Requirements to Travel to Canada: Documents, Visa and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to Travel to Canada where each point will be specified. Keep reading!

Nothing more refreshing than organizing a trip, for this reason, Canada is a magnificent destination to spend a dream vacation. Tourists who have had the opportunity to visit one of the largest countries in the world, are impressed and amazed by its splendor.

In addition, this country is so diverse that tourists visit it to experience great adventures, learn about its history, nature, among many other things. For all this and much more, it will be revealed below why this country is so wonderful.

Documents Needed to Travel to Canada

The Requirements to travel to Canada and documents are as follows:

  • Ecuadorian citizens need to file a visa to enter Canada for any reason of travel.
  • They owe their passport valid for at least less 6 months.
  • Citizens must present an economic solvency during their stay.
  • In the event that your reason for your trip is per visit, you must show a Letter of Invitation It must be certified by the Canadian authorities.
  • If you are going on vacation, you must submit a employer letter highlighting the position, seniority, salary and the date that will be in Canadian territory.
  • If you are married, you must file a spouse employment letter, regardless of whether or not the person will attend the trip.
  • If you are going to study in that country, you must present a document showing that educational institution, the type of study, admission is going to study.
  • It is important to note that Ecuadorian citizens must complete the visa procedures in time, since the
  • It is important to note that Ecuadorian citizens must complete the visa procedures in time, since the procedure lasts for at least 40 days.

Visa to Travel to Canada

Canada is one of the most demanding countries in terms of visas for the majority of Latin American countries. including Ecuador, a visa is essential.

To perform the Ecuadorian citizens must attend the embassy with the form that corresponds to youand. In addition, this form must be completed, attach two current photographs, a letter addressed to the consulate requesting the visa explaining the reason for the trip; with the stipulated dates of entry and exit.

It is important to note that there are several types of visas to enter Canadian territory and they are: tourist, student, temporary job, residence or immigrant.


This type of visa is requested when citizens will be in that country temporarily, so it is mandatory that they return to their home country of the stipulated time.

In general, with this type of visa, people can stay up to six months in the country.


If your reason for travel is to study in Canada, you must apply for a permit to study in a study program for more than 6 months in one of the academic institutions.

Temporary job

For citizens who want to work temporarily they need to process a work permit. You should consider investigating ahead of time if you really need this visa.

Temporary residence

This type of visa people need a work permit in Canada, on the other hand, if you need it to study, you must request a student permit.

Costs to Travel to Canada

It is important to emphasize that there is no specific budget. However, it will depend on what you want to visit and do.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Airplane ticket

You can find tickets departing from the capital Quito, landing in the city of Toronto, for an approximate cost of $ 532 in economy class.

You can find tickets for a cost of $ 2,245. Most of the tickets you can find on the airline pages contain 1 scale or 2.

Departing from Guayaquil, Ecuador, to Toronto, you can find tickets with a cost of $ 325 this price is a cheap promo; you can find prices like $ 692 in economy class.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Lodging

It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the season and the city you are going to visit.

In winter seasons, taking out the Christmas dates can lower prices on lodging, on the other hand, in the spring and summer seasons they usually increase prices.

Therefore, it is recommended that people access enter the Airbnb website, there you can find accommodation offers of all kinds, which you will not find elsewhere.

In Airbnd can find a home that can be worth at least $ 52 per night, a whole department can get it in $ 35 a night.

If you do not want to look for accommodation there, you should know that a room in an accessible hotel and not so far from the city center ranges between 50 to 60 dollars.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Food and drink

Tourists who want to eat in an accessible restaurant with their menu of the day, has a value of CAD 16. If you want to eat in a restaurant for two people, ordering two plates and a post, the price is approximately CAD 70.

Imported beer can cost at least 7.50 CAD and if it is a national beer it can be worth 6 CAD.

Cappuccino coffee can cost 4.20 CAD, water worth CAD 1.82 and a Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola can cost 2.24 CAD.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Rapid mass transit

The cost for 1 ticket on the Montreal metro can cost at least $ 3.50, the monthly budget is $ 86.50. If you are staying in the city of Toronto, the cost for a ticket is worth $ 3.25 and the monthly budget is at least $ 151.15.

In the city of Vancouver the train system to acquire a single ticket has a cost of $ 2.95 and the monthly budget is at least $ 95.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Light Rail

The Toronto streetcar system, the cost for a ticket is at least $ 3.25 and the monthly budget is approximately $ 151.15.

If you are catching a light rail from the Capital of Canada, Ottawa, the cost of buying a ticket is $ 3.50 and the monthly budget has an approximate value of $ 116.40.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Bus

The average cost of a ticket is approximately $ 3.50 CAD.

Requirements to Travel to Canada: Cab

In Montreal, the start-up cost is at least $ 3.50, the cost per km is $ 1.75 and the cost per hour of waiting is $ 39.

Taxis in Toronto, the starting cost is $ 4.00, the cost per km is $ 2.00 and the waiting hour cost is at least $ 35.

In Vancouver the start-up cost is $ 3.50, the cost per km is $ 1.89 and the cost per hour of waiting is $ 33.50.


If the Ecuadorian tourist wants to know Niagara Falls, a boat trip on the Canadian side has a cost of 30.50 CAD for adults over the age of 13; children from 3 to 12 years old cost 20.50 CAD and babies of 2 years or less, admission is free.

To get to know the CN Tower, you must buy the tickets in advance, that is why they must be purchased 30 days before the visit. Prices are as follows:

  • Adults from 14 to 64, the cost of admission is 39.00 CAD.
  • People over 65 the cost of the ticket is 26.00 CAD.
  • People who are between 6 to 13 years old, the cost of admission is 26.00 CAD.
  • And children from 3 to 5 years have a value of 13.00 CAD.

If you want to visit «Sea to Sky Gondola» the prices are as follows:

  • Adults from 19 to 64 years old have a cost of 53.95 CDN.
  • People who are over 65 years old, the ticket has a value of 48.95 CDN.
  • Young people who are 13 to 18 years old, the ticket has a value of 29.95 CDN.
  • Children from 6 to 12 years old cost 17.95 CDN.

Attractions of Canada

Canada is one of those countries that every person should know. Some places you must visit are as follows:

Niagara Falls

A safe stop is to visit the magnificent Niagara Falls, you can visit from the American side as well as Canadian.


You must know the famous CN Tower where you can go up and observe the view within 360 °. You should also visit the Royal Ontario Museum, you will be able to observe a great variety of art and history.

A safe visit is to know the Dunas Square It is the central hub in the city, highlights the magnificent posters and advertisements. Know the famous Casa Loma.

If you are a sports lover, you can attend the large stadiums of each of the sports. Also, live the experience of knowing the Botanical Garden of Allan gardens. And many more things you can know in this great city.


Montreal contains a great variety of things to do. It is recommended to visit the clock tower, know her Olympic tower; go to the Notre-Dame basilica. Among many more options this city contains.


In this incredible city it is essential to know the Stanley Park, It is the largest park in the entire Canadian territory. You should also visit the Science world.

If you want to live an unbeatable adventure, you cannot miss the Capilano Suspension Bridge. In addition to knowing the great Grouse montain.

Head to the Park Queen elizabeth you will be impressed by its green areas. And above all visit Sea to Sky Gondola, the great cable car.

Tips for Traveling to Canada

  • Before traveling to Canada, you must take into account the corresponding visa.
  • It is important to note that in Canada the official language is English, but in the city of Quebéc they speak the second official language, French.
  • This country is extremely safe, therefore you can travel with peace of mind.
  • The official currency of that country is the Canadian dollar.
  • It is recommended to take out travel insurance.
  • Depending on what the tourist wants, he can decide what best time to visit this country, if he loves the cold, he can visit it from December to March. But if you want a better climate, you can visit it from June to August, which is summer, but you must bear in mind that it is high season. And a season average temperature can go from May, September and October.
  • Bring the appropriate clothing for the travel season.

Canada is more than you expect, in that country you will live unforgettable and unique adventures that you will never forget. In short, tourist places in Canada abound, so buy your ticket in advance and plan your dream trip.


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