Requirements to Transfer a motorcycle: know the Cost, Documents and MORE

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Whatever the reason for which you decide to sell our vehicle, it is important to have on hand (and to know thoroughly) the Requirements to Transfer a Motorcycle in Argentina.

Do you want to know what are the costs, the necessary documents and the particular process? Stay with us to know everything regarding these Requirements to Transfer a Motorcycle.

Requirements to Transfer a motorcycle

With respect to Requirements to Transfer a motorcycleThe first thing you should know is that in a succession or a sale, you are obliged to transfer the title of the motorcycle.

Said management is carried out through a public document, in the event that the buyer and the seller cannot appear, the procedure can be carried out by their attorneys or legal representatives.

The steps to follow to transfer a motorcycle are detailed below, as well as the documents that you must have at your fingertips to expedite the process:

Request the domain report

Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to know about the registration conditions of the motorcycle. It is suggested find out if you have seizures, report for theft, etc. For this reason, both the seller and the buyer have the possibility of requesting a report on the domain of the motorcycle.

ANDconduct a physical inspection with the police

When you have the domain report in your hands, the physical inspection of the motorcycle must be carried out, this is done on each vehicle to verify that the number of the engine, chassis and type of motorcycle corresponds to the information that appears in the motorcycle document.

This inspection is carried out in specific places, where they are experts from the different police forces in the country. And they are certified in the DNRPA.

For this diligence you must present the motorcycle’s identity card (verify that it is current), the passport or ID and Form 12. It is sold and filled out at the place of the expert opinion and is valid for 150 business days.

Manage CeTA and Form 08

The person who is going to sell the motorcycle must manage the Automotive Transfer Certificate in AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) in the event that the value of the motorcycle is greater than $ 100,000 pesos.

Request a turn at the Automotive Registry

The turn is requested in the Automotive Registry to which it belongs. It can be ordered online to speed up the diligence and determine the Registry where to establish the motorcycle.

It is possible to leave it in the same place or in another one closer to the buyer’s residence address or in the place where it is parked. If you want to know where the Sectional Registries are located, you can find out in the DNRPA.

The day you go to your turn, you must go to the buyer of the motorcycle and present the documents that you have gathered. Being there, they have to pay the tariffs and complete the unique Form 13 after fines or taxes are checked.

Manage Form 11 (motorcycle sale complaint)

This sale complaint allows the motorcycle to be settled in the corresponding section of the DNRPA, where the transfer of the motorcycle has been formalized and the property title was changed.

The closing of the process

When the diligence ends and after paying the fees, you will receive a certification stating that the domain transfer was made.

Necessary documents

There are a series of documents that you must prepare to comply with the Requirements to Transfer a motorcycle. For this reason, below we will mention the necessary documentation:

The identity document of the seller and the buyer (also that of the spouses in case of being a community asset).

It should be noted that to carry out this transaction, the document in process certification does not prove identity. If it got lost and you are waiting for a new one, You cannot make the transfer until you have it with you.

In the event that you are an Argentine citizen, you must provide DNI (LE for men or LC for women, only if you are over 75 years old).

If you are a foreigner and you do not have a residence, you must present your passport, if you have permanent residence, enter your DNI, and if you are from neighboring countries, Present the identity card of the country of origin or passport and DNI.

The person who is going to buy must have the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) certification issued by AFIP, or in this case the Unique Labor Identification Code (CUIL) issued by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

Another option is the Buyer’s Identification Code (CDI), through the Affidavit Form No. 663 or the AFIP Form 622.

The title of ownership of the motorcycle or Certificate of Assignment of Title (CAT), and also identification cards of the motorcycle (blue and green). Carry out the review on Request Type 12. If there is a contract, you must consign a certificate of having notified the transfer to the creditor of the pledge.

How to fill out the form to Transfer a motorcycle?

There are several forms that must be processed to transfer a motorcycle. And are next:

Form 08: It is an essential requirement to transfer a motorcycle. You can manage it in a online and receive a discount or in person. This diligence is pretty straightforward.

It is a totally free procedure if the seller, the buyer and their respective spouses (if it is the case) accredit their signatures in the Registry at the time of carrying out the diligence. If not, then the signatures must be accredited in advance by a public official.

This document collects the personal data of the seller and the motorcycle to be transmitted. These are mainly very basic, such as your first and last names, address, gender, whether or not you have spouses.

As progress is made it will be necessary that the vehicle information is also delivered. In this way the form will have to contain:

  • What is the value of the transfer, if it is being made for a fixed payment between the buyer and the seller.
  • The concepts of the transactions made in this regard.
  • What is the intended use of the vehicle.
  • The shift in which the procedure will be carried out.
  • The locations where the registration was made and the current domiciliation affiliated with the motorcycle.

Unique Form 13: This Form is obtained in the Registry and must be signed by the representative when paying fines or taxes. The person requesting this Form receives a copy.

Form 11: It is filled out triple, and must be signed by the public official or by the person in charge of the corresponding section of the DNRPA section.

Places to do the procedure

The motorcycle transfer process can be done in the following places:

  • In the Sectional Registry of the National Directorate of National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits where the motorcycle is established.
  • The Sectional Registry of the DNRPA and Pledge Credits, where the domicile address or the usual place of custody will be set.

Cost of transferring a motorcycle

The cost of transferring a motorcycle may change according to whether the motorcycle is of national or foreign origin and its length of service. It is possible to make a query through the cost estimator, to know more or less when you should pay for the procedure.

According to the above, it is established that it is 1.5% of the total cost of the motorcycle if it is of national origin, and 2% of the total cost of the motorcycle if it is imported. The estimated costs are for managing what is detailed below:

  • The signature certificate for each person.
  • Issuance of title.
  • The issuance of identity card.
  • The issuance of a license approved to drive.
  • Due to the high tax.
  • Request for debt, fine, infraction.
  • The low tax.
  • Form 13.
  • Form 08.
  • For provincial taxes and stamps.

You can check this information through this link, and also know about the different tariffs.

What does Transfer a motorcycle mean?

Transferring a motorcycle is the transfer that is made of the domain over the property of the same (inheritance, purchase-sale document, assignment). This diligence takes about 48 hours, if there are no objections.

In the event that you want to acquire proof of the date on which the transfer was made from one holder to another, you have the possibility to request a historical ownership report. This process can be done up to 30 business days after signing Form 08.

Through this process, users will be able to avoid any future discussion that may occur regarding the ownership of the motorcycle. That is why every day we seek to refine the resources that allow citizens to carry out their transactions safely and efficiently.

Many Argentines believe that being able to sell a vehicle is an extremely simple task. And although it is not impossible, it is necessary to be very well informed so that the process is carried out in the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

We hope that with this article all Argentines can avoid confusion with this procedure. And you, tell us, have you already gathered all the Requirements to Transfer a Motorcycle in Argentina?

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