Requirements to Travel to France: Documents, Visa and MORE

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The Requirement to Travel to France they are very important, because they are needed to keep an order in a travel plan and more if you want know this place in Europe.

In this article, you can find out everything about which documents are needed to enter France, as well as the recommended visas, depending on the stay that each one of them has.

So, if your plan is to travel to this place, don’t worry, we have all the information and we will clarify several doubts if you are from Bolivia.

Documents Needed To Travel

If the person finds plans to travel to France, you need a type of VISA that, depending on the income of the country, they need to have a reason and duration of said stay.

Those who want to stay in a country for around 90 days, that is, for 3 months, you must apply for a visa known as SHENGEN, this allows a single entry or several.

Thus, for all those people who make the decision to stay in a country for a longer period of time, they must go to at least one life that is long distance, and in turn, they must specify each of the reasons for the duration.

This in one of the cases that can occur in any person who has an intention to arrive in France to study, even temporarily. In addition to this, there are people who can apply for a transit visa through the country.

This requirement to travel to France from Bolivia is a necessary document, they are the ones mentioned below:

  • For present passport, it is accepted with one year of validity, that is, they cannot be accepted for less time.
  • For accredit each of the solvencies at the economic level, they can reach around 65 euros per day.
  • Possess a plane ticket with the stipulation of return, it is another document that will specify the date of residence to which the person belongs.
  • It is important to present a reservation for a room or hotel. On the contrary, it can be presented some certificate of commitment, for accommodation. This applies only in those cases, where the person can stay at the house of a friend or relative.
  • They are presented different forms for registrations.
  • Finally, in each of the people, they must be presented a letter-size photo (4 × 4)

Visa to Travel to France from Bolivia

There is a Shengen contract that serves as a tool for most people to be in charge of disposing, thanks to the diverse populations of the physical border.

Now, currently, each of those parts that make it up is known as:

Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Greece, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal.

It should be noted that most of the countries’ airports are commonly referred to as some terminals that specify or cover the citizens of the Shengen area.

And those countries that make it up, since, thanks to these, many of these countries can make their trips. In the case of Bolivia, any citizen who wants to go to France on a compulsory basis or by travel, needs a passport, since, must be 3 months olda before departure.

For visas, each of the countries mentioned below is required to submit any visa case:

  • Citizens of member states of the European Union, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland.
  • Nationals of: Argentina, Bermuda, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Vatican City, Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Slovenia, United States, Estonia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Singapore, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The validity of the visas applies to anyone who has a short-stay validity, in the same way, one must have one of the unique entries so that the person determines if the 6 months of issuance are in order.

Each entry are multiple actions that can have at least, valid for 90 days.

For this reason, it is due that, for this same reason, transit visas can be used by one or more entries that are established during a period of time. period of 5 days per entry.

How to travel to France from Bolivia?

A very important fact that many do not know is that France is one of the main tourist destinations in the world, since, they have a great culture, tradition and romance.

That is why, in several years, Paris has been in charge of being a very attractive space for thousands of people who visit this city.

Even so, for people to enjoy all the wonders France has to offer, you must have all the documents in order, as well as a requirement to travel to France from Bolivia.

The Passport and the notified one, since, It is one of the most important procedures that regardless of the person and origin they must have everything up to date.

If you want to know and navigate through France virtually, you can do it directly from this link

Costs of traveling to France from Bolivia

Those people who are on business trips, whether for tourism or visit, need a unique visa. But, for people who have a Schengen visa, more are needed. Each of them are presented by a cost 35 euros.

So, there are different types of visas that can have some length of stay. And it is fulfilled as part of the Requirement to travel to France. This same you can see the following:

  • Short Stay Visa: this only covers one person staying for less than 30 days.
  • The stay visa of 31 to 90 days with a single entry.
  • The stay visa of 31 to 90 days with a multiple entry
  • For long-stay visas: all people will have a stay of more than 90 days.
  • The airport transit visa. Only those cases where they really are very necessary.

Attractions of France.

France is a place that stands out a lot for its European style and how wonderful which is to travel. You can find in this country a number of options to know and enjoy on a vacation that you will never forget.

There are impressive temples with Renaissance, Baroque and classical styles that exist there. This nation is full and in turn of a lot of history, landscapes and dreams. For this reason, it is the nation of fashion and the most exquisite wines in the world.

Some of the main cities that are on the agenda of each traveler are: Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon and Toulouse. In it, you can know the very great Eiffel Tower, the Capitol of Toulouse, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and many more.

It is time to fill your suitcase and surrender to this adventure where you will feel thousands of emotions.

If your plan is to travel to France, you cannot miss its capital, since Paris is the European city where you can find the best gastronomy, the epicenter of fashion and culture.

To travel there are several transport options, such as funiculars, trams, buses, taxis and the subway. Not only is it the Eiffel Tower, you can visit the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dam, the National Palace of the Invalid, the Latin Quarter and the Palace of Versailles.

It is incredible how France is a tourist country par excellence, since it has architecture dating from the Middle Ages, unique monuments, dream palaces, religious sites which are very different, immense museums with works of art over a thousand years old, parks with beautiful views and definitely exquisite food.

It’s time to pack your bags have all the documents, money and the best clothes up to date to make these trips. France has very cold seasons and it is better to be warmly dressed.


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