Requirements to Travel to Brazil: Visa, Costs and MORE

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If you want to travel to Brazil, there are a number of Requirements to travel to Brazil that you must have up to date to be able to do it. In addition, there is information you need to know about it, such as the necessary documents, costs, types of trips, if you need a visa to travel to that country and some tips to make it. We will talk about all this and much more today in this article.

Brazil It is one of the most attractive countries in Latin America to visit, especially during carnival times. We all know the country for its parties, women, tourist places and people willing to help.

In addition, you can go to do business, to study, to work and much, much more, if you wish, because many foreigners live in this country. If you want to know more, don’t go!

Requirements to Travel to Brazil

There are some Requirements to travel to Brazil that you must have up to date, so that you can enter the country without any problem. The truth is that they are all very simple to process, as you will see below:

  • Valid passport until at least the moment your trip is scheduled to end. That is, it must be valid for about 6 months from the date of entry to the date of departure. Otherwise, going back to Mexico is a bit complicated because you will have to ask for an extension and stay a few more days outside of what was planned to be able to complete the process.
  • Have links family, work, educational or financial that allow you to show your desire to return to Mexico after completing your stay in Brazil.
  • Have a good budget to be able to enjoy the country during the scheduled time, taking into account the possible eventualities that could occur during the trip. Thus, you must demonstrate your ability to bear the costs of your stay.
  • Entry and exit ticket from Brazil.
  • Book at the hotel or any other document that evidences the stay in the country during the travel time. If you are going to stay with a resident, tell yourself a private place, you must present an invitation letter, duly signed and notarized, in original format.
  • Find out if you need a visa or if it does not apply to you.
  • Finally, some time to plan your trip and carry out the necessary procedures.

That is all! Do you see how simple it is? The truth is that it is very easy and simple to travel to this incredible country, as you will continue to see throughout the article.

Visa required?

According to Brazilian embassy in Mexico, depending on the reason for travel and nationality, you may or may not need a Visa to enter this territory.

The Mexicans, citizens with a passport of this nationality, do not need Visa to enter Brazil. Of course, this if it is a trip of up to three months, either for business, studies or tourism. The same applies to citizens of Norway, Iceland, the European Union (EU) and Switzerland.

People with nationalities other than these If they need to process a Visa, whose Application will be attended by prior appointment, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., every day except weekends. There are different visas depending on the reason for your trip, which can range from tourism and business, to professional internships, volunteering, scientific research, work, etc.

In general terms, the requirements they ask for to apply for a Visa are:

  • Complete the form Visa application, which you can find by clicking here.
  • One (1) Photo yours, that is recent, is in color, has a white background, passport type. It must be attached to the Application form and must also have been taken in the last 6 months.
  • Valid and original passport. This should be in good condition and with blades available.
  • Copy of Birth certificate. In case of not being able to acquire it, another document where the name of your parents is reflected.
  • No criminal record, valid. This is a document that must be issued in the last 3 months before being presented to remain valid. Likewise, it must come from the country where you have current residence.
  • Pay the rate corresponding to the procedure.

For more information about these Visas and all the documents you need to apply, enter here. Also, it is important to note that you should not buy your air ticket without first receiving your response.

Costs of Traveling to Brazil

At least one of the costs Of those that must be taken care of is the fee to Apply for the Visa, in case you require it. This rate is between MN $ 2,000 and MN $ 2,500 for the year 2020, although it depends entirely on the reason for travel and citizenship of the person requesting it.

For Mexicans who are going to travel through tourism or business concept, or are students, corresponding to the verification of means of subsistence, they must have at least BLR 170 per day of stay. In addition, they must have two accounts, a checking, savings or investment, and a credit card, with a minimum of US $ 1,000 each.

Expenses during the trip They will depend, as always when you are going to visit another country, on the place where you stay, the type of transport you use, where you buy your food and the attractions you visit along the trip, in addition to shopping for pleasure. Taking all of this into account, your trip could leave in approximately $ 150 per day.

Keep in mind that traveling during the carnival season, specifically to Rio de Janeiro, could entail higher costs than doing it at other times. However, it all depends on the type of trip you want to do.

Trip types

There are different reasons why you would want to visit Brazil and among them we can find the most common:

  • Tourism or business, which would be the most common. In general, these types of people stay a maximum of two (2) weeks because they go to the country to do specific things and, as we said previously, they do not need a visa if they carry a Mexican passport.
  • Students who are going to take language courses, exchange, high school studies, undergraduate, postgraduate, and so on.
  • Work, Technical Assistance or Professional Practices, in order to provide services in Brazil, whether the person in question has a work contract or not. A visa is required for this type of trip Vitem V, which must be requested directly from the employer in Brazil.
  • For reasons of Investment, with which a prior process must be carried out in the Ministry of Work before applying for the visa Vitem IV.
  • Family meeting, which happens when the person is going to visit an ascendant, descendant, partner, brother, etc., whether he is Brazilian or has a residence permit. For this type of trip you need a visa Vitem XI.
  • Artists or athletes who want to enter the country to be part of shows, competitions, exhibitions, etc. You must also have a fixed-term contract and not have relationships in the country. A Vitem XII visa is required for this type of trip.
  • Scientific investigation o Post-doctorate, where the person enters the country to collaborate with a Brazilian institution in the scientific-technological area. Scientists, researchers or professors fall into this category. This type of trip requires a visa Vitem I.
  • Volunteering in non-profit organizations or in religious entities dedicated to social assistance issues. It is important to note that you must not have labor ties in Brazil to apply for this type of visa, which is the Vitem VIII.
  • Religious activities, for ministers of religious denomination or for people who are members of an institution of this type. These require a visa Vitem VII.
  • Diplomat or officer, reserved only for administrative officials or diplomats.
  • Through MERCOSUR, whose citizens of member countries can acquire a temporary residence. The member countries are: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay.

And those are all options! If you think about it, knowing what type of trip you are going to make could be considered one of the Requirements to travel to Brazil.

Tips for Traveling to Brazil

Finally, some Recommendations or tips for when you travel to Brazil that you must take into account to be able to make your trip without setbacks:

  • Make sure you get the yellow fever vaccine, at least within 10 days prior to the date of travel, as well as measures to protect yourself against Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. This in the case that you have visited an area with risk of transmission; be sure to acquire your International Certificate of Vaccination.
  • Always carry with you a copy of your passport and official document, both in physical and electronic format.
  • Update your profile in SIRME for possible emergencies.
  • Security in Brazil is very good for foreigners, but always try not to walk in unlit, lonely areas, or put yourself at a disadvantage.
  • Get vaccinated against measles, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and tetanus.
  • Make use of plenty of sunscreen if you go in the summer.
  • It is always advisable to have international health insurance.
  • Do not try to enter the country illegal substances or articles.
  • Enjoy everything the country has to offer.

And that’s it! Now that you know what the Requirements to Travel to Brazil, We wish you good luck!

See ya!


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