Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Do you want to visit Costa Rica and you don’t know what you need? Through this article you will know the Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica from Nicaragua.

Besides Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica, we offer you more information of interest: How to travel to Costa Rica from Nicaragua, the costs generated by traveling to Costa Rica, the tourist attractions it offers, the legal length of stay and other information.

Documents Needed to Travel to Costa Rica from Nicaragua

To make this trip, it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica. In such a way that I leave to review and gather them, you can make a concrete planning to enjoy this beautiful destination. These are detailed below:

Tourist trip

  • The valid passport and in good condition. Its validity is stipulated and governed by the country of origin.
  • Roundtrip plane ticket, or continuous trip.
  • Show that you have financial resources, which is $ 100 dollars for each month of tourism.

Work Reasons

People with a permanent residence permit they can intervene in any activity. This can be remunerated, by own means or by dependency, this in accordance with the type of income and the law that regulates the activity. Also, with what is currently established by the Immigration and Foreigners Law.

Those who have temporary permission can, except as stipulated by the Law, carry out activities with a salary, on their own account or with a dependency relationship, while the legal stay lasts and the activity is admitted by the Migration Directorate, with an advance report and of approval of Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The working hours are divided as follows:

  • The daytime from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., which should not exceed eight hours a day and 48 hours a week.
  • Night from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., and cannot be more than six hours a day and 36 hours per week.
  • Mixed schedule, which includes day and night and should not exceed seven hours a day and 2 hours a week.

NOTE: All employees must be affiliated with the CCSS (Costa Rican Social Security Fund), and enjoy an insurance policy against work accidents, which must be paid by the employer to the National Insurance Institute.

Study trip

Within the Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica for this reason, they are the following:

  • Correctly filled out personal data format, that is legible, in print and duly signed.
  • Communication indicating the reasons for requesting the special category. You must enter the full name of the interested party, age, nationality, what they do, home address and site or channel to receive notifications. Said communication must be signed, or done before the Immigration official or consign the signature certified by a lawyer.
  • Proof of payment in the amount of ¢ 125 colones and ¢ 2.50 colones, for each sheet that is consigned with the request for domicile. There the name of the foreign person who is depositing must be indicated.
  • Attach 2 passport size photos, in front and with an updated date of the foreign citizen.
  • Fingerprint registration certificate, issued by the Ministry of Public Security.
  • Proof of consular registration. The requirements are established by the relevant Consulate.
  • Birth certificate of the foreign citizen, issued by the country of origin, correctly legalized or apostilled.
  • The criminal record certificate of the foreign citizen issued by the country of origin, or the place where they have lived during the last 3 years, legalized or apostilled.
  • Copy of the updated passport of the foreign citizen (of each page). The copy must be certified, the original notarized in front of the official or through a notary public.
  • Students, teachers and researchers must provide a certificate issued by the educational institute, signed by the legal representative or its director. There you must indicate that the foreign citizen is a student, researcher or teacher of that educational institute.

How to travel to Costa Rica from Nicaragua?

There are 2 ways to travel from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. These are noted below:

Land route

Here there is the border road of Peñas Blancas that divides Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it is a very busy pass. Management is simple having the correct documentation. From Nicaragua (Managua) to Costa Rica (Liberia), take the bus that leaves from Managua to Rivas at the Huembés terminal.

In Managua there is transport that goes directly to Peñas Blancas but there are few who travel daily, the journey takes approximately 2 hours. This border crossing is quite quiet, the bus leaves the via eros at the entrance of the Nicaraguan point. That’s where they put the exit stamp and you pay $ 3 dollars in cash.

Also, on the other side of the border there are buses that travel to Liberia or San José. The cost to Liberia is 350 cordobas, and the trip lasts 2 hours. After leaving, it is necessary to stop at the Costa Rican point where they proceed to seal the entry and no tax is paid.

By Air

This is the fastest and most direct way to travel from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. There are a large number of airlines that go from Managua to San José, Costa Rica.

Costs of Traveling to Costa Rica from Nicaragua

The amount to pay for the Costa Rican visa is $ 33 dollars, and for the electronic appointment $ 3 dollars, which is made in the LAFISE Bank, by contacting the call center of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Managua, which is located in San Juan, from the Seminole hotel 2 blocks north, half a block to West.

There is also the option of calling the following telephone number (505) 2270-7464, Monday through Friday during office hours. Where it provides the same attention, in the event that it is not possible to personally assist to carry out the procedure.

Regarding the acquisition of air tickets there are different alternatives, if by plane depending on the airline, you get flights from $ 155 dollars round trip. In the case of traveling by land by bus, there are also transportation lines that go from $ 55 roundtrip to $ 77 dollars in executive service.

When you leave through the Peñas Blancas border, you have to pay a tax of $ 2 dollars if you have Nicaraguan nationality, and if the person is a foreigner you must pay a tax of $ 14 dollars. The duration of the trip is 8 hours more or less, if there are no eventualities at the border.

During the trip, allowed stops are made, where you can buy food and drink. The minors from three years old must pay the full ticket, and each traveler has the possibility of carrying suitcases weighing up to 35 kg, shared in 2 pieces of luggage that do not exceed this weight.

Attractions of Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, below are places that can be visited during your stay:

San José (the capital)

It is a very busy city, composed of forests and valleys. This is one of the most recognized places in the country, it offers different alternatives for the enjoyment, which guarantees that the trip is pleasant and at the same time of investigation.

In the center of San José, it is where many commercial premises are found and the night life is very striking. You can also get a lot of cultural information by visiting the various museums. Among them are: Costa Rican History Museum, the Child and the Jade. You can’t stop going to the Central Bank.

Tamarindo (in the Province of Guanacaste)

It was a fishing town, but there was an increase in the tourist part due to a sport widely practiced in the locality (surfing). This has made it one of the places in Costa Rica where you do better tourism. Of course, its beautiful beaches and various activities make staying fun.

It is a place that also offers excellent fashion shops, and taste divine cuisine at all times during the day.

On the other hand, at night the discos and bars are in charge of entertaining the context so that the experience is unique.

Santa Teresa Beach (in the Province of Puntarenas)

This is one of the most interesting places in this country due to the theme of surfing, which allows it to be very visited by people who practice this sport. Its beaches and waves can change, starting to be moderate and then strong, which can reach up to 3 meters high.

As a site that belongs to the coast, you can carry out activities such as: Bike rides, kitesurfing, canopy and hiking. The food in this place is very varied, which can range from a sophisticated sushi by the sea, to a simple hamburger.

Jacó (in the Province of Puntarenas)

It belongs to the Nicoya Peninsula, it has beautiful turquoise beaches and very white sand, where of course surfing is also practiced. Its beaches seem like an illusion, and it offers a large number of activities for people who prefer adventure tourism.

Some of those activities are: ATV rides, boating, kayaking, horseback riding, and do deep sea fishing. It has natural parks, which are an excellent attraction in the area. One of these is the Manuel Antonio National Park, which has a marine reserve.

The great Biological Reserve of CararaIt is another of the parks that offers a very varied fauna, and where you can get archaeological works from the pre-Columbian era (this for those fascinated by history).

Montezuma (in the Province of Puntarenas)

This population is distinguished by leading an open-air life, carefree, and with beautiful natural landscapes. It is another of the most striking tourist sites in Costa Rica. Its access is not very easy, you must take a ferry from San José and take another extensive bus tour.

One of its best attractions are its beaches of crystal clear waters, which give the penalty of being in paradise. Another of the attractions of this town are its large waterfalls, which is why it is considered a park that offers adventures at a natural level.

Costa Rica has other attractive places to visit. Which can be viewed through this web portal, and in turn look for the location on the tourist map to have an orientation, with respect to the distance that exists between one place and another.

Length of stay

The time a tourist can stay in Costa Rican territory, is ninety (90) days. If you want to stay a little longer, you have to obtain a residence permit.

What are you waiting to gather the Requirements to Travel to Costa Rica? Do not miss the opportunity to know this country, its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes.

You can also taste its exquisite cuisine and enjoy a fun nightlife. We hope we have helped you, and that you live one of the best experiences when visiting Costa Rica.

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