Requirements to sell a car: Safely, Cost and MORE

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If you want to sell your vehicle, you need to know the Requirements to sell a car in Argentina. This with the purpose, that at the time of finalizing the transaction you have the documentation in order.

In this article you will also find information about the necessary forms, the costs you must pay for the procedure, the advantages and disadvantages of selling a car, among others.

Requirements to sell a car

One of the Requirements to sell a car in Argentina, it is to verify which documents are needed. It is also of great importance that the documentation is current and fully organized.

It is advisable to seek advice from a lawyer, or someone with extensive experience in this type of procedure. This serves to avoid mishaps, and that the sale of the car is successful.

Necessary documents

Within the Requirements to sell a car and the necessary documentation, are the following:

The title of ownership of the car. It is also called “Green Card”. This provides essential information about the car and the owner of the same. On the front of the Green Card, there is the information of the owner of the car.

The data are: The address of the room, the place where the car is registered, sectional number, date it was registered, the signature and the stamp of the person authorized in the registry.

On the back of the Green Card, there is also information about the holder and DNI (National Identity Document). Also, chassis number, engine number, model and make of the car.

To acquire the Green Card, You must go to the National Directorate of the National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits of the Argentine Republic (DNRPA). If this identity card was lost or stolen, or has to be renewed due to damage or because it has expired, you must go to the section to which the car belongs and request Form 02.

This diligence must be done by the owner of the car or his attorney in any case. And you must enter the LC, LE or the DNI, together with the Form 02 duly signed and accredited by the person responsible in the Registry.

If the person is a foreigner, must present passport and those who have residence only the DNI. And if you are from a nearby country, the documents to be consigned are the Identity Card (CI) of your country of origin, the DNI or it can also be the passport.

What are the Forms?

There are a series of Forms to carry out this procedure. This is another of the requirements to sell a car. And the forms are as follows:

Form 02: This must be filled out with all the information of the car owner (s).

Car purchase-sale ticket: It must also be completed with the data of the owner or owners. Both the seller and the buyer of the car must sign it correctly and it must be certified by a public official.

Form 08: It is an agreement made in writing between the seller and the buyer. This is in the office where the car to be sold is registered. The number of the office in question can be found on the blue or green card of the car.

It should be noted that this form has to be signed by the owner of the car, and if you have a spouse it is necessary to sign also so plague does not appear as the owner.

Form 11 (the car sale complaint): This is done so that the car is settled in the DNRPA office, where the transfer of the car from the owner to the new owner has been formalized. This form must be filled out 3 times, and the original Form 13I must also be requested.

Likewise, they must be signed by a public official or the person in charge of the DNRPA office, and the information to be completed is the following:

  • The domain number of the car.
  • LC, LE or DNI of the person who is going to sell.
  • The date and place where the car was delivered.
  • Some other essential information.
  • The certificate of sale of the car, in original and copy.

How to sell a car safely?

For you to be able to sell your car, you must prepare in the least way to carry out the procedure. The operation will be safe to the extent that you want. It is necessary that you know the dangers that there are when carrying out this type of procedure, and that they can threaten your property and security.

Therefore the precautions you must take are essential. For example, if there is something that does not give you comfort or makes you doubt, you must be careful and protect diligently your personal information and financial. However, logic is a mechanism that can alert you. Here are other security tips that can help you:

Review the payment method

You must check with the bank that the payment has been made properly, before delivering the original documentation. When payment is made by check, it is recommended that you go to the bank with the buyer and confirm that the account has a balance.

Before delivering the original documents of the car check with the bank that the payment has been made correctly. If the payment was by check, the ideal is that you go with the buyer to the bank and check that the account has funds. It is advised that the payment be made by means of a bank transfer, which places the money quickly.

Make the change of car owner

Once you have formalized the operation, make the change of owner. The correct thing is that the car is not in your name in case it is used to commit crimes and you are involved in these.

Verify the identity of the buyer

Ask for identification of this person in a formal way, and you compare it with another that has their address and name. The intention is that you verify that the information is true.

Request a test drive

Do not trust people who want to finalize the sale, without having done the test drive. A credible client ensures that his negotiation meets his expectations, so as not to jeopardize his investment.

Document tampering

Do not provide scanned documentation. The scammers make this request justifying that they want to verify that the car is in order, however, the truth is that use these to incur other faults.

Research safe options

Stay out of any risky situation. Contact an entity that can help you with the sale of your car or that can advise you on the matter.

Cost of the procedure

You should know that this procedure has costs for each form, document or procedure, which are:

  1. For Form o2, the cost is between $ 60 and $ 72 pesos.
  2. The certification of signatures, the cost is $ 130 pesos.
  3. For the identification card of the car it is% 140 pesos.
  4. For form 08 the cost is between $ 100 and $ 120 pesos.
  5. For the sale complaint, the cost is $ 90 pesos.
  6. The fee for violations is $ 60 pesos.

To make the transfer or transfer of the car, the taxes andstill according to the value that has been declared (the place where the car is located, and provincial stamp rates). If the process is done digitally, you can enjoy a discount.

If you want to know the amount you have to pay, you can use the cost estimator available to the DNRPA, by entering this link. Where you can enter the review of the car, amount of the transfer or transfer and the cost of the forms.

Benefits of selling a car

Here are some benefits of selling a car in Argentina, and that should be taken into consideration when carrying out this procedure.

These benefits are aimed at people who own the car:

  • No commissions are paid for selling the car, thus avoiding the price increase to cancel the amount of the commission to dealers etc.
  • You know your car better than anyone, which gives you the opportunity to clearly explain the condition of the car to the prospective buyer. Also to provide all the necessary information and clarify doubts or give answers that only you can give.
  • Build confidence in the buyer of the car, since you are the owner of the car.
  • Get more money for fewer years of the car, since its time of use influences as well as the marked kilometers.

There are also some benefits to selling the car to a dealer. For some people it is annoying and complex to carry out this task.

Many times because they do not have the time available, and prefer to sell it to expert people that are dedicated to the purchase and sale of cars, such as dealerships. These benefits are as follows:

  1. They provide security to the person who sells, since you should not negotiate with people you do not know in the office or at home. Nor should you provide information, personal, what does happen when you sell face to face.
  2. You do not have to take the time to make the sale or show the car.
  3. Since the dealerships are professionals, the sale takes place faster.
  4. They guarantee the payment of your car.
  5. The payment of the car is received in cash.
  6. They carry out the corresponding documentation procedures.
  7. You have the opportunity to exchange your car for another that is available on the site.
  8. If for any reason the buyer of the car makes claims, the dealer is responsible.
  9. Used car windows provide financing plans, which an ordinary person cannot offer.

We hope we have helped you know about the Requirements to sell a car, and you can start your diligence smoothly and safely.

It is important that you take into account all the suggestions that we give you here, so that you can carry out your procedure in the most effective and fast way.

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