Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina: Places, What it is and MORE

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This article reflects the Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina. That is why I know they will answer all the questions, to this issue so important for people Take note!

Food is essential for people, to feel good about their body. In addition, having a good diet can reduce the percentage of long-term illnesses.

That is why companies when selling food must be careful. It should follow a series of Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina which will be explained instantly.

Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina

According to him Article N ° 2 of the Argentine Food Code highlights that this law will have to comply with the help of health authorities, either provincial, national or the Municipality of Buenos Aires, through each territory. That is, the people in charge must comply with the rules and regulations in any part of the Argentine territory.

Each product and processed food must be verified according to the Article N ° 3 of the Food Code. That is, a control and inspection of the places where the food is being made must be carried out, in order to be able to market it and distribute it throughout the territory, without errors in the hygienic and sanitary conditions.

It is important that the establishments that produce and manufacture food products carry out the registration requirements and the permit before the health authorities. In addition, foods must be recognized before starting to market them. When the health authorities approve the place, you will be granted a serial from the National Registry.

The registration of the establishment is the first step in the process. That is why through the National Registry of establishments (RNE) which is granted by the INAL, accesses the import and export of food for sale to the territory.

It should be noted that the legislation requires in the matter of food to have a technical director.

Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina: DTechnical Director

They must submit to the corresponding Health Authority the request in which the following information is stipulated:

  1. Identification data and residence of the applicant who is the owner of the producer
  2. Identification information where it must reflect the address of the technical director. In this case, the production process is in charge of specialized personnel.
  3. Present the product name and brand, with its respective Argentine food code. It must be accompanied by the label or label module that you have to deliver in triplicate.
  4. Product structure always related to the Argentine Food Code, specifying the net weight and volume of the article to be sold.

Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina: tauthorization document

The authorization holder must provide:

  1. You must keep the establishment in excellent condition hygiene, as indicated by the authorization.
  2. The products that they make and are put up for sale must comply with the provisions of the authorization.
  3. Must specifically documented principle and root cause of the products, as well as the elements used for their elaboration. Also, the packaging and the brand, as well as the fractioning that they made to the product to be able to be sold.
  4. Production processes cannot be carried out without the presence of the technical director correspondent.
  5. The place where the products are to be marketed must have the necessary elements for their preparation, conservation and marketing.

Places to Market the Sale

With the qualifier of Food Factory, refers to the establishment that produces food and with the name of the Food Trade, it refers to the trade with a premises that has its own warehouse or rented to third parties, where it can store food products that can be imported or exported.

Argentine laws consider the rating regime of the businesses where by-products or those derived from animal origin are slaughtered, stored or made, where the essential requirement is related to hygiene and sanitation that must be fully complied with.

  1. Slaughter establishments that are classified by categories and species.
  2. Cold rooms.
  3. Chacinerías (establishments where they sell sausages).
  4. Conserveras stripping room.

The places where food is sold are all those that have complied with the regulations of the law for the commercialization of the different types of food that they can offer.

How is the Process to Sell Food in Argentina?

Starting from the premise that consumers are more demanding every day in terms of the quality of the products they wish to purchase, the basic steps they must follow to market any product will be explained.

Have a good quality product

The product must be of quality and as required by the client because it is necessary to identify who the client is and to whom it is going to be sold, since there are criteria that cannot be sold to everyone, the organization must be divided and structured depending on what the client asks for. user and the niche to whom it is aimed.

Type the product

Here they refer to a specific product, the CAA should be consulted what parameters exist to take into account the commercialization of that product, which indicates the food regulations, type of container, net content, how the label should be and thoroughly explain the information that the product must contain.

Enable the establishment

In this step, the National Establishment Registry (RNE) comes up, which is a certificate issued by the jurisdictional health authorities or INAL that grants a company that produces food products and their different items. This document refers to the fact that the organization has been affiliated with the institution of the National Registry of Establishment and prepares it so that it can advance in the declared activity.

Prepare the product

What enables a product refers to the National Registry of Food Products (RNPA) and it is a certificate granted by the jurisdictional health authorities or INAL, for each article to an organization or company that markets them. In order for this document to be processed, the company must previously have the RNE that must have it valid for 5 years.

Facilitate the vehicle or means of transport

Here it refers to vehicle or conveyance such as: trucks, airplanes, boats, etc. or any system used to transport food outside of the places where food is handled until it reaches the final consumer.

Obtain the food handler license

Food handlers should have a food handler card. These people have to process said card before the competent authorities. In addition, this document will have a duration of 3 years and each jurisdiction establishes the rate for the service it provides.

Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina: Benefits

To sell food contains a series of benefits that are the following:

  1. People access different food establishments because they are essential items.
  2. With food sales it helps to meet the needs of citizens.
  3. Enjoy the benefit to protect and improve the nutritional condition of the people who attend the different food outlets in order to strengthen their health.
  4. Selling food generates profitability.
  5. Create experience for visitors that you can then share and promote with other people.
  6. Quality of products.
  7. In case of food pre-packed labeling is essential because it helps to identify the nutritional table of each food.
  8. The health authorities Argentines are dedicated to food inspection to give approval to each product that is marketed in each store.

What is Food Sales?

The concept of sale refers to the accumulation of activities carried out by people or organizations, to satisfy the needs of users, by proposing products, items in exchange for an economic good.

Now, the sale of food is when people buy it to meet their needs. With food sales, it allows communities to satisfy their food demands.

If you are interested in setting up an item sale, you must first collect a series of Requirements to Sell Food in Argentina.

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