Requirements to Travel to Cuba: Visa, Costs and MORE

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Cuba is considered one of the 50 most visited countries for pleasure or pleasure. Through this article the Requirements to travel to Cuba. It is essential to be attentive to all the necessary requirements and to follow the steps properly.

In addition to the requirements, information is provided on the processing of the Tourist Visa, the Customs Declaration. Also the cost of a trip to Cuba, recommendations to take into account, among other data.

Requirements to travel to Cuba from Mexico

If you are planning to visit Cuba for vacation and tourism, it is suggested to consult the Requirements to travel to Cuba from Mexico. These requirements are necessary both to leave Mexican territory and to enter Cuba.

This in order to prevent unnecessary delays at the two airports. The following are the Requirements to travel to Cuba:

Have a passport

Any person of whatever nationality must possess an updated passport to enter Cuban territory. Or fair documentation issued in your name. This document must be valid for no more than six months, with respect to entering the country.

Manage a Tourist Visa or Tourist Card (A-1 Visa)

This is issued for all citizens who want to travel to Cuba. Minors are included in the event that the reason for the trip is for recreation.

Acquire the Air Ticket

The plane ticket or electronic ticket must contain the date of return to Mexico, or failing that it reflects another trip to be made by the person. If you want to consult some airlines that travel from Mexico to Cuba, you can enter the next link.

Get Health Insurance

This is one of the Requirements to travel to Cuba more important. Cuban immigration agents have the power to ask travelers for an insurance policy when entering the country.

It must be known in Cuba. In the case of not having it, at the airport you can buy it for a cost from $ 1.00 to $ 3.00 pesos CUC every day or more days.

This will depend on some conditions such as: Diseases, age of the tourist, country of origin, etc. However, it is suggested purchase the policy in advance. This with the aim of not staying at the airport for more than the estimated time.

Complete the Customs Declaration

Travelers arriving at the airport in Cuba, apart from presenting the required documents, also have to complete the customs declaration form. This form will be received during the flight. It is important to supply all the information that is requested there.

On the other hand, in this country the entry of maximum 30 kg exempt from tax. Which are divided into 25 kg of personal items and 5 kg of products for a maximum amount of $ 50.99 pesos CUC. If the tourist plans to bring cash for an amount greater than $ 5,000.00 USD, or what is equivalent in another currency. You have the obligation to indicate this on the form.

Arriving at the Airport

The routine in every airport, all travelers must go through immigration. You will be asked your country of origin, and which countries you have traveled to before arriving in Cuba. Also, the reason for the visit, the places where you will go and the place where you will stay. including the immigration officer, you can ask anything you deem necessary.

The second step is to go through customs control to check the hand luggage. And then the tourist must go to the baggage claim area. Upon arrival, the customs agent will give you free passage if the luggage does not have an indication for verification. This if it is evidenced that its weight does not exceed 30 kg.

If for any reason, luggage verification is required for overweight or other causes, the traveler must be very patient as this process is usually very long. That is, the entire procedure is extensive, from verification, confiscation if necessary, to filling in documents. Therefore, it is advised adapt to immigration laws, with respect to what is authorized in Cuba.

Departure from the Airport to your Destination in Cuba

If the traveler is going with a tourist itinerary, it is possible that he has hired a transportation service to move from the airport to the place where he will stay or reserved place. In the case of going on your own, it is suggested to use only the taxis allowed outside the airport.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa is one of the Requirements to travel to Cuba. It is valid for a single entry, that is, to make a trip for 30 days. This can be extended for another 30 days, in front of the Cuban immigration authorities. In general, in Mexico, the airlines have included in the amount of the ticket, the cost of the Visa or the tourism package.

But if for some reason, the cost of the visa is not included in the amount of the ticket, you can obtain it through the Consulate of Cuba in Mexico.

Or they also have the possibility to buy it at the airline of their choice, on the day of their trip at the airport through the system online.

Now, the approximate value of the Tourist Visa to travel from Mexico to Cuba is $ 25.00 USD. The price of the Tourist Visa is $ 525 pesos MX at the Consulate of Cuba in Mexico.

On the other hand, to request this Visa at the Consulate, travelers must present the following documentation:

  • The valid passport.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Have the plane ticket with round trip date.
  • cancel the consular tax established for the Visa.

The Visa can also be requested via postal mail, at the Cuban consulate in Mexico and send these documents:

  • Copy of valid passport that is legible.
  • The copy of the legible air ticket, evidencing the date of entry and exit from the country.
  • Pay the consular tax established for this case.
  • Send an envelope with sufficient stamps and the address where you will receive the approved Visa.

Travel Costs to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba is very attractive, both for its economic access and for its enchanting landscapes. Below are the costs to travel to Cuba:


These go according to the airlines, the class that is chosen and the season in which it is decided to travel. It can be considered to pay approximately $ 8,000 pesos one way and return per adult. This information was released by two airlines: Internet and Aeroméxico.


There are several options depending on the number of people traveling. If you take the option of a guest house, you can pay up to $ 3,500 pesos per night per person, for six nights. In the case of choosing a resorts for six nights, the amount would be approximately $ 12,000 pesos.


Government-run cafeterias are very inexpensive. Although not always everything is achieved, or at the end of the day they are out of stock. There are also some well-known restaurants and bars such as La Bodeguita del Medio. These options have very high costs.

However, it is recommended to make meals at a medium level in the so-called palates. These are restaurants that provide services in private residences. For this option it is essential to take into account about $ 2,000 pesos for seven days.

Walks and Tours

The approximate amount to spend on this activity is $ 1,500 pesos. There are very cheap bus lines that transport tourists all over the island. In this amount the tip is already taken into account, this to thank people for their attention.

Gifts and Souvenirs

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, to buy some gifts and souvenirs at home. Except if desired bring the Cohiba cigars. For this point an approximate of $ 1,000 pesos is calculated, to acquire excellent gifts.


Now, calculating the total cost of a trip to Cuba for seven days, this is $ 16,000 pesos. It is important to know that these costs are an average which are not far from reality. Therefore, with a good organization, administration and adaptation, you can make a great trip to Cuba.

Customs Declarations

Regarding the Customs Declaration in Cuba, it can be said that it is flexible when completing it. It allows the traveler to fill in or modify the declaration document at the same time that their articles are checked out.

For this reason, it is suggested not to fill in the Declaration if not until the time of the check-out process of the suitcases.

That is, it is prudent for tourists do not rush to declare. Since on some occasions the Customs does not designate as specific payment objects the products that go inside the luggage.

Recommendations for traveling to Cuba

To travel to Cuba you should take into account some recommendations. It should be noted that this country has a high level of security, however, it is necessary to take precautions as is done when traveling to other countries:

  • Register in the Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME). It is highly advisable for Mexican citizens to express their intention to travel in this system. In this way, the government of Mexico will provide help when they need it. All the information provided is used to enable location and security of tourists in emergency situations, natural events and allow the receipt of information related to Cuba.
  • It is convenient to keep your Tourist Visa in a safe place, since it will be stamped both when entering and leaving Cuba.
  • Preserve the passport and the respective documentation, in a safe place. It is suggested to take a copy of the passport and keep it in your wallet.
  • It is not mandatory to consign the physical air ticket when traveling. However, it is appropriate to keep a copy in a safe place.
  • Safeguard a photocopy of the policy receipt. It is convenient to carry it in your wallet at all times, since it covers the costs of accident, illness or death.
  • Two currencies are used in this country. One is the CUC, which is freely convertible, and the CUP, which is the national currency, one CUC is equivalent to 25 CUP. When a payment is made, it should be checked that the change is returned in the same currency or according to the conversion.
  • Throughout the country payments by Visa Card and in some places with Mastercard are accepted. However, it is advised to have and make cash payments, because in this country the number of businesses that receive payments with debit and credit cards is limited.
  • It is important to inform your banking institution or the banking executive that you are going to Cuba. This with the intention that the traveler is informed about the processes, in situations of theft or loss. Also, on how to make cash withdrawals with the cards from another country.
  • It should be considered do not carry US dollars. Because a commission of about 15% is charged in exchange operations with this currency. It is preferable to travel with euros or Mexican pesos.

Planning a trip to Cuba is significant, as the country has not undergone major changes in the last 60 years. However, it is an interesting experience.

But to do this, all the Requirements to travel to Cuba, which are the gateway to this wonderful island country.


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