Requirements to study Social Assistance: Cost of the degree, Advantages and MORE

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In the world there are volunteers or people who are dedicated to working for charities. This has become important in multiple foundations, so much so that many young people have dedicated their studies to enroll in social assistance and here, in this article, We will tell you the requirements to study social assistance in Argentina.

Social assistance has been maintained over the years as a highly sustainable source of employment, thus acquiring importance in today’s society. Today there are many companies and associations that seek humanitarian aid from the social sphere to create a better relationship between more experienced employees and new ones.

Although the role you want to perform as a social worker will depend on your workplace. Usually people who study social assistance are sought by foundations and associations that help people of legal age. However, you do not have to worry, since your demands are above all.

In Argentina there are many charities where you can carry out your projects as a social worker. There are even many cases where a foundation looks for promoters in order to create awareness campaigns to help those who need it most. Furthermore, all these cases are valid and successful.

What are the requirements to study Social Assistance?

There are many requirements to study welfare, different according to the type of study chosen in Argentina. The great thing about studying is that even if you don’t meet the requirements for one course, you can choose another at a different level. In addition, this career offers a variety of study options for international students at all levels:

The requirements shown below may be different depending on the university.

Age requirements

You must be at least 17 years old when you sign up, although there are some exceptions.

Academic backgrounds

You must verify that you meet the academic, prerequisite and additional requirements for the course you are applying for. Go to your course page and click on «entry requirements». If you are an international undergraduate student, check your course page or use the study credit and admission eligibility search.

Be a citizen and possess legitimate papers.

One of the requirements is to have all your identity papers up to date and verified. In this branch you can find: DNI, passport, invoices, certificates, titles and even property rentals.

Undergraduate social worker training

With a bachelor’s degree in local assistance, graduates can apply for a limited number of jobs with the federal government or work as assistants to a foundation. A bachelor’s degree in attendance can also prepare students for graduate programs.

Comply with the corresponding study time

The welfare education requirements consist of about 4 years of study, which includes a bachelor’s and a master’s degree; however, it often takes management and 1-2 years of internships or professional experience to secure licensing for high-demand foundations, such as: UNICEF.

Documents needed to study Social Assistance

When it comes to gathering the correct documents, it means that they are necessary papers to study welfare. Therefore, you need to know exactly what your chosen university requires of you. Here is a general set of documents you will need during the application process:

1.The application form

Please fill out the application form carefully and correctly; use a computer if you need to type the information. This makes the admissions officer much easier to read.

2. Certificates

If you have just completed your high school, you will need your upper secondary certificates and upper secondary certificates and your grade sheets. If you have already completed your undergraduate or graduate degree, you will need to present your degree certificate and grade sheets.

3.Competitive test scores

This is an important document if English is not your first language. Typically, for attendance courses, you will need the scores for admission. Many universities require it and so on for other courses. This test certificate is extremely important and has a validity date.

Four.Purpose statement

This written document will mean who you are, what made you choose your career, why you chose that particular university, what you plan to do after the course, interests, and other personal details. A good writing will be the key to entering the university. Therefore, take a good amount of time before submitting the document.


Immediately after finishing high school, it is a good idea to prepare a powerful resume. I know it’s unrealistic to have a powerful resume right after high school, but give it a go! It is wise to get help while preparing your resume; stick to two pages maximum, if possible.

6.Experience documents

If you are applying to graduate school for your social work studies, make sure you have relevant experience documents. You may not have certificates of experience if you have just finished high school. So skip this step.

How much does it cost to study Social Assistance?

The amount to study social assistance is different depending on the institute where the studies will be carried out. But in general, the cost to study said career is $ 179,700. To this you can add courses and virtual learning to increase your knowledge, but of course the registration amount will rise.

Some local assistance courses are free.

It is very important that when completing the registration process you make the payment, since with this you can avoid inconveniences in the future. Still, many universities maintain some exceptions for lagging students who plan to study mid-year.

On the other hand, clicking here You will be able to see some educational institutions where you can carry out your studies as a social worker. Also in Argentina there are always vacancies in the courses of said career, To register, you only need to complete the requirements that are mentioned in the first section.

Duration of the race

It is estimated that a person can register as a social worker in approximately 4 years. The time varies according to the inconveniences or problems that arise during the study. Although generally the students graduate in 3 years doing intensive.

In addition, welfare programs are generally designed to help people to cope with their sudden difficulties and crises.

However, long-term profitability would increase by focusing on preventing and reducing crashes and increasing the capacities of the most vulnerable to avoid or manage future adverse effects without help.

Therefore, social assistance should be designed as poverty reduction and growth creation through the economic participation of vulnerable groups. It is important that social assistance is seen not only as a residual problem of human well-being, but also as a means to achieve equal opportunities.

Advantages of studying Social Assistance

The benefits for studying local assistance, also known as insurance or benefits paid by employees, are products, benefits or services offered by employers but paid in full or in full by employees through payroll deductions at a reduced group price.

Voluntary benefits include things like life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and disability income, to name a few:

  • Life insurance.
  • Benefits in dental agencies.
  • Vision insurance.
  • Disability income
  • Car insurance.
  • Long-term care coverage.
  • Medical supplement plans.
  • Homeowners insurance.
  • Protection against identity theft.
  • Travel benefits.
  • Pet health insurance salary.
  • Salary above average.
There are more benefits. However these are the most prominent.

Based on the above, It could be said that studying welfare has many benefits in the long and short term. Although to this you must add the monetary benefits for the company where you work; that is, you may even get improvements in your salary due to the importance of the job.

In addition, in Argentina this type of study is highly valued for its importance in the face of social need. However, to be able to exercise a prominent role in any foundation, you will have to meet the requirements to study social assistance.

What is Social Assistance?

Social assistance is defined as a governmental and non-governmental action to transfer resources to people whose vulnerability justifies some type of right.

Social assistance should be seen as a means to help and develop the capacities of the most vulnerable, increasing social and economic participation.

On the other hand, social participation and equal opportunities vary according to the person who has studied the aforementioned career. In other words, the more prepared you are, the better positioned you will be for the competition. Since being a career in great demand by the state, many people try to do their best.

Social assistance is commonly defined as a benefit in cash or in kind, funded by the state and generally provided on the basis of proof of income or means. It may involve universal benefit schemes, funded by taxes but without a means test, or subsidies.

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