Requirements to Travel to Colombia: with Pets, Cost and MORE

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The requirements to travel to Colombia, the procedure to bring pets, the cost and many more details are below.

The Mercosur group countriesAs is the case in Argentina and other countries, you can go to Colombia with your DNI or passport and the round trip ticket.

However, people with other different nationalities to those of the group of Mercosur countries, they enter Colombia carrying a valid passport and air ticket.

On the other hand Colombia and its inhabitants offer charms for all tastes: beaches, plains, jungle, national parks, the charming walled city, among others.

In addition, the tropical climate in the region from the Pacific, snow in Sierra Nevada, temperate climate in Medellín, mountains in Bogotá, dry climate in La Guajira and much more.

What are the Requirements to Travel to Colombia?

The Argentines only need the DNI or valid passport and the round trip ticket to enter Colombia.

Regarding vaccines, it will be necessary to be vaccinated if the tourist will visit the jungles or natural parks.

In the case of a trip under eighteen years:

  • That travel with legally married parentsThey must present the marriage or birth certificate of the minor or travel permit.
  • If the minor traveling with unmarried parentsThey must present the birth certificate and identification of both parents.
  • When travel with one of the parentsYou must present the travel permit of the absent father or his death certificate, the minor’s birth certificate and ID of the father with whom he is traveling.
  • Yes travel with someone else You must present the authorization of both parents with the personal data of the companion.
  • In case of travel without representatives, You must have a valid parental authorization bound for Colombia, in the same way indicate who is waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

It is important to remember that buying travel insurance is a good alternative in case of an accident or any other incident during the trip.

What are the documents to present?

On the other hand the required documents for the trip to Colombia are mentioned below:

  • ID card or passport and the round trip ticket. The other Mercosur countries only require an identity document.
  • The vaccination card, only in the case of tourists who decide to go to the jungle or natural parks
  • Although not required, it is suggested purchase travel insurance to cover medical services in the event of an accident or any other event in Colombia.

In case of need vaccines, the application of: Typhoid and yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, among others, is suggested.

Likewise, it is necessary for the tourist to take into account that they can stay in Colombia for ninety 90 days and extend for a further 90 days.

Requirements to Travel to Colombia: With Pets

The requirements to travel to Colombia with pets are listed below:

  1. Certificate international veterinarian (CVI), with the name of the person traveling with the animal and with validity from the date of issuance to the date of the controls at the point of entry to Colombia.

For acquire the Certificate International Veterinarian, the following pet requirements should be taken into account:

  1. Health certificate.
  2. Rabies vaccine records.
  3. Certification of the treatment to eliminate the parasites to the pet.
  4. Copy of the identity document or passport of the owner who will travel with the animal.
  5. Six-fold vaccination certificate, in the case of dogs.
  6. Proof of triple vaccination, in the case of cats.

Below are some important aspects about the documents required for the trip with the pet:

  • For him health certificate, take the animal within ten days prior to the date of shipment, to the veterinarian with current registration before a collegiate entity in Argentina.
  • Certificate of rabies vaccination, All animals must be vaccinated against rabies, by a private veterinary professional in Argentina.
  • Treatment to dewormThe animal must be applied at least twenty days before the trip.
  • Document from owner’s identity, present a copy of the aforementioned document or passport of the person who will transfer the animal from Argentina to Colombia to issue the CVI.
  • Constance of six-fold vaccinationAnimals aged 60 days or older should be vaccinated against Carré, canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza.
  • Constance of vaccination for felines two months or older should be vaccinated.

Requirements to Travel to Colombia: Cost of the trip from Argentina

The Expenses may vary depending on the accommodation to be decided and the cities to be visited. Here is an idea of ​​the budget that is needed to travel to Colombia.

The price of flights to Bogota from Buenos Aires Argentina to Colombia round trip, they are from USD 686. This price may vary depending on the airline that is selected, the stopovers of the flight. This decision will be subject to the tourist budget.

On the other hand, depending on the days of accommodation, you can consider the expenses per person from USD 15 to a luxury accommodation from USD 110.

Regarding food, which will depend on tastes and budget, is estimated at:

  • Fast food is estimated from USD 6.4 per meal. This estimate includes street food places and small restaurants.
  • Established restaurants are estimated from USD 9.40 per meal.
  • High-end and well-known restaurants are estimated at about USD 21 per meal.

In addition, the transfer cost for recreation, you can use urban transport, it has a cost of 2,200 pesos, a taxi 4,700 pesos. Bus 12,000 pesos.

In this sense, estimating a seven day trip for a person on a budget, making use of cheap accommodation and fast food three times a day:

  • The cost of trip is estimated at USD 925.4 without include transportation in the destination city or cities.

On the other hand, Colombia can be visited all year, but October and November are very quiet, prices are supposed to drop and the atmosphere is more relaxed to visit.

When it is planned visit ColombiaIt is important to consider both the climate and the festivities of the place, for example the Folkloric Festival of San Pedro parties.

Colombia and its inhabitants they offer charms for all tastes: beaches, islands, plains, Amazon rainforest, national parks, the charming walled city, delicacies in gastronomy.

Tropical climate in the region Pacific, perpetual snow in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, temperate Medellín, mountain in Bogotá, dry in La Guajira Peninsula

Stations are bimodal almost everywhere the territory presents two stations of rain (April June, August November) and two in the summer period.

What vaccinations should I have to travel to Colombia?

If the plan is to travel to Colombia, it is convenient to consider complying with the requirements regarding the vaccines that must be applied, which are mentioned below:

  • Yellow fever and typhoid, hepatitis A and B, triple viral, diphtheria – tetanus.

If the travel itinerary includes the visit in certain regions of the country the mentioned vaccines must be applied at least 10 days before the trip.

Next the zones are mentioned on those that require people to go with the vaccines indicated above:

  • Norte de Santander, Putumayo, Los Llanos Orientales, La Amazonia, La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park and the Atlantic Coast, among others.
  • I know recommends the constant use of repellent, wearing covered clothing and mosquito protectors to sleep.

However, in jungle towns and rural, bottled water should be taken due to its geographic location due to acute mountain sickness (AMS).

What’s more, foreign travelers are suggested who wish to visit Colombia who purchase travel insurance that provides medical assistance coverage for:

  • Injury or any other sudden event.
  • Medical care for emergency.
  • Treatment of emergencies, among other inconveniences that may arise.

For more information on the details and suggestions for the trip, it is recommended to search the advice from a travel agent.

Why travel to Colombia?

Colombia and its inhabitants they offer charms for all tastes: beaches, plains, jungle, national parks, the charming walled city, among others.

In addition, the tropical climate in the region from the Pacific, snow in Sierra Nevada, temperate climate in Medellin, mountains in Bogotá, dry in La Guajira and much more.

In addition, Bogotá offers the Maloka interactive museum and others, parks, nighttime entertainment, gastronomy, libraries, the botanical garden, among others.

For its part, Santa Marta has with Tayrona National Park.

Also Cartajena offers, historical sites, colonial architecture and charming constructions.

Likewise, Medellín offers:

  • El Castillo Museum of Medellín.
  • Explore Park.
  • Pueblito Paisa, among others.

Plus you can’t stop visit the beaches of Santa Marta, Cartagena, San Andrés and Providencia, Barranquilla, Cabo de La Vela (Guajira) and in the Colombian Pacific.

Colombia is one with spectacular natural landscapes, its dream beaches, among many other attractions, which make it one of the most sought after places in this continent.

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