Requirements to travel to Australia: about the Visa, Cost and MORE

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This article will explain what they are Requirements to travel to Australia where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

In Australia it is constituted for being one of the countries in the world, where it is in sixth place by means of its extension.

To travel to this great country for its vegetation, its landscapes, you will have to do the Requirements to travel to Australia, which will be highlighted below.

Requirements to travel to Australia

If you are interested in traveling to this fantastic country, you should do a series of Requirements to travel to Australia which will explain the following:

  1. There are different types of visa and you will need to request the one that matches your situation.
  2. The person who will travel will have to state that they have the appropriate amount to enter Australian soil. The cost that proves that you can access is at least $ 174 Australian dollars.
  3. The passport must be valid during your stay in Australia.
  4. In Australia you must obtain health insurance.
  5. Through the immigration page in Australia you will find a list of countries who must perform medical examinations. In the case of Colombia, people must take these exams even if they request a permanent or provisional visa.
  6. They also request a biometric examination.
  7. A document that testifies that the person has the yellow fever vaccine.

Requirements to Process the Visa

To travel to Australia it is necessary for people to have a visa, the following will explain the requirements to travel to Australia:

Requirements to process Australian Tourist Visa

  1. The person who is going to travel must visit the authorities in their country, in this case Colombia. The passport must be authorized for approximately 90 days after stay in that country.
  2. A copy of the internal passport that will highlight (your personal data, registration, marital status).
  3. Driving license.
  4. 2 color photographs, where his face is more evident.
  5. To apply for the visa, an account must be created ImmiAccount
  6. When you have created the account through there you will attach the documents
  7. And they will send you an email that your request has arrived and will give you an answer if it is approved or denied.
  8. Document that proves your financial income or that you work.
  9. Hotel reservation.
  10. The tourist must previously comply with the requirements of the Health.
  11. If you want to apply for another type of tourist visa, it can cost you from AUD 365.

Review the Requirements to travel to Australia, for more information you can review through the immigration page.

Requirements to get Visa for students

  1. The student must attach a copy of their passport.
  2. The person must attach a copy of your birth document
  3. The student must have identification or a driver’s license.
  4. You must show evidence of planned study, where you must attach confirmation of enrollment (CoE) for all courses.
  5. If the student is sponsored through Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade You must attach a letter of support.
  6. Must have Access to Outside Student Health (OSHC).
  7. If the student is under 18 years of age, they must have a welfare agreement.
  8. You must determine with a certificate of secondary education transcribed into the national language.
  9. If you are graduating you must present your graduation certificate.
  10. You must present documentation if the student It has been admitted with the receipt of the respective payment.
  11. If the student has a job, he must attach a letter from where he is working and what is his function itself.

Procedures for the work Visa

  1. Photo of your passport where your personal information appears.
  2. A photocopy that shows you have a card with your identification
  3. Document where it reflects the duration of your stay.
  4. Copy of grades and curriculum.
  5. Certificate referring to the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Original and a photocopy of an invitation letter highlighting the presence where you will work
  7. Document showing your stay.
  8. Attend medical center to take a series of tests.

Name, address, phone number, experience and qualifications must be translated into English

When you have all the documents you will have to attach them to ImmiAccount, there you must create an account. Then the citizen will have to acquire the visa fee.

When you complete the steps, they will send you an email that your request has arrived and will give you an answer if it is approved or denied.

Don’t forget to collect all Requirements to travel to Australia and have a fabulous stay.

Australian Visa Cost

  1. If you want to apply for the Evisitor visa, it is totally free.
  2. If you need a transit visa, it is totally free.
  3. The visitor visa (subclass 600) has a cost of from AUD 365.
  4. If you want the student visa it has a cost of from AUD 620 unless it’s freed.
  5. If the person wants the training visa, it has a cost of from AUD310.
  6. If the citizen wants a temporary work visa (international relations) that has a cost of at least AUD 310.
  7. If the person wishes to apply for the innovation and business investment visa, they must cancel for the first time AUD 2,590. The second charge of the fee would be AUD 4,890.
  8. Among many more are in this ready.

Visa types

There is a wide variety of visas that Australia offers, you must choose the one that appears through your situation. They are as follows:

The Evisitor visa

This visa is free and is for people who want to enjoy Australia as a tourist for a good vacation. The visa is granted for 12 months and you can enter as many times as you want as long as your visa is valid and stay up to 3 months. With this of no way can work.

You can only make general inquiries regarding your employment or you can perform official activities regarding the government, more than there you will not be able to do.

Visitor visa (subclass 600)

With this visa they can visit their families, friends or for non-business purposes. It can grant you a stay of approximately 12 months. It is one of the most requested tourist visas.

Student visa to go to Australia

If your desire is to study this visa will work for you, to acquire you must payr AUD 620, which includes participating in an academy in Australia, you can travel anywhere. They also give citizens the option of working approximately 40 hours, every two weeks once the course has started.

This temporary visa for the student can last up to 5 years, but that will determine how long the course you are taking lasts.

Work holiday visa

People who can apply for this visa must be between 18 to 30 years old where they can enjoy vacations and can work to finance their trip. The cost of this visa is AUD 485 and it is valid for a small group of countries.

Temporary work visa (international relations)

This visa allows the person to work but under the rules between the Australian government and the government of the country where they are. You can stay in Australia for up to 2 years and it has a cost of AUD 310.

Innovation and business investment visa

With this visa you can stay in Australia permanently where you can work and study. To request it for the first time it has a cost of AUD 2,590.

There are many more options that you can find on the page of immigration and citizenship.

The procedures for choosing and collecting the Requirements to travel to Australia, That is why if your intention is to go to this country it is better to start from before.

Cost of traveling to Australia from Colombia

It is important to note that traveling to Australia is usually a bit expensive because that country must be presented and shown that it has AUD 1754 per month to attend. However, the ticket from Colombia to the Australian country is around $ 5,341,314- 6,130,430, it may vary depending on the season (it is calculated in Colombian currency).

Now the cost of accommodation would be the following:

  1. If you want to book at Campgrounds and Campsites: They are those places where you can camp within the facilities of Australia. The price per person is $ 12.
  2. To reserve in motels it has a cost per person from $ 60 to $ 150.
  3. If you want to stay in a hotel, the cost may vary depending on the hotel you choose but it can be around $ 79 to $ 300.
  4. An apartment per night has a cost between $ 30 to $ 100.

If you want to visit cities in Australia, you can do so by purchasing an air ticket that may be between $ 50 to $ 250 depending on the season it may vary.

Why Travel to Australia?

Most of the Colombians who move to Australia do so to find employment or for tourism to visit famous places.

This destination is perfect for people who love an arid tropical climate with variations on the coastline. But if the tourist is interested in visiting the Queensland coast, they should plan to go between June to August.

If you want to attend Sydney and Melbourne you can organize and meet him in the time from September to May.

The person must visit in Australia the huge monolith Ayers rock where you will not be able to resist capturing the sunset that is forming.

In any town you can witness the funny kangaroos, also in this incredible country it is for lovers of water sports such as surfing, snorkeling and especially visit the fantastic crystalline beaches.

And the most important and satisfying thing is that in this country that has everything you can learn or improve your English. You cannot miss this opportunity to know a unique country.

Do not forget that to attend you will have to collect a series of Requirements to travel to Australia.


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