Requirements to transfer a car: Places to do it, Cost and MORE

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The Requirements to Transfer a Car they are essential to complete the sale of any vehicle. That is, there are people who decide to sell their vehicles to others with the aim of looking for new car opportunities.

However, to carry out the procedure it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements and documents that will make the sale valid before the National Government.

For this reason, Argentina has created the «Transfer of Car» which can be done on the official government website. As well as requesting the turn to present all the documents of the vehicle.

Likewise, it will allow you to know how much you should spend to carry out the entire procedure of the procedure. Do you want to know much more? Here we give youwe made everything!

Requirements to transfer a car

Certainly, there are people who resort to the sale of vehicles or machinery through a third party. That is, they prefer to buy their next cars from known and trusted people, without the presence of an Official Vehicle Agency.

Now, in the case of Argentina, this new sale of cars or motorcycles is called «Transfer or Transfer of Domain or Ownership«. Of course, this transfer of ownership is carried out on a mandatory basis for avoid legal inconvenience.

However, before carrying out the entire process, a series of Requirements to Transfer a Car. Consequently, you must be very aware of each of them to make the transfer of the vehicle as viable and successful as possible. ThenDo you want to sell your car to someone else? Don’t wait any longer and meet all the requirements!

Requirements for the Buyer

  • Argentinian: National Identification Document (DNI)

Requirements to Transfer a Car

  • Foreigner without residence: Passport of the country of origin and immigration papers
  • Non-Argentine with Permanent Residence: National Identification Document (DNI)
  • Bordering countries: Identity card of the country of origin or passport
  • Over 75 years: Driver’s license revalidated by the country’s Traffic Institute
  • Own money or bank credit to buy the car

Requirements for the Seller

  • Argentinian: National Identification Document (DNI)
  • Foreigner without residence: Passport of the country of origin and immigration papers
  • Non-Argentine with Permanent Residence: National Identification Document (DNI)
  • Bordering countries: Identity card of the country of origin or passport
  • Over 75 years: Driver’s license revalidated by the country’s Traffic Institute
  • Spouses: If the car is part of a community asset, you must present your Identification Documents
  • Willingness to sell the car

Similarly, once you meet the Requirements to Transfer a Car you can start the domain transfer process. However, you should also record a series of previous documents in order to have a successful and legal process. Next, we will tell you each one of them and how you should present them:

Mandatory documents

  • Certificate of CUIT (Through AFIP)
  • Paper that verifies the CUIL (ANSES)
  • Title of ownership of the vehicle to be sold
  • Automobile License (Blue and Green Plates)
  • «Form 8 Worksheet»: Essential document to carry out the procedure. Likewise, it can be completed during the process in person or virtually
  • “Form 13”: The buyer must look for it in the Registry to verify the settlement of all infractions, taxes or fines
  • Purchase document: It is based on the affidavit of the vehicle buyer. In addition, it must be signed and stamped by a worker from the country’s Public Notary
  • Application Type 12: Dedicated to those cars that you want to sell, but have been registered since 1985
  • If your decision is to sell machinery, you must enter the «AFIP Form 381»
  • On the other hand, if the sale of the vehicle exceeds $ 1,800,000 pesos, the «Unique File – Buyer’s FIU»

Documents submission

  • Submit according to the order mentioned above
  • Brown or yellow folder with hooks
  • White sheets
  • Two (2) photographs of the seller
  • Original and copy of each of the requested documents
  • Do not submit any type of amendments to the papers to be consigned
  • Personal identification in the folder that will be delivered with the documents
  • Papers that have a signature and seal to verify any of these must have optimal legibility
Do you have questions about the Requirements to Transfer a Car? Quiet! Check the page of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

How to transfer a car Online?

However, before making the transfer of ownership of the new vehicle, the buyer should follow the following steps before finalizing the process:

Prior to the buying and selling process

  • Know the conditions of the vehicle: We invite you to investigate all the background of the car you want to acquire by a third party. The most important thing is to be aware of the fines, thefts or legal complaints of the vehicle. For this reason, request “Automotive Domain Certificate” on the website
  • Physical inspection of the car: It can be done at the Federal Police or at other verification institutions. In addition, it consists of reviewing the vehicle body and all the documentation related to it. However, to carry out this type of verification you will need the Vehicle Identification Card and DNI of the seller

Online process

  1. Have a good internet connection and use trusted browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera
  2. To access to official website National Directorate of National Registries of Motor Vehicle Ownership and Pledge Credits (DNRPA)
  3. Once you are on the official page, Choose the option «Digital Transfer» and waiting let the page load
  4. Leave to the last part of the web page and mark “Next”
  5. Click to the second (2) option of “Start a preload”Car
  6. Complete the personal data of the seller and buyer
  7. Fill out the mandatory fields requested from the seller
  8. Right clickor “Continue”
  9. Complete the necessary information of the seller and the buyer
  10. Then, continue with the steps indicated on the page
  11. Request the shift by email
  12. In the emails of both (seller and buyer) will leave the date and time in which they must be presented to proceed with the administrative procedure

Processing time

  • Approximately lasts 48h (as long as there are no difficulties in the process)
  • Approval of the procedure
  • It can be to 30 days of the request for the procedure. Subsequently, both individuals must go to Sign Form 08 required by Law

Cost of the procedure

On the other hand, we all know that this type of process generates an additional cost to the payment that must be made for the purchase of the vehicle. Therefore, we recommend that you set aside the money necessary to continue with the administrative procedure.

However, if you request a car loan from a Banking Institution, do not forget that it will only be for the total price of the vehicle. That is, these administrative expenses must be made with your own money.

Still don’t know which procedures you should cancel? Here we tell you each of them! However, remember that everything will depend on the age and origin of the vehicle.

  • Form 08
  • Origin of the vehicle: 1.5% of the total value of the car (domestic) and 2% of the total value of the vehicle (foreign)
  • Final certification document of intermediaries
  • Issuance of papers: Title, ID, ID of the previous and new driver
  • High tax
  • Debt application process, infractions, fines, among others
  • Low tax
  • Form 13
  • Notarial stamp
  • Tax justification
  • Variety of car tariffs

Approximate amount of the procedures

  • If the people are not certified in the Registry: 250 $ pesos each signature
  • Accreditation of legal status: 320 $ pesos
  • Procedure for more than two people: 2,800 $ pesos
  • Issuance of vehicle license: 160 $ ​​pesos
  • Degree document: 160 $ ​​pesos
  • Vehicle shipping: 160 $ ​​pesos
  • Duties and taxes: From 100 $ pesos
Still don’t know how much you should pay? Do not worry! The National Government on its website supports you with a “Cost calculator”

Where can I transfer a car?

Likewise, we remind you that you must have time availability to be able to carry out this process. Consequently, the transfer of ownership is carried out in several notarial and transit offices because it is a complex procedure that requires the analysis and verification of the documents.

For this reason, the places you should attend are different compared to other buying and selling processes that you are used to.

Below we will mention each of the places you should visit:

  • National Directorate of National Registries of Motor Vehicle Ownership and Pledge Credits (DNRPA)
  • Public notary
  • Sectional Register
  • Vehicular Traffic Offices
  • Verifiers of the Federal Police
  • Establishments to cancel taxes and fees
  • Mechanical workshop (if requested)
  • Remember! Each of them will be crucial to complete the Domain Transfer of a car or motorcycle

What does Transfer a Car mean?

In short, in Argentina to buy and sell vehicles with third parties you need more than a signed document. That is, this process is known as the “Domain transfer”.

Consequently, to carry out the entire process, it is necessary to comply with a series of Requirements to Transfer the Car. The latter is crucial to have a completely legal and successful process.

In the same way, it must comply with a series of Documents to request the transfer of ownership. The latter is mandatory for all car sales that you want to carry out between third parties.

As well as, it is important that you know the amounts that you must pay throughout the process. Subsequently, after collecting the documents, you will continue with the online process and the request will be approved 48 hours after the procedure.

Finally, we will tell you some tips so that you can sell your car faster than you think:

  • Inform the buyer of the make and model of the vehicle
  • Notify the buyer if the vehicle had an accident before the sale
  • Have two sets of keys to enter the car
  • Tell the buyer how many owners the vehicle has had
  • Show a check of the car body: engine, fuel, controls, among others
  • Improve the upholstery of the vehicle before putting it up for sale
  • Repair systems car safety

This and much more! What are you waiting for? Put your car up for sale!

Comply with the Car Transfer!

Visit GESTIONALO.NET Argentina

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