Requirements to Travel to Argentina: Costs, Tips and MORE

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Here we have an interesting article so that you know everything you need to know about Requirements to travel to Argentina from Mexico.

Argentina is a very beautiful and very seductive country for the traveler. If you are in Mexico, keep reading and find out everything you need to take all the forecasts and recommendations that are indicated.

It is a country in the South of the Continent, which has many natural beauties and attractions in general. We are completely sure that everything that is indicated here will be of complete help when traveling from Mexico to Argentina.

What are the Requirements to Travel to Argentina?

Do you want to travel to the South of the Continent and visit Argentina, check the Requirements to travel to Argentina. It is important to consider that there must be compliance with the protocols of the National Directorate of Migration of Argentina. Therefore, the requirements to be met are the following:

  • To have passport valid.
  • If the trip is for tourism and for a period of 90 days, it is not necessary for the Mexican citizen to have a visa to travel to Argentina. To extend the term, you must go to the National Directorate of Migration.
  • Have the round trip tickets to Argentina.
  • You need to show that you have enough economic solvency to pay for the stay in Argentina.
  • However, it is required to present the hotel reservations or the proper invitation of the people where the traveler is planning to stay.

Travel costs to Argentina

How much does it cost to travel to Argentina from Mexico? is a common question and can be answered by reviewing the Requirements to travel to Argentina from Mexico.

The packages offered to travel to Argentina including roundtrip flight plus six-day accommodation have an approximate cost between 40,000 and 65,000 Mexican pesos.

Additionally, you can make trips within Argentina, going to the Iguazu Falls has a cost of 5,600 pesos, while doing it to the Perito Moreno Glacier is 8,000 pesos.

It is recommended to acquire electronic tourist passes, in this way you can enjoy many attractions, it has a cost of 2,100 pesos.

Traveling from Mexico City to Buenos Aires with accommodation for six nights, round trip costs approximately 25,898 pesos.

If you travel to Buenos Aires from Monterrey, Nuevo León, the flight with a stopover, including a four-star hotel, buffet breakfast included, has a cost of 19,668 pesos per traveler, if the trip lasts for seven days and six nights.

Likewise, this same package but taking the plane from Mexico City to Buenos Aires has the same cost of 19,668 pesos. But if the flight is from Guadalajara, Jalisco to Buenos Aires, then the cost varies to 28,988 pesos.

Argentina is a very large country, if you want to get to the Iguazu Falls or even to Patagonia it is necessary to take internal flights. The cost will vary depending on the airlines and the characteristics of the trip.

If the flight is from Buenos Aires to Santa Cruz where the Perito Moreno Glacier is and the package is for two nights plus accommodation, the cost is 8,000 Mexican pesos per traveler. But until Iguazú, the flight, accommodation and the same package can be in the order of 5,600 pesos per person.

Best Times for Travel

Continuing with Requirements to travel to Argentina from Mexico, It is important that when you have plans to travel to another country to take into account the best time to do so. Whether it is appropriate to the purpose of the trip or not.

Traveling to Argentina is very pleasant to do it at the time that goes from the month from March to June, Come in spring and fall. If you plan to visit the Iguazu Falls, then it is advisable not to do it in the rainy season. But if the trip is going to include San Carlos Bariloche to practice winter sports, it is ideal to travel in cold season, otherwise it is in periods of higher temperatures.


In this section of Requirements to travel to Argentina from Mexico, some tips or recommendations will be given to do so.

Follow these recommendations that will be useful to you during your stay in this wonderful country.

It is recommended to have the yellow fever vaccine, although it is not mandatory to have it. However, it is better to have it if you are going to travel to the Iguazu Falls.

In Argentina it is always possible to move without problems, however, it is better to avoid some peripheral neighborhoods at night.

In the city of Buenos Aires, although you can use a credit card, it is recommended have cash local currency.

Also, if you plan to move around the country, do not do so by land. It is more expensive by air, but it is preferable to do it this way.

It is also recommended visit the provinces of Argentina, are good destinations to consider in travel plans. In addition to knowing how to take advantage of the tour packages are offered.

The so-called collective transports provide a very practical service in the city, useful for moving around comfortably. It is handled through a Sube name card, which in turn is used to use it in the subway.

It is suggested that with regard to the outlets in Argentina it is taken into account that the European types work here, that is, the voltage is 220 volts.

An important suggestion to take into account is hiring a Insurance to travel to Argentina. This way you will be protected and prevented from any inconvenience or health contingency or any other unforeseen event. The recommendation is to use a special coverage insurance that includes care for the elderly, pregnant women, among others.

Regarding the entire gastronomic area, there is a lot of Italian influence in Argentina. You will also find the best barbecues.

Tours, tour guides and packages abound in Argentina, so they are highly recommended.

Hopefully all these tips are useful to you and can take advantage of it.

Why Travel to Argentina?

Without a doubt, traveling to Argentina is a wonderful option to spend a few days or a holiday season. Argentina is a country in the Southern Cone with magnificent tourism potential. Starting with the capital Buenos Aires, which is a modern capital of great appeal and beauty. It also has many sites of great natural beauty, with landscapes of hallucination.

Do not forget that Argentina has a literary and football tradition, that is an attraction for many.

We assure you that taking a flight from Mexico to Argentina is something of which there will be no regrets. A unique experience turns out to be able to arrive and get to know Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Before traveling to Argentina, you must make an itinerary, as this country has a lot to offer. If you are going to be in Buenos Aires, you can visit Puerto Madero, The Bridge of Women, Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta Cemetery, Palermo, the zoos, the Latin American, Modern Art, and Fine Arts Museums, the tourist bus, as well as enjoying the city’s architecture, in short, a lot to explore and visit.

In Argentina you can taste gastronomic delicacies, enjoy the Delta del Tigre, Caminito and La Boca tour, go to the wine tasting, the Colón theater and take advantage of the tango dance.

You can also visit the Iguazu waterfalls a natural attraction, a jungle landscape located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. You can also go to Los Glaciares National Park wonderful show with blue walls and extraordinary gazebos.

You can also travel to Bariloche, the beautiful city of Patagonia with its beautiful snowfalls, which is located on the banks of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Likewise, the Tierra del Fuego National Park it is in the southeast of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, with magnificent and spectacular landscapes with abundant flora and fauna.

We hope you have taken note of all the recommendations and suggestions given here in the Requirements to travel to Argentina from Mexico, and to enjoy your stay in the Southern Cone. Dare to travel to Argentina from Mexico.


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