Requirements to Travel to Canada: Documents, Visa and MORE

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At present, many Salvadorans need to apply for the Canadian visa in El Salvador, a report that allows passage to Canada, the explanation behind the excursion can be for business, visiting a family member or for tourism. However, to acquire the Canadian visa it is necessary that users comply with the Requirements to Travel to Canada.

In the event that you are Salvadoran and intend to visit Canada, you will need a visa. So we suggest you register the needs of a Canadian visa, which we will show you here. Before introducing themselves, travelers should contact the nearest Canadian representation abroad.

Read on to learn more about the Requirements to Travel to Canada!

Documents Needed to Travel to Canada from El Salvador

To go to Canada, most explorers need to do the Requirements to Travel to CanadaFor example, a traveler visa or an electronic travel approval (estimated time of arrival). The job you need will depend on your citizenship or circumstances.

Present a letter of greeting written by the person who requested your visit in Canada. The different records that you should have nearby are:

  • Verification of monetary dissolubility (can incorporate a letter from a labor organization, a proclamation of a bank or mortgage loan, or a letter of greeting from a Canadian occupant).
  • Expense fee.
  • Work records (if applicable).
  • Defined itinerary items.

Visa to Travel to Canada from El Salvador

To make the best possible Canadian visa application, you should go to the nearest Canadian government office. Or go back to the pages of your particular website and complete the Requirements to Travel to Canada according to the needs and the comparative cycle.

How long does it take for the Canadian visa to be approved?

  • The duration of the method must be reported on the Canadian consulate site.
  • It is essential to remember that in the event that you change location during the cycle, you must notify immediately.

Once the operator in charge has evaluated your application, you will be informed if it is confirmed or rejected, if your files are discarded, they will be returned to you and you will be given a brief clarification of the reason why your application was not approved.

Why is a visa for Canada needed?

As indicated by many laws, guidelines, and even agreements between specific nations, there are several conditions for entering Canada as a guest.

  • It is the way in which many nations direct the passage and departure of migrants to their country.
  • In case you enter Canada and do not have the Visa approval, you will have a penalty.
  • Unauthorized occupation or movement are extreme illicit acts.

Canadian visa validity period

The length is chosen by the movement specialists according to the assessment made of the explorer’s profile. For example, the guest visa may be «single section» (allows only one passage to Canada).

Or, on the other hand, «different tickets» (which allow entering and leaving Canada sometimes while the registration is legitimate). The two types of visa are allowed for a specified period, which can be limited to 10 years.

It is important not to stay longer than allowed, as the specialists of the Canadian movement seriously implement the laws that limit the time of stay of unknown residents in their region.

Canadian visa types

Temporary Residence Visa (Tourism, Transit or Business) for Canada

  • Guest Visas for Canada are issued to encourage the passage of genuine guests to Canada.
  • Each candidate must demonstrate that they are in good health, that they are in a stable economic and social position, and that their real expectation is to stay briefly in Canada.
  • Any individual who wishes to consider (for a period more prominent than half a year), work or reside forever in Canada you must apply for another type of visa.

Permanent Resident Visa – Entrepreneur

  • If you are a person who has commercial experience and that within 2 years of having settled in Canada, you will start to buy a business, then you must apply for this visa.
  • You will do occupations for at least one Canadian resident or occupant (other than individuals in your family).
  • You will contribute your business essentially to the Canadian economy.
  • You have effectively controlled or coordinated a business. In addition, he has legally and through his own efforts amassed total assets of at least C $ 300,000.

Permanent Resident Visa – Investor

It is a person who: has effectively supervised, controlled or coordinated a business. In addition, he has legally and through his own efforts amassed total assets of at least C $ 800,000. Also, he has carried out a base venture of C $ 400,000 before the issuance of the visa.

Permanent Resident Visa – Self Employed

You are a person who: has the objective and the ability to establish or obtain a business in Canada. Such a business will create work for itself. In addition, it will fundamentally contribute to the economy or the creative and social existence of Canada.

Permanent Resident Visa – Family Category

One of the goals of the Canadian migration program is family reunification. In the event that you have a close relative living in Canada, this person can act as your insurer.

A sponsorship is who will be responsible to the Canadian government to assume the maintenance of him and his wards. This will be for a period of one to ten years. Normally, the insurer must live in Canada and present the guarantee there.

Permanent Resident Visa – Skilled Worker

  • If you have explicit knowledge about preparation and work, you can be considered within the class of talented workers.
  • This preparation and experience must be effectively relevant in the Canadian business market.
  • You should also have adequate adaptable resources to feel comfortable in Canada and have a good level of English or French. The application will not be recognized if it is not properly completed and marked.

Costs to Travel to Canada from El Salvador

Like all legitimate systems, the Canadian visa incurs certain filing and administrative costs. These Requirements to Travel to Canada It is undoubtedly one of the most important, the expense that you must have before applying for the visa.

The application package handling cost (per package) is $ 26.34 for computer-aided design and $ 20.31. The computer-aided design application costs $ 27.73 on paper and $ 21.38.

Any additional sending of identification and / or reports after having carried out the Transmission of the main package, the candidates must compensate the cost of Transmission of the package each time they use this system in the VAC.

Attractions of Traveling to Canada

There are numerous vacation spots in Canada, a nation where amazing nature meets huge and charming urban communities, and where old-fashioned conventions continue to exist alongside current traditions.

The travel industry in Canada will surprise you, starting with its gigantic common stops, its extraordinary waterfalls, but also its diverse urban communities.

The first one to visit, as it is one of the unsurpassed vacation spots in Canada, is Toronto. The Ontario region’s capital is the budgetary focal point of the nation.

You must visit its various neighborhoods and appreciate its huge skyscrapers in modern style, despite the fact that the city has some structures of unmistakable Gothic and handicraft styles.

Traveling through Canada would not be a finished encounter if you did not visit Niagara Falls. This spectacle of nature, which fills up like the usual periphery among the USA.

And Canada offers an interesting presentation of the quality and excellence of nature. Try not to pass up the opportunity to depart on one of the average boats that will bring you closer to the foot of the falls. You will get an unrivaled point of view of the waterfalls.

The nation has other regular venues that deserve to be visited. Among them, the so-called Thousand Islands, a gathering of tiny islets found in the spring of the Holy Person Lawrence Waterway, and Lake Ontario, the shore of which you must walk to observe normal Canadian lumber developments. Appreciate the prospects for a trip that won’t frustrate you.

Note that

Ottawa, the nation’s capital, is one of the places for travelers in Canada that you must visit. In this city you can see the structures of fundamental Canadian organizations, as well as incomparable design works, for example, the Rideau Trench, which divides the city into two sections.

The other huge city you must visit in Canada is Quebec. Until you arrive, take to the streets to appreciate the enchanting scenes this region offers.

Quebec is distinguished from other Canadian cities by being a walled city that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The structures of the Middle Ages discovered within the fortress of the city will not leave you listless.


All residents, paying little attention to their identity, need to have a legitimate visa for up to one day after leaving Canada. This is because guests must have the option of proving their personality, failure to attend a criminal record, proof of airfare or reservation to leave Canada, and money-related dissolution.

Budget dissolution is only a basic prerequisite if the candidate is the person paying for the excursion. For this situation, you can enter the attached records as money-related dissolvability: aSalary rticulations, proof of reserve funds, guaranteed checks, among others.

In case someone from Canada or their country of origin pays for the exit, the dissolubility related to the money, both of the candidate and of whoever pays the exit or part of it.

Travel to Canada and live this experience!

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