Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia: by car, Cost of the trip and MORE

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Do you love to travel? This article will explain what they are Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

It is no secret to anyone that organizing a trip is a pleasant and unique satisfaction. Every time we want to know more places and customs of different countries.

But also as it is a relaxing sensation, it is stressful because each country that you are going to visit has its rules and policies when entering its territory. That is why visiting must collect a series of Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia.

Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia

Colombians who want to aspire to travel to the Latin American country must follow the following requirements:

  1. It is important that when traveling to Argentina it will depend on the nationality of each spectator.
  2. If you are traveling as a tourist, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days.
  3. You need to have your valid passport.
  4. You need to show your round trip ticket.
  5. To extend, the person must apply at the National Migration Directorate.
  6. No visa is required.
  7. In case your aspirations to visit the Latin American country is to study or work, the requirements that you have to process can be found on the page of the Embassy of Colombia.

It is very important that citizens comply with the Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia.

Necessary documents

Colombians who are organizing a trip to Argentina must comply with the following documents when entering their territory:

  1. People must have a current and updated passport with a minimum of six months.
  2. You can enter the Latin American country having the citizenship card but must not have a password.
  3. The person who will travel will have to have their roundtrip plane ticket.
  4. Sometimes when entering customs they may ask you for a hotel reservation or if you are going to work a letter that proves it.
  5. In case of emergencies, accidents, it is important that the citizen has health insurance.
  6. It is not mandatory but you can bring your certificate that you have the yellow fever vaccine.
  7. The maximum amount that the citizen can aspire is US $ 10,000.

If you have a minor child, you must collect the following documents:

  1. Document where you reflect your birth certificate.
  2. Identity card of your representative who is accompanying you.
  3. Your respective identity document or the passport of the country where you were born.
  4. Document that shows where your address is.
It is important to note that if the minor will travel with one of his parents, the procedure must be carried out by the parent who will not attend, instead, if the child will travel alone, the authorization of both parents must be attached.


Cost of traveling to Argentina from Colombia

It is very important that before planning your trip you see the possibility of creating a budget that is close to the costs in the Latin American country. That is why the maximum amount you can have is US $ 10,000.

  1. Air tickets can cost between $ 800-2000 per person.
  2. If the citizen is going to opt for internal transport, it can cost approximately $ 1200 per person between July and December for a duration of 20 days. Also if it is going to last a period of 15 days it can cost $ 980 in season from January to June.
  3. Food can vary because anywhere you can find cheap or expensive places but approximately per day and per person you can spend $ 32.
  4. Before planning your trip, look for the best economic options for your accommodation, in this case you can spend an approximate $ 80 per night with a double room.
  5. If you want to do activities It has a cost per day and person of $ 32.

You can get the trip with a total of $ 3252 per person by adding the ticket for a stay of 20 days and $ 2710 per person by adding the ticket with a stay of 15 days.

It is very important to note that prices are constantly changing due to the inflation that has developed in the Latin American country.

Do you need a Visa to travel to Argentina?

Latin American countries do not need to process any visa , that is, Colombians do not need a visa for. You only have to comply with the step, which is up to 3 months, you can stay in Argentine territory.

In the event that your intentions are to study or work in that country, you must process the temporary residence and then the CUIL that gives registration so that the person can work legally.

Although you do not need a visa, you must take into account the Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia.

Can you travel by car?

It is feasible to travel by car or you can also travel by bus, in which case the two options people live an experience of crossing from end to end to their respective destination.

To carry out the journey by car, you must join Automobile Club Colombia, where you will have advice on how to make trips of this type and will provide you with the international driving document and a pass through customs with these documents you will not have any inconvenience to make your trip.

In the same way, the National Customs Service will request a series of personal and vehicle documents that are the following:

  1. Have the circulation permit and document referring to the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV).
  2. Receipt of compulsory insurance.
  3. You must have a green card that refers to the owner of the car.
  4. A blue card that is workable for people who are authorized to drive the car.
  5. It is very important to add all the documentation that the vehicle requires plus copies of the ownership card.
  6. Have your identity card or your current and current passport.

Keep in mind that the trip can last depending on the person, that is, if the person makes stops, the weather can also play against you or simply the immigration controls can take time. Approximately the trip can last between seven hours or more.

Also citizens can plan to travel by bus. On the continent there are two companies that carry out this type of crossing which are South Cross Y Ormeño. Both are Peruvian companies.

It is important to note that to make this type of trip the person has to plan their budget. It is recommended that citizens do not have all the cash on top as a precaution, it is better to have half in effect and the other half in a credit card.

Why travel to Argentina?

Argentina is a country where you can do many things for all types of audiences, you can enjoy its landscapes, its monuments, food, music, theater among many other things.

This country has a lot of contrast where you can find very European customs because there are many citizens who have come from that continent.

In the capital that is Buenos Aires you can visit Palermo, which is the largest and most modern neighborhood where the bohemian style stands out, you can also do many activities during the day and at night, you can visit the Serrano Square found, bars, artisan fashion stores and restaurants that can taste the best barbecue .

A safe stop is to observe the modern area of ​​Buenos Aires as it is Madero PortIt is a unique place to appreciate the great buildings that give life to the city. You can also go to the Florida street which is one of the most important streets in Buenos Aires, you can find fantastic art galleries and where you can find people dancing tango.

If you are a theater lover, visiting Argentina is an excellent option, this country can be found with approximately 300 theaters, where you can live the experience of witnessing great shows. The General San Martín Theater, The Colón Theater and the Cervantes National Theater They are considered a National Historic Landmark for their great architecture and exclusive style.

For lovers of comic strip Mafalda, at San Telmo neighborhood you can find your own statue that you will enjoy. Also visit the historic center of the city, the Casa Rosada, Government Palace.

If you are a sports fan, you cannot miss the opportunity to witness the super classic of Argentine football Boca Juniors and River Plate, to visit its great stadiums such as the Bombonera and the Monumental Stadium.

If you have spare time and a little money you can visit the great Iguazu waterfalls , one of the most impressive natural monuments where you will leave a good photographic record. That place will take your breath away from that magical place.

You can visit the Salinas Grandes of Salta and Jujuy It is the third largest salt flat in South America. Sunscreen is important. Another place to visit is to visit the 7 lakes, it is a route where people take a tour where you can observe the forests and the incredible lakes.

In Argentina you can do many more things, it is a range of options that people can witness and enjoy. That is why, if your destination is this incredible Latin American country, do not hesitate to make the Requirements to travel to Argentina from Colombia.


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