Requirements to travel to Chile: with children, by car and MORE

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This beautiful country has to offer you one of the best vacations, full of multiple landscapes to admire and explore. In addition, we cannot fail to highlight the friendliness of the Chileans and their pleasant way of receiving foreigners. Would you like to know the Requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina?

In the following statements we will deal with this whole topic so that you have the dream vacation in this place; what you need to process to get everything you need to Chile and the places that you will have to visit to make your trip even better.

Read on and learn all about what was requested to enter this diverse country.

Requirements to travel to Chile

The Requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina They are quite basic documents, therefore you can visit this country easily, among what is requested we say that:

  • Let’s clarify first of all that you don’t need a visa for sightseeing in Chile. It should be noted that this tourism is limited to a period of 90 days.
  • Present your valid passport and that it does not expire before the end of your trip in Chile.
  • You must demonstrate the sufficiency you have to stay on your travel days in this country.
  • Take your ID.

Necessary documents

The documents required to meet the requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina vary depending on whether you go by car or by plane.

  • In the case of going by plane with your round-trip tickets, identity card.
  • Will you need your passport and document of identity.

  • You must clarify which is the reason for your trip and the duration of the same.
  • Show your ticket back paid.
  • Prove your economic sufficiency.
  • If you are traveling because you were invited by a friend, you must present the Letter of Invitation signed by him / her.
  • Indicate what is the address of the place where you will stay; be it a hotel or a friend’s residence.

Requirements to travel to Chile by car

You must meet the requirements to travel to Chile. The documents that you must carry are the following:

  • You must bring your driver’s license.
  • You DNI or identity card.
  • Carry your green and blue card. The green is if you own the car you drive and the blue if you are not. If you are not an owner, you also have to present an authorization signed by a notary public.
  • Deliver your single migratory TUN card. This you can get and download through this page.
  • You must have a international insurance. You can request this through the website of SOAPEX.
  • The automobile glasses They have to be properly recorded.
  • The authorities usually they request (for your safety) that you carry in your car a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, reflective vests and also portable beacons.
  • Have a VTV (Vehicle Technical Verification).

There are some tips that will be posted for you to take into account at the time of your trip:

  1. It is recommended drive carefully and obviously respect all traffic laws in order to preserve your life and that of your family members.
  2. Always use the seat belt.
  3. Do not go to enter extra passengers that do not fit in the vehicle naturally.
  4. Keep them low lights of the car on.
  5. To go well rested to the trip to avoid road inconveniences.

Requirements to travel to Chile with children

For children to be able to enter Chile they will have to meet a few requirements that will be requested, among them we say that:

If the minor is going to travel with both parents, only the passport and the identity card (if he had it) and also its respective birth certificate or the family notebook, attached with some three copies Of the same.

If the situation is that the minor is traveling with one of the parents, the documents requested are:

  1. The passport of the boy or girl with their identity card if it owns it.
  2. its birth certificate or your family notebook.
  3. If one of the parents is deceased, the death certificate, along with three (3) photocopies.
  4. The child will need a notarial authorization signed by the father who is not traveling with him or also the authorization of the family concerned. Whatever the case, you must print two simple photocopies of said document.

If, on the contrary, the minor does not travel with either parent, what must be delivered from him / her is:

  • Present the passport and the fully valid identity card.
  • The family notebook or birth certificate along with 3 photocopies.
  • The death certificate of both parents in the case of having died, with three photocopies attached.
  • In the event that the parents are alive, their notarial authorization must be delivered to confirm their consent. This document is delivered with 3 attached photocopies.
  • Likewise, deliver the authorization of the corresponding family court, so that in this way the minor’s trip is consented. Attach three copies of said document.

A more data What we want you to know in case it is necessary is that, if you want to take your mascot do not forget to have among your documents the certificate of rabies vaccine and that of Health, a antiparasitic treatment certificate both internal and external and the document of owner’s identity.

Cost of traveling to Chile from Argentina

To have an approximate cost of how much money you should invest, we will first talk about the cost of flights, bus, accommodation and additional expenses.

Of course it is necessary to clarify that depending on the place in Chile you decide to go, the costs can increase and decrease, that part will only be decided by yourself.

The flights from Argentina to Chile are 1 hour and a half about. You can find tickets from $ 94 until $ 114 depending on the time you travel. People say that May It’s the season when it’s more convenient to travel since the costs decrease considerably.

Night in a hotel It can cost from $ 2 onwards depending on the luxuries you are looking for.

On restaurants you will get prices of $ 3 and up, for two people. If you decide to go in own car the tolls they are from 1,700 to 2,000 Chilean pesos.

To go in bus from Argentina to Chile prices are between 27,000 and 47,000 Chilean pesos. The duration of this trip is approximately 20 hours.

Why travel to Chile?

Chile is a country that receives foreigners in a very pleasant way, their attentions and welcoming treatment will make you feel comfortable on the trip you decide to do, be it for work, vacations or other reasons.

In this country there are many charming places to visit, as we spoke at the beginning, it has several tourist places to visit. In them there are a large number of ecosystems. The sky in this country is extraordinary the mountains and beaches, glaciers, rivers and others.

This is the only country where the driest desert can become a flower paradise. Within the recommended places visa are:

  • The Easter Island that contains in it the mythical Moais that you can see in this image.
  • The National Park Torres del Paine, where you can find beautiful valleys, rivers, mountains, lakes and glaciers.
  • The Big Island of Chiloé For those who love wooded places, this is the perfect place, as it is packed with acres and acres of it.
  • You can have a wonderful vacation in the so-called Cajon de Maipo. In this area you will find tranquility in the flow of the different existing rivers and in the southern winter season you could have the opportunity to ski.

Of course, this country has many other attractions that you can visit and explore. Clicking here You can learn more about other beautiful places located in Chile.

As we have talked throughout the article, Chile is a wonderful place to vacation and discover a new culture full of mysteries and also amazing landscapes.

The journey is quite long but in the end you will realize that it is totally worth it. Not only is it beautiful in terms of valleys and rivers, it was also rated as one of the countries with the least corruption.

To conclude, we remind you that when embarking on this great journey, do not forget to have all your documents at hand to be absolutely sure that you will enter without problems.

Make sure you know the Requirements to travel to Chile from Argentina and know everything that Chile has to offer you.

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