Pensions are an economically efficient way to finance retirement, which means they are prudent with the use of state taxpayer money. That is why if you are an adult you will be indicated the requirements to retire in Colombia, even for disability and more.

Requirements to Retire in Colombia

The requirement mandatory is the age. Therefore, you will not get the benefit until you reach retirement age. Usually that’s 65, although many pension plans allow you to start collecting early retirement benefits starting at age 55.

If you decide to start receiving benefits before reaching full retirement age, your monthly payment amount will be less than it would have been if you had waited Ask the people who run your plan to create a simple table that shows you how they will vary your payments depending on when you start.

Nevertheless the old pension is a payment scheme from the government that provides a stable income to eligible Colombians to help them cover the costs of living when they are retired. If eligible, you can receive up to $ 781,242 per fortnight as an individual or $ 1,423.60 per fortnight for couples. However, not everyone is eligible for the old pension: it depends on how much you earn and the value of your assets and investments.

On the other hand The amount you will receive will depend on whether you are single or couple, the amount of income you earn, and the value of your assets (such as property, investments, and cars). The age pension is made up of a basic pay rate received by all eligible persons, as well as a pension supplement and an energy supplement.

These two supplemental payments are automatically included when you meet the eligibility requirements. The amount you get from the supplements depends on a number of factors, including the status of your relationship. For more information on these payments, visit the supplement pages of pension and energy supplement on the website of services for retirees Colombia.

Old-age pension

The Senior Citizen Grant, also known as a state old-age pension, is a monthly income for citizens, permanent residents and refugees aged 60 and over without any other means of financial income. You will qualify for the Senior Citizen Grant if:

  • You are a Colombian citizen, permanent resident or refugee.
  • Live in Colombia
  • Are 60 years or older
  • They are not living in a state institution.
  • They are not receiving payments from another social grant.
  • Your spouse must meet the means test.
  • You must send your identity document (ID)

The amount of the pension of the elderly person changes every year. Currently, the maximum amount you will get is $ 800 per month. If you are over 75, you will get a trust. Any change in grant amounts is reflected each year in the national budget speech or the opening of parliament.

However, this can take up to 3 months to process your request. If your pension is approved, it will be paid to you as of the date you applied. If your request is denied, you will receive a letter explaining why it has been denied and how you can appeal within 90 days of being notified. However, you must reconcile the Requirements to Retire in Colombia if you want to obtain the benefit.

You must inform the department of any changes in your circumstances.

Disability pension

Colombia You can approve the Disability Assistance Pension if:

  • Is 16 years old and over
  • Pension age
  • Meet residency requirements
  • Stay on top of income and asset tests
  • Have a diagnosed permanent disability or medical condition, or obtain a special rate disability pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs due to permanent and total disability

You may need to show him– You have completed a Support Program, and you cannot work or retrain to work for at least 15 hours a week in the next 2 years. This to corroborate the report of pensioners. Also to obtain the pension disability support, you must have been a Colombian resident for at least 10 years in total. For at least 5 of these years, there must be no rest at your residence.

To get the application you must present medical evidence if you claim the pension disability support or if you have a medical check-up. To help the state determine if you can be licensed, they need to know how your condition affects you. They need medical evidence from their treating healthcare professionals about their conditions. In most cases, they need evidence for each condition that affects their ability to work.

However, if you do not provide medical evidence when they request it, they may deny your claim or stop your payment.

By Survivor

As soon as you can start getting a survivor pension Defined contribution is generally when you are 55 years old; you should verify this with your pension provider. You may be able to get your pension earlier if you retire due to health problems. You should get financial advice before making decisions about your personal or work pension.

Maybe have to pay for financial advice, but it can save you money in the long run. This to ensure the document and can obtain the grant. On the other hand, you have several options on how to access the money in your pension. Your options for taking your personal pension are:

  1. Take part or all of your pension as a lump sum in cash, no matter its size buy an annuity
  2. You can also take a lump sum in cash – take money directly from the pension fund and leave the rest invested (reduced income) – there will be no restrictions on how much you can take.

This is part of the Requirements to Retire in Colombia.

Who can Pension in Colombia?

The only ones who can retire in Colombia are those who have been living in the country for at least 5 years, and possess an identity card that proves legal citizenship. In addition, if you verify your nationality, you can obtain a variety of benefits if you are over 65 years old and have an illness or disability. The extra money can help with the cost of your care.

However, before you or your partner reaches the qualifying age for the Pension Credit, any money you take out of your wallet will be taken into account when evaluating your benefits. This could be, for example, income you get from an annuity, a tax-free lump sum, or an adjustable income.

However if you get an adjustable income, they will see how much you would get if you bought an annuity and how much adjustable income you are getting. The higher amount will be used when evaluating your benefits.

What is the Pension in Colombia?

A pension is a type of retirement plan that provides monthly income in retirement. Not all employers offer pensions. Government organizations generally offer a pension, and some large companies do. With a pension plan, the employer contributes money to the pension plan while working.

The money will be paid to you, usually as a monthly check in retirement, after you reach a specific retirement age. A formula determines how much pension income you will receive once you are retired. The formula that a pension uses is based on a combination of the following:

  • His years of service with the company that offers the pension.
  • Your age
  • Your compensation

For example, a pension plan might offer a monthly retirement benefit to replace 50% of your compensation (measured by taking an average of your pay over the last three years of service) if you retire at age 55 and have at least ten years of Service. With the same pension, if you work longer and retire at 65 and have thirty years of service.

More years generally means more money.


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