Requirements to Sail: about the Naval Prefecture, What it is and MORE

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All countries make maritime trips to explore, work, or simply recreate the lakes for a weekend, therefore, Argentina is no exception because it has an important history since colonial times.

It is the responsibility of ensuring all types of transport that are enabled during the trips, as well as the man who crews it and the company that is in charge..

As a result, important trips have been made for decades. In conclusion, to be able to do it, various navigation requirements are needed that allow the flow of these vessels in Argentina.

What are the requirements to navigate?

The naval Prefecture, establishes that to transit in territorial waters according to the laws, several requirements are required, which will be evaluated in order to control the transit of maritime vessels.

This will allow the entry and exit of vessels, those of any type such as: Motor Boat, Motor Canoe, Motor Yacht, Motor Boat, Sailboat, Sailing Yacht, Auxiliary Motor Sailing Yacht bound for foreign ports.

Necessary documents:

The documents that you must present are the following:

  1. Being a pilot, skipper or helmsman of sports boats. In this way, the security elements will be fully authorized.
  2. For the registration of the vessel, the «Dispatch Role» form must be completed in triplicate that can be found on the page. That will guarantee the necessary information to be able to navigate.
  3. Vessel Registration Certificate.
  4. Certificate or nautical sports card.
  5. Identity documents of all the crew.

Once all the documents are obtained, the following steps are carried out:

  1. Before the Argentine naval prefecture, the pilot, skipper or helmsman must formalize the established documents and may set sail within the following 24 hours.
  2. To formalize the entry and exit within 24 hours, the person in charge of the boat must deliver the forms to the jurisdictional unit of navigation.

There are other types of procedures that can be obtained in the Web page And in that way you will be able to inform yourself based on all the services and steps that the naval prefecture of Argentina gives you.

Requirements to Navigate: Entrance Exams:

This exam consists of obtaining the nautical sports certificate of nautical driver, for the government of sports boats that carry out river navigation for a price of $ 2,500 (ARG)

The nautical sports exams are theoretical and practical. There are, among them, other courses with the following areas: Nautical driver, cabin boy and yacht helmsman. For the Yacht Skipper category, you will only have the option of being theoretical and it will be verified through the presentation of navigation roles.

On this link You can consult the entire exam program for nautical driver that will be very helpful.

The documents to present for the nautical certificate are:

  1. Be older than 18 years old.
  2. Pass the corresponding exams.
  3. Deliver National Identity Documents (DNI) or foreign DNI and deliver a photocopy of it.
  4. It is important to present the medical certificates that justify the psychophysical and audiovisual aptitude for the practices of sport navigation, in accordance with the provisions of article N. 402.0409 of REGINAVE.
  5. Deliver two updated 35mm by 35mm color photos and preferably without glasses.

There are several data that can help you and they are: the medical certificate is valid for (90) days from the date of issue.

Take into account that the text that the medical certificate must include is the following: “Mr. / Mrs. He / she is psychophysical and audio-visual suitable to practice sports navigation ”it is important to include and indicate the blood group and the Rh factor and if you suffer from a type of allergy.

People of foreign nationality who do not have a DNI, will have to present their passports.

Once all these requirements are obtained, the following steps are carried out:

  1. Present the documentation in the Jurisdictional Prefecture
  2. Take the Theoretical-Practical Exam
  3. Manage the payment from the website of the Government of Argentina.
  4. Finally, remove the nautical sports certificate.

Requirements to Navigate: Cost

The Argentine Naval Prefecture implements a settlement and collection system under a modality called «Annual Fixed Rate», entering the Web page of the institution, you can consult the entities authorized for the payment and address of the entity.

The payment service allows you to know the debts of the owners’ boats registered in the NATIONAL VESSEL REGISTRY, as well as those registered in the Office of the Naval Prefecture and you can request the Electronic Payment Flyer called: VEP.

In this way, the Annual Fixed Rate can be paid, due or about to expire.

The Annual Fixed Rate for enrollment for renewal of enrollment is found in Decree N.1528 / 2007 establishes that:

“The inscriptions and certifications in the national ship registry, whatever their nature, as well as the inscriptions in the National Registry that are made in the Jurisdictional Dependencies of the ARGENTINE NAVAL PREFECTURE, they will be subject to the payment of the rates that the present decree prescribes ”.

Requirements to navigate: How to renew the Helmsman’s license?

Once you have entered those necessary requirements to navigate, you must then know the following requirement, which is determined for people who have the Nautical Sports Certificate (CDN).

The process takes a stipulated time of 30 daysIt is exclusively personal and for the renewal, no intermediaries are accepted.

  1. For this you need the following documents:
    Nautical sports certificate (CND) and a photocopy of it.
  2. The identity documents or foreign DNI and deliver a corresponding photocopy.
  3. Include the medical certificate according to article 402.0409 of REGINAVE. Being valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  4. Attach two color photographs that are in good condition, updated, frontal, with a light blue background, passport size and it is recommended without glasses.
  5. Pay the fee established for the Nautical Sports Certificate

The final steps that we should highlight are:

  1. It is important to present the aforementioned documents to the nearest delegation of the Naval Prefecture.
  2. Manage the payment from the web.
  3. Withdraw the Nautical Sports Certificate. In the Web Procedures portal of the you can download your electronic sports nautical certificate (CDNE).
  4. It has a cost according to the law informs it: Nautical Driver’s License ($ 520 ARG) and Seal ($ 25 ARG).
  5. These types of procedures are carried out from Monday to Friday without any shift, for more information it is advisable to consult the schedules in the Jurisdictional Prefectures throughout the country.

The expiration of the CND is carried out in this way:

  1. At 5 years for users: From 18 years to 65 years of age
  2. At 3 years for users: Older than 65 years to 79 years of age.
  3. Every 1 year for users: Older than 80 years.

What is the Naval Prefecture?

The Argentine police security force with the acronym PNA (Prefectura Naval Argentina) is in charge of the protection of all the navigable routes of the Argentine sea.

It is made up of an approximate of 90 coast guards, 127 small boats, 40 airplanes and 45,900 personnel that continues to increase over the years.

It is currently under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Security. Normally this maritime police force guarantees navigation and the lives of people, complies with auxiliary and the obligations that the laws demand.

This creation began in colonial times, specifically in Buenos Aires: the Río de la Plata area in full commercial development, where smuggling and piracy existed. In view of the large losses, the King Ferdinand VI implemented a maritime protection system, which was called «Port Captaincy» that were established by the First National Government from 1810.

There were several successors in the position of protection in the spaces of maritime navigation, reaching 1896 where the National Maritime Prefecture was created.

In addition, by law, N ° 3445 on October 29 being the largest and oldest naval institution in the country. Currently, the naval prefecture is training future non-commissioned officers of the University Institute of Maritime Security, fulfilling the task of specializing the mission and the functionality of the prefecture.

Leaving the dense information aside, It can be concluded that by meeting the Requirements to Sail in Argentina, you will be able to do it without any problem. Even, regardless of whether you do it on your private boat or with the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

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