Requirements to Study Medicine: Scores, Costs and MORE

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Do you want to study medicine and you don’t know where to do it? In this article you will find the best universities to pursue this career. In addition, you will also find the skills and requirements that are needed to study medicine in Chile; Therefore, it is important that you read the entire article to the end if your goal is to be a doctor in this country.

What are the Requirements to Study Medicine in Chile?

If you intend to study medicine, you should know that you have several prestigious university options to which you can apply and start your studies.

For this it is necessary that you comply, at least, with these two general requirements to study medicine:

  • Have a degree from your high school or high school studies.
  • Reach the minimum score established by each university to study medicine at their facilities.

Later, each university will have its own requirements to study medicine; so you will have to find out what are the requirements that they request and, thus, seek to fulfill them.

In the same way it will happen with the necessary documents to study medicine, these vary according to the university institution you choose to study.

However, yes there is a profile of the medical student which is general for each applicant.

So, it is important that you review these characteristics that a person who wants to study medicine must have, to see if you have the same skills.

  • Vocation for the area of ​​health and medicine.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Empathy and sociability tools with others.
  • Ability and vocation to read and write.
  • An emotional maturity of your feelings.

Necessary Scores to Study Medicine in Chile

Once you have investigated and met the requirements to study medicine at each university, you have to know the minimum score you need to enter the university of your choice.

But first, you need to know what are entry scores; entry scores are whats necessary points you need to have to enter a university in particular.

These scores are divided into three parts; the first is that of the best score selected, the average score of the race and the last score selected.

So, just so you know cWhat is the score you need to study medicine in Chile, we show you below the official score list for the year 2019.

In this list you will find the average score that each university in Chile had during 2019

  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile: 808 points.
  • University of Chile: 794 points.
  • U. of Concepción: 786 points.
  • Northern Catholic University: 756 points.
  • U. of Tarapacá: 756 points.
  • Austral University of Chile: 768 points.
  • U. del Valparaíso: 778 points.
  • University of the Border: 767 points.
  • U. of Development: 767 points.
  • University of the Andes: 779 points.
  • U. Santiago de Chile: 789 points.
  • Andres Bello University: 763 points.
  • U. Católica del Maule: 757 points.
  • University of Antofagasta: 697 points.
  • U. Finis Terrae: 755 points.
  • Andrés Bello University (Concepción): 751 points.
  • U. of Valparaíso (San Felipe): 754 points.
  • Major university: 748 points.
  • U. Católica de la Santísima Concepción: 767 points.
  • San Sebastián University: 757 points.

You can access the following LINK, to find the rest of the necessary scores of the universities of Chile, in the year 2019.

Finally, after seeing the necessary scores for each university in Chile, it can be concluded that se you need a minimum of 600 points to enter any of these universities to study medicine.

Best Universities to Study Medicine in Chile

You already know the requirements to study medicine in Chile and the score you need to enter universities, now it is your turn to know the best universities to which you can access, to study medicine.

Every student wants to study at a good university, in order to achieve greater prestige and study the best study plans in the country.

In this case, we will show you a list of the best universities in Chile to study Medicine.

  • Austral University of Chile

One of the most recognized private university institutions in the country and with more than 63 years of foundation.

  • University of the Andes

It is a catholic and private university recognized for its health areas.

  • University of the Sea

It is a private university founded in 1989, which has had great professors throughout its existence.

  • University of Valparaíso

It is one of the public universities in Chile that has large faculties dedicated to the area of ​​medicine.

  • San Sebastián University (Santiago Headquarters)

A private university characterized by the prestige it has over the entire country.

  • Catholic University of Maule

It is one of the most prestigious and recognized universities in Chile.

  • University of Magellan Punta Arena

It is a very prestigious university that only accepts a few people for its study plan.

  • University of Talca Chile

It is a university with great benefits for its students, so it is important to have it as a viable option.

  • Catholic University of the Holy Conception

It is a university with a long tradition in Chile and that has great recognition in its faculties.


Another important aspect to know about studying medicine in Chile is the cost of the degree, depending on where you decide to study.

These costs may vary depending on the university institution you choose, since each university is going to establish the amount that you must pay for studying in them; so you can find cheaper institutions than others.

However, there is a common approximate amount that all universities have; which is from $ 5,000,000 Chilean pesos per year. So it is important that at least you can make sure you pay this amount, if you want to study this career.

On the other hand, below, we will show you the approximate cost that you must pay to study in each of the best universities to study medicine in Chile:

  • Austral University of Chile: $ 4,500,000 Chilean pesos.
  • U. de los Andes: $ 6,663,563 Chilean pesos.
  • University of the Sea: $ 6,264,000 Chilean pesos.
  • U. del Valparaíso: $ 5,356,000 Chilean pesos
  • San Sebastián University (Santiago Headquarters): $ 7,270,100 Chilean pesos.
  • U. Católica del Maule: $ 5,300,000 Chilean pesos.
  • University of Magellan Punta Arena: $ 4,226,000 Chilean pesos.
  • U. de Talca Chile: $ 5,939,000 Chilean pesos.
  • Catholic University of the Holy Conception: $ 6,263,000 Chilean pesos


The Medicine career is a very long university chair; So it is important that you have a real interest in studying this profession, since you must dedicate a lot of time of your life to it.

Likewise, the study rhythm will depend on each person, since there may be occasions when you must pause your studies or have to delay due to some pending matter.

For this reason, the duration of the medical career will depend on how you are as a student and that you do not have any inconvenience along the way.

However, when you add the months established to take this subject in each of the universities in Chile, you get that el average duration is 14 semesters (7 years) of study.

Likewise, we also leave you a list with the duration of the medical career, in each of the best universities to study this profession:

  • Austral University of Chile: 15 semesters (7 and a half years) of study.
  • U. de los Andes: 14 semesters (7 years) of study.
  • University of the Sea: 16 semesters (8 years) of study.
  • U. del Valparaíso: 15 semesters (7 and a half years) of study.
  • San Sebastián University (Santiago Headquarters): 15 semesters (7 and a half years) of study.
  • U. Católica del Maule: 15 semesters (7 and a half years) of study.
  • University of Magellan Punta Arena: 14 semesters (7 years) of study.
  • U. de Talca Chile: 14 semesters (7 years) of study.
  • Catholic University of the Holy Conception: 14 semesters (7 years) of study.

Study Medicine in Chile Being a Foreigner

If you are a foreigner and want to study medicine in Chile, you can read the following information and obtain all the necessary data to fulfill your objective of studying in this country.

The first thing you should know are the requirements to study medicine in Chile as a foreigner; so we explain them below:

  • You must have a study visa for Chile.
  • Prove that you have a guaranteed enrollment of study.
  • Present documents that validate your background.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Possess a health certificate.
  • Have 4 passport size photographs.
  • Present the necessary documents that validate your high school studies.

Finally, this career is a profession of great dedication and time invested; so you must be sure to study this chair completely.

So, if you have already made the decision firmly, you should meet the requirements to study medicine in Chile that each university requests.


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