Requirements to Travel to France: Documents, Costs and MORE

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You like to travel? This article will explain what the Requirements to travel to France where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

Nothing is more rewarding than traveling, since people can witness to know cultures, places, customs of each country and understand them as their own.

France is the country of love where tourists can enjoy the incredible architectural monuments, its culture, its history and above all its main monument that radiates from France is to observe the great Eiffel Tower.

This country is very diverse and suitable for all types of public. That is why if they plan a trip to this country they must comply with the following Requirements to travel to France.

What are the Requirements to Travel to France from Mexico?

The Requirements to travel to France from Mexico are as follows:

Mexican citizens who want to get to know France must present the necessary documentation at the border, linked to the purpose of their stay.

It is important to note that the Visa is necessary depending on the reason for the trip and the duration of the stay. Depending on the nationality of each citizen you will have to process the Schengen Visa in order to enter French territory, however, the Mexicans they are free to process a visa to enter France.

If you are going to travel to France, from Mexico what you need is to have your valid passport at least of three months from the date of entry.

Although Mexicans do not need to apply for a visa to travel to the European country, the system is expected to come out in 2022 on ETIAS. This requirement must be obtained by all Mexicans to travel to that country.

Documents for People with Mexican Passport

Citizens with having complied with the Requirements to travel to France from Mexico, you will need to collect the following documents.

The main document that Mexicans must have is a passport that is at least valid three months from the stipulated date of departure.

The Mexicans They do not need to process or obtain the Schengen Visa to be in France up to 90 days for every six months as tourist. However, when arriving in French territory, the Mexican tourist will be asked the following:

  • Have your valid passport.
  • The citizen must present his ticket round trip air.
  • You must show your reservation hotel or, if applicable, an invitation letter.
  • Receipt of your Financial income such as: your cards that it contains, if you have cash, etc.
  • Have international medical or travel insurance that covers everything that will be in France.
  • And process the ETIAS which is scheduled to come out in 2022.

Cost of Traveling to France

France is one of the most visited countries in the world, which is why it will depend on its value in which season you will visit it, the city to which you are going, the airline, etc.

Therefore a trip to Paris for about a week has a cost from 2,048.18 euros (51,175.20 Mexican pesos) up to 4,452.56 (111,250.32 pesos) or more depending on whether your stay is extended for 21 days or more including a roundtrip air ticket, with a cheap hotel.

Requirements to travel to France: Airplane ticket

The main cost is acquiring a plane ticket, but it will depend on the season and the airline. That is, the high season to visit France or any European country, is the summer time, prices increase. While the low season is in the winter season and the autumn and spring season are intermediate prices.

If you want to travel in winter season A flight to Paris on the Air France airline has an approximate cost of 821.05 euros (20,514.51 pesos). Or flights to Paris with Aeroméxico have an approximate value of 1,171.02 euros (29,258.75 pesos).

You can choose the option of the Iberia airline with arrival at Paris Airport with a stopover, it has an approximate value of 805.02 euros (20,113.99 pesos).

If you will travel in summer time you have the following options:

  1. Aeromexico has an approximate value of 1,313.51 euros (32,818.96 pesos).
  2. Air France has an approximate cost of 1,457.77 euros (36,423.40 pesos).
  3. Iberia arriving in Paris Orly has a cost of 1,309.05 euros (32,707.53 pesos).

These flights departing from Mexico City.

The flights to Paris, leaving from Guadalajara are with stopovers and those from Monterrey. If you want to travel to Paris in winter, departing from Cancun, the only airline that contains a direct flight is Air France, in summer if there is more demand for an airline such as American Airlines, Iberia, Air Canada, United, Air Europa, etc.

Requirements to travel to France: travel insurance

It is a fundamental requirement to enter French territory. This travel insurance has an average value of 2 euros per day, for a trip of approximately 21 days. The value of the insurance is approximately 42 euros (1,049.40 pesos).

Requirements to travel to France: Stay

In Paris there are multiple lodging options for all types of people and at an economic level.

If you want to rent an apartment it has an approximate cost of 89.05 euros (2,224.98 pesos).

If you want to stay in a 2-star hotel there are approximately 62.34 and 89.05 euros (1,557.61 and 2,224.98 pesos) per night with a double room.

In the case of staying in a 3-star hotel, the price may vary approximately from 187.01 and 231.53 euros (4,672.58 and 5,784.94 pesos).

From then on, 4 and 5 star hotels are more expensive.

Requirements to travel to France: food and drinks

Food in France can vary, but the cost per day is between 30 euros and 44.53 (749.57 and 1,112.61 pesos), but an average meal can be worth approximately 12 euros (299.83 pesos) per person.

Breakfast is cheaper than lunch or dinner. Visiting and tasting in a bakery can spend approximately 5.34 euros (133.42 pesos).

A quick lunch with water, or wine, or a beer can cost 12.47 euros (311.57 pesos).

If you will taste a dinner with: starter, main course, drink and with a drink, it may be worth 26.72 euros (667.62 pesos).

For approximately 20 days you can spend 890.51 euros (22,250.01 pesos),

Requirements to travel to France: Transportation

The easiest way to move around France is through the subway, the average price of a trip is approximately in 1.90 euros (399.77 pesos) for one journey per person. If you want to purchase the card it has a cost of 16 euros (399.77).

For a trip of approximately 20 days, the budget to travel on the metro would be 122 euros (3,048.26 pesos).

The RER trains, are regional trains. Rates depend on distance. In other words, if the train travels through the center of Paris, the cost is the same as that of the metro.

To travel in bus, the cost of a single trip has a cost of 1.90 euros (399.77 pesos).

If the citizen grabs a cab, the cost per kilometer, from Monday to Saturday between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. has a value of 1.17 euros (29.23 pesos).

Requirements to travel to France: Attractions

The most famous monuments in Paris are payments that the value are as follows:

  1. If the tourist wishes to visit the Eiffel Tower there is a cost to go up 19 euros (480.83 pesos).
  2. To visit the Louvre Museum has a cost of fifteen euros (379.61 pesos).
  3. The Arc de Triomphe cost 12 euros (303.69 pesos).
  4. Palace of Versailles, the price for adults has a cost of twenty euros (506.14 pesos), which includes a tour of the gardens, gallery, etc. and those under 18 years of age are free entry.


The ETIAS refers to European Travel Information and Authorization System, this system has been created to provide the choice of people from visa-exempt nations who wish to enter Europe. However, this measure was taken to protect the borders of the Schengen zone and enrich immigration control.

By the end of 2022, which is when it comes into force, Mexicans need to process ETIAS, that is, it would be a new requirements to travel to France. However, requesting it is a quick and simple process, the requirements to aspire to this documents online are the following:

  • The citizen must have his passport updated.
  • Contain a credit or debit card.
  • Have your email address.

By having that, the citizen must complete the ETIAS form, which will not take long to fill out. minus 15 minutes.

Requirements to travel to France: comply with the data

Citizens requesting the ETIAS must provide the following information:

  1. Full name.
  2. Date of birth and place.
  3. Information from your passport, including the date of issuance and maturity.
  4. The citizen must provide information regarding their employment situation.
  5. Justification of your trip to France.

Importantly, each citizen will have to answer a number of security questions based on their health, criminal record, or whether they have moved to places in conflict zones. No question can be left blank.

The information provided will be verified and analyzed with the security databases of the Schengen area , from interpol, Europol, Sis , among other.

The citizen will receive his ETIAS through his email, he will have to print it and show it together with his passport when arriving at the access of the Schengen zone. This document will allow travelers in a time of 3 years can move to European countries less than 90 days each.

Tips for traveling to France

France is a country that attracts people from anywhere in the world. This country enjoys its incredible architectural, cultural, historical monuments, landscapes, gastronomy, etc. That is why if you want to visit it, the following advice is expressed.


The tourist must take into consideration that when planning a trip they should take into account what season or time to attend France.

The best time to visit this great country is April to June or September to November. Visiting it in autumn or spring temperatures are more moderate and not like in summer and winter.


France is a safe country, but tourists must be careful and protect their belongings, especially in places where there are many people around.


It is very important that citizens reserve in advance and in advance where they are going to stay. The cheapest places are the first to run out, that’s why do it early.


It is very important for tourists to be clear about where they are located or to create reference points so as not to get lost in the city.

Download RATP on your devices

This application allows tourists to transport connections in the capital of France, it will also notify you if there is traffic and departure and arrival times.


If you are visiting attractions, it is better that you book your tickets in advance.


It must be taken into account that in France the voltage of 230v and the plugs are from type E. You will most likely have to purchase an adapter.


To visit any country in Europe it is recommended to bring some comfortable shoes due to the fact that there is a lot of walking.

France gives you a lot of options to visit, it is because of them that if your dream is to visit this place, you should consider raising all the Requirements to visit France.


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