Requirements to Travel to China: Visa, Costs and MORE

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China is one of the most touristic countries in the world. This has caused multiple people to have the curiosity to know the requirements to travel to China. That is why here in Gestionalo we will tell you everything you need so that you can travel to China and be informed about all the documents, visa and costs to emigrate.

On the other hand, we will guide you so that you have clarity in the procedures to be carried out for your trip. Therefore, you will have to bear in mind that all the details and papers to collect are strictly necessary and imperative. With nothing more to add, let’s start to explain the entire processing process so that you can travel to China successfully.

What are the requirements to travel to China from Mexico?

Mexico is strict when it comes to travel papers. This has caused travel agencies to have more concern in the collection of documents per passenger. In this way, there would be more security and legitimacy in the requirements. Then we will tell you the requirements to travel to China from Mexico:

All these documents are necessary to travel to China from Mexico.

Passport requirements

Original signed passport plus a photocopy of the information page. The passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the stay in China, with at least two blank passport pages available for the Chinese visa and entry stamps. The amendment pages on the back of the passport are not suitable for China visas.

Mexico City

If the applicant requests that the visa to China be issued with a second passport, the Chinese Consulate in Mexico requires that the applicant present both the original and the second passport. The Consulate will not issue a visa in a second passport unless the original passport is provided.

China Visa Application Form

You will need to have a signed visa application form. Each question in the application must be answered, answer NONE if the question does not apply to you. Requests must be written in capital letters; Handwritten changes are not accepted. The signature on the application form must match the signature on the passport.

The Consulate of China requires a visa application to be completed according to strict guidelines. Make sure your documentation is accurately prepared by making use of the document preparation service. After placing your order, you will receive a kit application that includes an optional form where you can provide simple answers.

Once your application form is complete, it will be returned to you via secure, encrypted email for your signature, keeping your personal information safe. In this way you will be able to access your virtual information and be aware of all the requirements collected to date.

Photo requirements

A color photograph that meets the following stringent criteria: taken within the past six months, on a completely white background, printed on high-quality photographic paper, exactly 48mm high x 33mm wide, provides the full front view of her head with her face centered in the middle and showing a neutral expression.

Invitation letter requirement

A photocopy of the round-trip air ticket and hotel reservation or cruise ticket can be sent in place of the official invitation from China or an invitation letter for a group of tourists or an invitation letter for tourists from a duly authorized tourism unit, or a letter of invitation issued by companies and individuals in China.

If the invitation letter is issued by an individual in China, a photocopy of the individual’s ID is required. If the invitation letter is from a non-Chinese citizen, the ID must be a copy of the valid passport and a copy of the legal status in China is required.

You will need to provide legal documentation proving the family relationship, such as a birth or marriage certificate. An invitation letter should explain the relationship between the host and the applicant and should include detailed information about the applicant, including full name, gender, date of birth, and passport number.

Secondly, the letter too It should indicate the purpose of the visit, where the applicant will be staying, and the date of arrival and departure from China. The letter should indicate who will be responsible for the cost of the applicant’s accommodation in China and information about the host who invites him: name of the unit or person, telephone number and address.

Proof of state residency

A clear photocopy of the driver’s license or state-issued identification. The address must match the address on the Chinese visa application form. If the applicant will depart to China from a state other than the state of residence, then the applicant must provide a signed letter in addition to the flight itinerary.

The letter must explain why the applicant is starting the journey from a different state and how he will return to the applicant’s home state.

Prior visa

Applicants who have previously traveled to China must provide a copy of the visa former china. If the visa was issued to a previous passport, a photocopy of the information page of the canceled passport must also be included. If you had a previous China visa, but no longer have the passport in your possession, you must include a declaration letter.

Employment letter

Applicants who are self-employed should include a short letter addressed to the Chinese Consulate containing the company profile and job description. This is an informal letter and should be included with your visa application. In this way, you will have completed the requirements to travel to China from Mexico.

Visa to Travel to China

The visa is an essential document to travel to the Asian country. It is also a procedure that you must reconcile to buy a flight ticket at any travel agency. This visa will allow you to enjoy many benefits and a travel position. That is why it is necessary Get a Visa, without it you will not be able to travel to China.

Is required that most travelers to China obtain a China tourist visa, which allows them to travel freely in most of China as tourists, assuming they do not qualify under China’s visa-free policies.

With all the required documents mentioned above in hand, you can go to the embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions of Mexico or the Visa Application Center to apply in person. If you cannot go in person, you can entrust someone else, such as a travel agency or visa agency, to act on your behalf.

An appointment is not mandatory. Applications by mail are not accepted and will be rejected at most Mexican embassies or consulates. In countries with embassies, applicants can submit an application by mail or submit applications based on an online appointment through the tax registry website.

If you need To stay in China beyond the length of stay allowed on your visitor visa, you can apply for an extension at the China Local Administration of Exit and Entry seven days before your visa expires. However, you will have to collect again the requirements to request such an extension.

Costs of Traveling to China

Travel in china it is affordable compared to other places in the world. The prices are much cheaper than in most western countries, from meals to train or plane tickets, but the cost actually increases year after year. It’s easy to pay more than $ 1,000 per person round trip from Mexico and similar rates from other continents.

Let’s say you are traveling for 2 weeks and you haven’t booked anything like your accommodation. Will need per day around $ 40 for hotels; $ 20 per meal; $ 30 for attraction tickets and $ 10 for transportation. That works out to about $ 100 per day or $ 1,400 for a 2 week trip.

Mandatory Vaccinations to Travel to China

To travel to China you will need to have some vaccinations due to diseases or pandemics that have occurred in the Asian country. If you have any of these vaccines, you won’t have to worry about getting sick in China. However, it is essential to have the vaccines to pass the tests at the airport. The required vaccines are:

  • Anger
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Rage
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid


Manage it has compiled some advices important things to know about going to China before you get there. Hopefully this will help you find out what a wonderful and challenging country this is:

Cash is preferred

Although more and more companies (particularly large hotel chains and luxury restaurants) now accept Visa and Mastercard, the most accepted card scheme is UnionPay.

Change currency at ATMs in China

While many Chinese banks do not accept foreign cards, larger chains can be used to withdraw local currency from foreign bank accounts. This generally offers a much better exchange rate than services like Travelex. But, in order to use these ATMs, you must complete the requirements to travel to China from Mexico.

Bring a translator

If you need to do your banking face-to-face, you may need to bring in a local to help you translate. Very few bank employees will have enough English to help you, although in larger cities like Beijing or Shanghai they should have an English-speaking staff.

Use your haggling skills

Outside of chain stores and boutiques, it’s entirely possible to practice your bargaining skills. Never accept the marked price or the first price offered.


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