Requirements to Travel to Colombia: Costs, Rules and MORE

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If you are in Mexico and you are planning to visit Colombian territory, it is necessary that you know the Requirements to travel to Colombia. But this does not stop here, continue reading the article.

You also have information on the costs of the trip, the tourist sites to visit in Colombia, the types of trips that exist, the sanitary measures that you must take before traveling and much more information.

Requirements to travel to Colombia

Before traveling to any part of the world, it is important that you know the necessary requirements. In this case, they are required by the Directorate of Migration, Consular Affairs and Citizen Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá. The following are named Requirements to travel to Colombia:

  • The passport that is valid and updated.
  • Round-trip airline tickets.
  • Valid and updated accommodation reservation, or an original invitation letter.
  • Verification of financial resources necessary for the stay (credit cards, cash, etc.).
  • Documentation stating the reason for the trip (tourism, meetings, business, forums, etc.).

In addition to these, the Colombian migration managers may request other documentation, which they consider to be part of the Requirements to travel to Colombia: Home address, travel insurance, etc.

Costs of Traveling to Colombia

When we plan a trip, we must be aware of the expense that this generates. For this reason, below we detail the approximate costs to travel to Colombia:

Flight Rates

The approximate cost for a trip from Mexico City to Bogotá is $ 6,000 pesos for each adult (round trip). This will depend on the airline you consult, season and the type of seat assigned. It should be noted that the airlines arranged for this are: Avianca, Aeroméxico and Interjet.

Exit Fees

When a traveler has been in Colombia for more than 2 months, they have to pay an amount of $ 66 dollars for exit fees. But if your stay was not more than 2 months, you should not cancel anything.

If the person is in the first case, it should be considered that there are some airlines that already have this payment on the plane ticket. If it is not in this way, the payment must be made with cash in dollars or Colombian pesos.


Regarding the permanence in Bogotá, the price will be between the $ 800 and $ 1,700 pesos every night in traditional hotels. In the case of Medellín, which is one of the most visited cities, the rates are similar to those of Bogotá. It ranges between $ 700 and $ 1,500 pesos. In Cartagena de Indias it costs more. You can get to pay more or less between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 pesos each night for a double room.


In Colombia you will find excellent and cheap gastronomy. Both street food, as in a restaurant in the area where you are.

For these options the approximate cost is about $ 3,000 pesos for 7 days. This amount includes some drinks such as; beers and cups of coffee or reds).

Visits to Museums and Walks

To enter the most important museums is cheap. If you want to visit the Gold Museum you must pay $ 4,000 pesos ($ 24 Mexican pesos). This amount includes the directed visit. On the other hand, you will find the Free public museums on Sundays. That is, to visit these places you will spend approximately $ 500 Mexican pesos.

Purchases and Gifts

If you want to buy Colombian coffee to take home, you can find excellent quality coffee for $ 150 pesos. In the event that you want it premium, the cost is about $ 500 pesos. Calculating, you could spend about $ 1,000 pesos.


In conclusion, a trip to Colombia for 8 days it can cost about $ 18,000 pesos. Keep in mind that this value may vary, this is according to where you stay and the time when you make the trip.

Types of Trips

Making trips to any preferred destination is one of the more pleasant acts for people.

This contributes to stimulate the knowledge of other cultures and history, which allows the transfer of customs and values ​​for their development.

On the other hand, it enables the economic progress of nations in general. It also symbolizes an attractive social event, which manages to displace people around the world.

Among the types of trips that exist, there are those mentioned below:

  • Sun and beach tourism trips, which are the most conventional.
  • Meeting travel.
  • LGBT travel (known as gay community).
  • Nature tourism trips, includes adventure tourism, rural tourism and ecotourism.
  • Travel for health reasons.
  • Cultural tourism trips, here you will find gastronomic tourism and religious tourism.
  • Geotourism.
  • Non-traditional tourist trips.
  • Space tourism travel.
  • Slow tourism trips, serve to connect with oneself.
  • Funeral tourism travel.
  • Spiritual tourism trips.
  • The red tourism trips, with these very significant places in the history of the countries are visited.
  • Reproductive tourism trips, which are for perform assisted reproduction.
  • Hipster sightseeing trips, which are a new trend.
  • Experiences tourism trips.
  • Accessible tourism trips are created to be enjoyed also by People with disabilities.

If you want to expand this information, we invite you to enter this web portal where you will have the opportunity to know in detail the types of trips.

Sanitary Norms for Traveling to Colombia

There are some necessary vaccines to travel to Colombia. This is another of the Requirements to travel to Colombia. If you come from countries such as: Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Las Guyanas, Bolivia or an African country, you must be vaccinated against yellow fever. In the case of being a European citizen, it is not mandatory to get vaccinated to travel to this country.

It should be noted that you must get the vaccine 10 days in advance at least of the trip. It is advisable to apply this vaccine, if you are going to go to the following departments: The Atlantic Coast, Putumayo, Norte de Santander, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Eastern Plains, the Amazon and La Guajira.

Similarly, to travel to most of South America it is suggested to get vaccinations for diphtheria-tetanus, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and Triple Viral.

Don’t forget that malaria and yellow fever are caused by a specific mosquito. For this reason, if you are going to go to Colombia, you should take a repellent for mosquitoes among your things.

You should also know that in Bogotá the capital Is the water drinkable It can be consumed directly from the tap, even cooking with it. Since its aqueduct system is excellent.

However, in small towns, the aqueduct system is not treated, so it is advisable to consume bottled water.

Attractions to Visit in Colombia

In Colombian territory you will find many places for sightseeing. Here are the most attractive and visited sites in Colombia:

The Nemocón Salt Mines in Cundinamarca

It is a town known for its mining activity. And it is found very close to Bogotá. Here you have the opportunity to examine the salt mines, to which the public has access. You can observe the incredible water mirrors, conditioned with great lighting.

El Tuparro National Natural Park in Vichada

It is a very large natural space that is located in the Department of Vichada. It offers tourists, extensive vegetation, beautiful rivers. Also the opportunity to see the jaguars, tapirs and other animals regional Also many species of birds.

Punta Gallinas in the Colombian Guajira

It is located in the extreme north of the South American country, visit this place is a unique experience.

It offers you beautiful landscapes such as: The bays with pink flamingos, huge sand dunes.

Also beaches and deserts, and not least you have the opportunity to interact with the Wayuu indigenous people.

Caño Cristales in Meta

It is located in the Sierra de la Macarena in Meta. It is known by some tourist agencies and internationally, such as the «Most beautiful river in the world». It is due to the large number of colors that can be seen in its background. This is thanks to the aquatic plants found there. Since they give it different shades.

The Rio Claro Reserve in Antioquia

It is a beautiful reserve where you can see how the river passes in the middle of a canyon, and beautiful marble formations. It is 3 hours from Antioquia. Here you can do activities such as rafting, canopy, also walks in the caves and discover many species of birds.

The Cerro Azul in Guaviare

It is located 47 kilometers from San José del Guaviare. It is an outstanding mountain in the jungle, there you can see a number of ancient figures. Which form a beautiful red wall and are historically valuable.

The Tatacoa Desert in Huila

Here you will have an unforgettable experience. It is located a few hours from Neiva. There are the most wonderful landscapes, full of orange, terracotta and reddish colors. Ornate with cacti, where tourists they can feel in another world. At night, the stars in the sky offer you an incomparable event.

Puerto Nariño in Amazon

It is located 75 kilometers from Leticia. It is a small population that is at banks of the Amazon River. Where the balance of humans living with nature is evidenced.

In this town there are no motorcycles or cars, all the residents make their journeys on foot. They also have a viewpoint to enjoy a wonderful view of the town.

The Sanctuary of Las Lajas in Nariño

This sanctuary is a catholic church that is in Ipiales, on the canyon of the Guáitara River. Is very close to the border with Ecuador. The structures are neo-Gothic in character, made of white and gray stones. It is recognized as the most beautiful sanctuary in the world, as reflected by the British newspaper The Telegraph. Currently, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the department of Nariño.

Utría National Natural Park in Chocó

This visit gives you the opportunity to see humpback whales. Since they are in the hot waters of the Colombian Pacific. A few months more than others, the whales arrive at Utría Bay, which allows them to be seen very close to the beach.

Los Estoraques Natural Park in the North of Santander

It is a sheltered area that contains 6 square kilometers of land. It shelters very old formations, which have been formed by the action of water and wind. This has also allowed the formation of pillars, caverns and pedestals. All this gives rise to a unique creation, of fragile and worn figures.

Lost City in Magdalena

It is hidden in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This city is a unique place within the Colombian territory. This mountain is only accessible on footIt is a route that lasts a few days. However, a great natural variety can be appreciated in Colombia.

Through this article you already know the Requirements to travel to Colombia, which facilitates the procedures that you must carry out, once you gather all the necessary precautions.

We hope that your travel plans come true and you can enjoy your stay in this country full of tourist attractions. With friendly and warm people, as well as a delicious gastronomy.


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