Requirements to Travel to Chile: for Business, about Visa and MORE

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Are you bored at home and want to live an unforgettable experience? Travel to Chile is the answer. To live this moment you must have all the necessary information about the Requirements to travel to Chile. With the latter, you will be able to have the necessary knowledge to make a responsible, legal and above all, unforgettable trip.

In this article we will teach you everything you need to know before embarking on a trip to this country: Business Requirements, permission for minors, length of stay, work visa and even the money you need to travel. If you want to go to Chile legally and safely, if you doubt this article is for you.

Requirements to travel to Chile

Chile is a country that is identified by its diverse gastronomy, culture and of course, its social organization. Therefore, it is one of the main destinations for «Travelers of the World» and without a doubt, of the Colombians.

However, we are all interested in going on a trip fulfilling international laws and go with the necessary information to avoid any inconvenience. So, if you are about to take a trip to the longest country in the world from Colombia, you should know all the requirements to travel to Chile and set out on a safe journey.

Still don’t know what they are? We tell you all!

  • Access to Chile is much easier, thanks to the diplomatic relations that this country maintains with Colombia. Consequently, you should only have your Personal Identification Card (DNI).
  • In the case of not having this last document, you must present your valid passport (180 days approximately)
  • If the purpose of the trip is other than tourism, you must present original and copy of the invitation letter of a person residing in Chile or a company of this origin
  • Return tickets that reflects date, day and month of return to Colombia
  • Document certifying the place of stay (Hotel, Residence, House, Aparthotel, among others)
  • «Tourist Card» It is a document that the authorities give you as soon as you enter the country. It is valid for exactly 90 days to be in Chile. We remind you how important it is that you take care of this card, because it is mandatory to present it the day of return to your country of origin.
  • Certification of your financial solvency and property deeds in Colombia
  • We invite you to hire a travel insurance to be supported in the days of stay
  • chili does not demand vaccination certificate
  • You should not cancel the stay tax
Important! If you have doubts about any requirement, enter to «Embassy of Chile in Colombia«

On the other hand, it is crucial that you know what types of goods can enter Chile and which ones have limited access. The latter will allow you to have more knowledge and take foresight before making your visit to the South.

Limited access

  • Real estate: Furniture, Kitchen, Pipes, among others
  • Electronic devices: Computers, washing machines, stereos and televisions
  • Construction materials

Access granted

  • Cell phones
  • Photographic camera
  • Personal hygiene instruments

For business

Without a doubt, Chile is an ideal country not only to travel, but also to close important deals and even invest in a new property. In addition, its capital «Santiago de Chile» is identified as one of the cities with the highest number of visitors and especially, financial investors. Therefore, if your destination is to carry out any type of financial or other business, you will be able to find in this section everything you need to know to request your stay. less than 90 days in the country and legally comply with all your requirements to travel to Chile.

Place to carry out the procedure

  • Consulate of Chile in Colombia: Calle 100 # 11B-46. Bogota City, Colombia
  • Institute of Foreign Relations of Colombia

Who can request this procedure?

  • Citizens of Colombian nationality
  • Investors
  • Merchants
  • Resident parents and children

Mandatory documents

  • Explanatory letter to the Consulate of Chile: Reaffirming argument of the intentions of the trip
  • Criminal record
  • Medical certification
  • Valid passport: Valid for more than 90 days
  • 4 passport photos
  • Birth certificate that shows the degree of kinship with the resident

Service title

It is important to note that during these procedures there are usually confusion and doubts regarding the process. Therefore, we want answer the most common questions that arise in the request for this procedure.

For minors

In another vein, traveling with children will allow you to have a unforgettable family experience. However, to make any trip with minors You will have to consign a series of documents to avoid having any misunderstanding with the international authorities.

If the next trip you will do with children or with any minor, you must take into account the following requirements to travel to Chile:

Mandatory documentation

  • Passport and valid Identity Card
  • Visa necessary for the country of destination. However, because of Colombia’s diplomatic relations with this country this document is not required.
  • Original and Copy of the Minor’s Birth Certificate
  • In the case of not traveling with the parents, you must present a letter of permission validated by a notary public

Permission for minors

  • City of origin
  • Date of issuance of the letter and approximate date of the trip
  • Copy of the identity card of the minor
  • Destination of the child’s representative: City and Country
  • Personal Identification Documents of the representative or companion of the minor
  • Signature and stamp of the notary public validating the travel permit

On the other hand, many young people decide to complete their university studies in Chile. Although, Chilean universities are among the more prestigious and of higher quality In Latin America, foreign students see an opportunity to finalize and nurture their knowledge. So, read this section to know what the requirements to travel to Chile and what you must meet to be «Resident Student» in Chile:

  • Letter of acceptance by a University recognized by the country
  • Validation of the economic solvency of survival during the study period, addressed to the Consulate,
    medical certificate, as well as contracting health insurance
  • Valid passport
  • Certificate of Identity
  • Four (4) passport-size photos. Judicial Background
Attention! Once you have all these documents you should go to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information give click here.

Requirements to Travel to Chile: Work Visa for Chile

Similarly, many Colombians, especially young people seeking a future outside their borders, want to practice their profession in countries like Chile. So they decide apply for work to companies from from this country.

Yet to remain more than 90 days and to go with intentions other than tourism, requirements different from the previous ones must be consigned. So, if you are hired by a Chilean company, we suggest that you print the proof of hiring.

Additionally, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Go to the notary public closest to your home to validate the contract with the international company
  • Copy of the legal address document of the company in Chile
  • You university or higher education degree, which must be apostilled to be accepted in this country

When you present these last documents, you will be able to request «Residence under contract». In addition, thanks to advances in diplomatic relations, Colombian citizens can enjoy the «Working Holiday Visa» or call «Work visa». Don’t you know what this immigration instrument is about? Quiet! Here we give you all the details.

  • Compatible with countries like Mexico, Peru and Chile
  • You can only apply for the visa if you have between 18 and 30 years old
  • It will only be the contracted benefited by international company
  • Colombian nationality (Valid passport)
  • You should not have any kind of judicial antecedent
  • Present the contracted medical insurance
  • Own round trip ticket
  • Dispose of salary certificate (Minimum 2,500 Euros)
  • 4 passport-size photos
  • Pay the cost associated with the requested Visa (Information available in the following link)

Remember! For more information on this type of visa, see «Consulate of Chile»

Time of Stay in Chile

Now, it is crucial that you handle the necessary information to start your trip. As well as the times understood in which you can establish yourself on Chilean territory. So we made this section just for you!

Tourist Time

  • You can only be in the country for 90 days, from the day you enter
  • If you wish extend your time of stay, you must notify the Chilean authorities and request a tourist extension. The latter has a cost of 100 dollars.

Temporary residence

  • If you have ties or a patent with a Chilean resident, you must apply for this type of visa. Said document has a validation for one (1) year.

Student residence

  • This documentation lasts for at least one year. However, it is usually awarded according to the years of study that will be done in the Chilean institution

Political asylum

  • This request is force majeure for those citizens who have some inconvenience to enter their country of origin. The time of this situation will depend on the case of the person and the approval of the Consulate.
  • Definitive stay
  • Residence for hiring a Chilean company: Approximately two years (interrupted)
  • Temporary residence: One year maximum

Important! To apply for the aforementioned residency, you must go to the Department of Immigration and Aliens. The costs associated with this procedure range from $ 12 and $ 620 depending on the type of residence.

How much money do you need to enter Chile?

We want you to travel in a way simple, fast and of course, economical. Consequently, we want to tell you some tips, suggest pages to buy your ticket and host you, among others. Do you want to know all this? Keep reading this section!

Travel tips

  • We recommend that you buy dollars, as it is an internationally accepted currency. Also, you can exchange this currency for Chilean pesos, and enjoy buying goods and acquiring services.
  • To make your purchases in Chilean stores use your credit cards: Franchises accepted such as MasterCard and Visa.

  • As mentioned above, Chile has a diverse and exquisite gastronomy. However, their food is expensive compared to other Latin American countries (4000 Chilean pesos approximately)
  • If you want to get around the region and you don’t have much money, your best option is the metro. The purchase of a ticket is oscillating between 20 Chilean pesos, depending on your destination.
  • Enjoy tourist sites and museums for free

Air ticket

  • One of the fastest options to travel from Colombia to Chile is through commercial flights.
  • The approximate cost from the Colombian capital, Bogotá to Santiago de Chile is approximately $ 454 per person.
  • Here is the best page to find your flights at a good price: «Latam Airlines»
  • Now, if you want to travel by land, you must enter through the borders of Argentina, Brazil or Uruguay.

Remember! You must have all your documents up to date to present them at the immigration checkpoints.


  • The cheapest options are the «Apartment-hotels». Renting this space for your stay has an approximate price of $ 33.
  • If you prefer to spend your trip or business time in a more exclusive hotel, we invite you to visit the accommodation page: «Trivago»

Cheaper tourist places

  • Cerro San Cristóbal: Located in Santiago de Chile
  • Port of Valparaíso
  • Astronomical Observatory: Located in Coquimbo
  • Lake Theater
  • Viña del Mar
  • Easter Island
  • National Park Torres del Paine

Do you have all your documents? What are you waiting for? We are going to visit the South!

Live your experience in Chile!


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