Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan: about the Visa, Places and MORE

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In this article we will talk about the Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan. As well as, about the institutions to which you must go to do the corresponding procedure.

This information is very important, since education is a right that all citizens of a country should enjoy. Access to it is essential for children and young people of all origins and social strata.

Therefore, today we will show you all the Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan.

Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan

The Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan, are the following:

  • Present the identity card as a foreigner or the PEP.
  • In the case of not having the identity card as a foreigner or the PEP, the registration is made with the Number Stipulated by the Secretary of Education NES.
  • While the registration time elapses, the representative of the child or adolescent has to do the corresponding steps to normalize the migratory status of the minor.

Currently there are a large number of Venezuelans in Colombia, of which the exact number is not currently available. These citizens have entered the country with their family including their children.

Some of these children do not join to educational institutes, either because their parents do not have the information or because of a precarious economic condition.

As of 2012, preschool, basic and high school education is officially free in all national institutions in Colombia. And the migratory situation, or the nationality of girls, boys and adolescents is not taken into account.

In addition to this, Venezuelans who have the PEP (Special Permit of Permanence), they are authorized to study in the Seine (National Apprenticeship Service).

The entity in charge of registering Venezuelan migrants in Colombian territory, counted in 2018 the number of 118,709 Venezuelan minors among children and adolescents, who live in Colombia.

At that time, the classification of this specific population was in this way: From a total of 118,709 children and adolescents.

Of whom 60,042 were boys and 58,667 were girls. And a total of this population, that is, 50,729 were aged from 0 to 5 years, 37,841 from 6 to 11 years and 39,139 from 12 to 17 years.

This number must be higher, since to date (2020) the entry of Venezuelan citizens to the country has increased considerably, as it is a neighboring country.

Requirements to Study in Colombia as a Venezuelan being a minor

Within the Requirements to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan, being a minor, are those detailed in the previous point.

Having the requested requirements, we proceed to carry out all the necessary process to formalize the student’s enrollment.

The request for a quota is processed at the educational institute or at the Department of Education Secretary or the municipality to which it belongs.

On the other hand, for the grade to be assigned, this must be taken into consideration:

To revalidate the studies, if the minor has the legalized and apostilled documentation, where the degrees he studied in Venezuela are certified, he must do the procedure online through this link.

Once inside the web portal, press the option that says Preschool, Basic and Medium. Then go to the «Validations» menu and register with the username and password.

If you do not have the documents that prove the studies that the minor has completed in his / her country of origin, these must be legalized and apostilled. In addition, you must validate the degrees.

This refers to the fact that the minor must present a series of academic tests or assignments, made by the educational institute where the student is enrolled. And you should consider what is mentioned below:

  1. Degree validation is free of charge.
  2. Academic activities or tests will be applied to the grade that the student wishes to validate.
  3. Validation can only be done at transitional, elementary, and high school grades. Middle school only up to 10th grade.
  4. If you need to validate the 11th grade, this is done through the validation of the complete baccalaureate, in the ICFES (Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of Education).

Is a student visa required?

There are a series of requirements, to enter as a student to the National Learning Service (SIGN). Where Venezuelans who have the PEP can enter. These are detailed below:

  • Type V visa, for activities as a student.
  • Type M Visa, as main holder or beneficiary holder, valid for more than 6 months or equal.
  • Type M visa, for instruction in trades or art. Do studies other than those of primary, secondary or higher educational plans in undergraduate.
  • Foreign persons with the R Visa.

This procedure allows to be advised and guided for the labor area. The opportunity to request free workshops, virtually or in person.

The certificate for job skills, or for occupation obtained abroad. Also, the possibility of jobs, through the Public Employment Agency. This is done at the SENA offices in each city. And very important, does not include Venezuelans with TMF (Border Mobility Card).

Places to study in Colombia as a Venezuelan

Regarding the places where Venezuelans can study in Colombia, is the SENA. It offers totally free study plans.

It has 117 branches, where they certify the learning and work skills of students. Venezuelan citizens must present the following requirements:

The identity card as a foreigner, the PEP and the labor certification with a validity period greater than the duration of the training.

You must certify in the Ministry of National Education the title as bachelor, and the exam similar to the ICFES. When you have these precautions, you must go to the Public Employment Agency or the nearest SENA office to register.

Benefits of studying in Colombia

There are some benefits of studying in Colombia as a Venezuelan. This is a country that stands out for its natural beauties, its food and above all for its educational quality. Which is evidenced by certifications at the international level.

Its universities are included, among the best 300 in Latin America. Highlighting 40 Colombian universities, for their high level of educational quality.

And also for providing students with a comfortable environment, which contributes to the development of their abilities.

Another benefit of studying in Colombia is the feasibility to carry out immigration procedures and acquire a visa to study in this country.

Many universities, certified by the Ministry of Education, are in charge of stipulating agreements with foreign universities, to enable student exchange. And likewise, seek the pertinent proceedings with the issuance of the temporary visa.

One strength it has with respect to higher education is that it provides specific academic plans, which are not easily offered abroad.

The cost of living in Colombia, it is an advantage for foreign students. Since compared to other countries, such as the USA or some Europeans, the standard of living is very high.

Why study in Colombia?

Studying in Colombia is a viable option, since education is not expensive if the plan is to study in a public institution.

If you go as an exchange student, you may not have to make any payments. The reason is because some universities in Colombia have agreements with universities in other countries.

Studying in Colombian territory gives you the opportunity to live with people from different places, with different customs. Also of know the history of Colombia.

Colombia’s climate is tropical, perfect to enjoy beaches, parks, whatever it is attractive and appealing to foreign students. The way of being of Colombian citizens is very friendly. This makes people feel comfortable and safe.

Students who are planning to study in Colombia, should bear in mind that they have to process a visa student. The request is made at the Colombian consulate or at the Embassy of your country of origin.

This will last for one year. And you will have to manage the renewal in case your studies have not finished in that time.

It is important that you get insurance, that covers your stay in Colombia. Since if you require medical assistance, a hospital may ask you to pay in advance.

The educational system in Colombia contains technical universities and technological and academic institutions. Which are governed by government curricula, except that they are associated with the church, such as Catholics.

With regard to the scope of tertiary education, at this time the children of wealthy people do not have access. Which means that this level of education is impossible for children and adolescents with fewer economic resources.

Colombia is a country that has opened its doors to many Venezuelans for several years now. This has allowed Venezuelans who enter the country to have opportunities to make their lives. From starting a business to, of course, having access to quality education.

We hope we have motivated you with this guide on Requirements to Study in Colombia as a Venezuelan. Do not lose this chance!


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