Requirements to study criminology in Colombia: Duration, Places to study it and MORE

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If you want some adventure and break the monotony, studying criminology may be the right option for you. Now, if your plans were to take this chair, this article is the right option for you; because, here you will be able to know the requirements to study criminology in Colombia, the duration of the degree and the institutions in which you can study and learn about the world of criminology.

Likewise, other doubts are also clarified, such as the advantages and reasons for studying this career. So, if you were still undecided about dedicating yourself to this world, this article can also be very helpful.

Requirements to study criminology in Colombia

If you are a young student undecided about what to study or you are a person interested in the world of criminology, you should know that you have several institutions that will help you learn more about this career, through university chairs or specialized courses in Colombia.

But first, you should do a self-analysis to check that you are an analytical, investigative and observant person, since these are the qualities that people who wish to study this career must possess.

This is because it is considered that these traits are the necessary ones that people who want to take this subject should have.

Now, once you consider that you meet these qualities, you must meet others requirements to study criminalistics in Colombia.

However, these may vary depending on the institution you decide to go to. For that reason, here we present some of the requirements that you will need to access the following institutes.

Requirements to study Criminalistics at the Sergio Arboleda University

The Sergio Arboleda University It is one of the main university institutes in Colombia, which offers the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree in criminology.

Now, to start your studies in this career, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Fill in the registration form requested by the university.
  • Attend the meeting scheduled with the institution, wearing formal clothing.
  • Cancel the registration value of $ 120,000.
  • Present a photocopy of an identity document, the EPS card, the degree certificate, your high school diploma.
  • Present the deposit receipt for the registration and the results of the SABER 11 test.

Requirements to study Criminalistics at the Latin American Technological University

If you want to study virtually, the Latin American Technological University offers you the opportunity to study criminalistics at a distance.

To do this, you will first have to meet these requirements:

  • A valid identity document.
  • Certificates of studies previously completed.
  • Proof of address, which is 3 months old.
  • The application for admission.
  • Proof of tuition payment.
  • Submit a letter of commitment to enter.
  • Send a letter in which the student expresses his wishes to take the subject.
  • Present a document detailing all the documents that will be sent to the institution.

Necessary documents

Among the requirements to study criminalistics in Colombia, there are some that are essential so that you can enroll and pursue this career.

More than essential requirements, they become necessary documents that you must have in order to enroll in any university in Colombia.

Therefore, these are the documents you will need for your registration:

  • A valid identity document, to confirm and certify your identity.
  • In the case of being a foreigner, you can present your passport,
  • Present the certificate of the bachelor’s degree, and all those pertinent academic documents.
  • The application for registration to the institution.
  • A certification of the score obtained in the State Exam.
  • Provide 2 two photographs, passport type.

Once you have these necessary documents, you can start to get the rest of the requirements requested by the academic institution, in which you are going to study.

Duration of the race

The career of criminalistics has a duration of two to three years, inclusive up to four years, usually in Colombia. But the exact time of study will depend on the institution in which the subject is going to be taken and the degree to which you are aspiring.

Next, we introduce you some of the institutions where you can study the area of criminology, along with the title to be obtained and the duration to obtain it.

  • Online Latin American Technological University Colombia (Undergraduate course and 32 months of duration).
  • University Corporation for Research and Development (Undergraduate course and 4 years of duration).
  • Sergio Arboleda University (Technical career and 3 years duration).
  • Higher Education Corporation (Technical career and 4 semesters of duration).
  • National School of Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences (Technical career and 4 semesters of duration).
  • ITAE Educational Corporation (Technical career and 3 years duration).
  • Autonomous university of Bucaramanga (Technical career and 3 years duration).
  • Industrial University of Santander (Technical career and 6 semesters of duration).
  • Technological Foundation Antonio De Arevalo (Undergraduate course and 6 months duration).
  • Alberto Merani Technological Foundation (Undergraduate course and 7 months of duration).

Advantages of studying Criminalistics

Studying the career of criminology brings with it many advantages that will make you passionate every day for this chair, since it is a wide world and with different careers involved with each other. For that same reason, is that they will always find something new to give you an argument to benefit this chair.

So, here are some of the Advantages of studying criminalistics in Colombia:

  • Ability to surprise you every day, because the situations that you will have to solve change every day.
  • If you are passionate about knowledge and research, you will have a pleasant feeling since you will have to involve different knowledge and learn more every day.
  • Get a resolution of cases that help to apply and support justice.
  • Access to comprehensive learning, due to the many implications of other careers in this chair.
  • You make sure that despite technological advances, your knowledge will continue to be of importance in the future.
  • You can have different sources of employment at the same time.
  • You can offer your services to any institution and, also, you can work at the hours you want, if you work independently.
  • You will be well rewarded financially, because you have an above-average salary.

Where to study Criminalistics in Colombia?

In Colombia you have wide range of possibilities so that you can acquire knowledge about the world of criminology, since you have at your disposal different course alternatives, technical careers or undergraduate courses.

Therefore, the opportunities to study this career are wide, only it is up to you the title you want to achieve and the level of knowledge you want to purchase.

So, if you want to study criminology in Colombia, to get an undergraduate degree, these are your options:

  • Universidad Tecnológica Latinoamericana en Línea Colombia, in which you will study the degree at a distance and for 32 months.
  • University Corporation for Research and Development, which has a duration of 4 years of study.
  • Sergio Arboleda University, in which you will study the subject in 3 years.

On the other hand, you also have other careers that include part criminology and that can help you in your desire to study this chair:

  • Higher Education Corporation, you will get a title of Professional Technician in Criminalistics.
  • International Science Educational Corporation, you will be able to study a technical career in investigation and criminology.
  • National School of Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences, will opt for the title of Investigative Labor Technician in Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences.
  • International Science Education Corporation, you will get a degree in Judicial Technical Administration with an Emphasis in Criminalistics.
  • Universidad Industrial de Santander, you will virtually study the career of Technology in Judicial and Criminal Management.
  • Corporación Educativa ITAE, you will opt for the chair of Technology in Criminal Investigation.

Likewise, you also have the option of doing a master’s degree virtually, through the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Attention! If you want to know other study offers or get more details about those already mentioned, you can enter this LINK.

Why study Criminalistics in Colombia?

If you are still undecided about studying this career and are looking for reasons to decide, here are some arguments why you should study Criminalistics in Colombia:

  • You will acquire scientific knowledge to prevent and study crime acts.
  • You will learn techniques to reconstruct crime scenes.
  • You are a person with an investigative and detective spirit.
  • You have a charitable soul and you like to help people
  • You like to collaborate with the justice system and you want the laws to be followed.
  • You have a taste for the prison area.
  • You can start your own crime business, so you would be working in the private investigation part.

Finally, this race is a delight for people who like a bit of amazement and novelty in their days, since each case will have its particularity, and each day will be different.

The Criminalistics career can be somewhat altruistic, because help enforce laws and do justice. What’s more, is a career that connects with various areas, so you would have complete knowledge.

Therefore, it is a good choice for people who want a little adventure in their life. So, you just have to comply with the requirements to study criminology in Colombia and you will already have the possibilities of adventure open.


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