Requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia: with Pet, Costs and MORE

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If you have a spirit for adventure or a desire to see new places, traveling from one country to another could be the best for you. In the case of Germany, traveling from Colombia is something that facilitates the possibility of knowing this country. The requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia They are simple, the cost is relatively affordable and the natural reasons for visiting Europe are very beautiful.

Also, it is important that you know some details before traveling. For example, what do you need to travel with your pets, if you need a visa or not; You can find all that here, in case you can’t go to the German embassy in Colombia to find out.

Requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia

If you plan to travel to Germany from Colombia, you have an excellent goal ahead of you, since the option of traveling from Colombians to German lands is very good.

Traveling to this European country is very accessible for Colombians, so if you have the opportunity, you should not think twice.

This is because people who were born in Colombia or have this nationality, will have in their favor that the requirements are very few and accessible for Colombians.

For initial, requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia, which must be fulfilled, are that of have a passport to be able to move you. Now, with that passport it will be enough to know part of the old world.

This low demand for requirements is due to the fact that Colombian tourists should not have a Schengen visa, to visit the European country. However, when entering Germany, you may need to share the following documents and information:

  • Have a valid passport with at least 3 months, after the scheduled date to leave German territory.
  • You should not be on the lists of «No admission», of the European community.
  • Demonstrate before the authorities that you have sufficient financial means to maintain and subsist during your stay in Germany.
  • Check before the authorities, that you have a place to stay or, failing that, you have an invitation letter.
  • You must have international medical insurance of at least € 30,000 for hospitalization expenses.
  • You must have a passport with a round-trip date, to be able to enter Germany.

Now, once you meet these requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia, you will have allowed to stay for 90 days on German soil.

Important! Although you do not need a Schengen visa to travel to Germany, from 2022 you must have the ETIAS permit to travel to the Schengen territory. So, can you click HERE and process this authorization.

Requirements for Visa

Although you do not need a Schengen visa to travel to Germany, if you have Colombian nationality; It may be that you do not have the nationality, and you want to travel from Colombia to Germany anyway.

If that is your situation, you will need a visa and know how to get it. So, here too we leave you that information so that you can fulfill your goals of visiting part of the «old world».

To begin with, it is important that you know that this type of visa serves so that you can spend 90 days in the country. In addition, it is a much broader visa, since with the You can visit any of the areas or countries that belong to the Schengen area.

Now, secondly, you must know that there are different types of visas, which will depend on the intention you have when visiting Germany. Likewise, your requirements vary depending on the situation. Nevertheless, most of the requirements are general, and here, we leave them to you:

  • Deliver the printout of the Visa Application complete with the information and signed, along with a passport-type photo.
  • Have a passport valid for at least 3 months, after your departure from Germany. Also, your passport must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • Present a photocopy of the first three pages of your passport and other pages of interest.
  • Have travel medical insurance, which is valid in Europe and valid during your stay.
  • Have round trip tickets insured.

Now, for economic cases you must have:

  • A bank statement for your last three months.
  • An authorization from the Exchange Office for the export of foreign currency.

On the other hand, depending on your situation, you may need other requirements, so here is the link, so you can calmly check the rest of the requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia, what do you need.

Click HERE! If you want to know the rest of the requirements.

Visa cost

Another aspect that you should know about the visa issue is its cost, since it will be important for you to be aware of this amount, so that you can cancel it if you have to take it out.

Before knowing the amount, you have to know that this visa will only be valid for 90 days of stay.

Now, once you know the duration time, it is time to know the vvalue of the visa, which is € 60.

Also, if you want to extend your stay, because you have study or work plans in Germany, you can also request a National Visa, which has a cost of € 60, same.

Cost of traveling to Germany from Colombia

The cost of traveling to Germany from Colombia will vary depending on the airline or flight you decide to take for your trip. In addition, the date of the trip and whether or not it has stopovers also comes into consideration.

However, here we made a compilation of an estimate of prices on flights, depending on the destination city. In turn, it is worth noting that the estimate was made based on your starting site being Bogotá.

  1. Flights to Berlin departing from Bogotá | Average value: $ 2,749,012
  2. Travel to Frankfurt from Bogotá | Average value: $ 2,820,242
  3. Flights to Munich departing from Bogota | Average value: $ 2,534,772

What are the requirements if I want to travel to Germany with my pet?

When traveling, many decide to take their pets with them, so if that is your case, here we explain the requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia with your «best friend.»

To begin with, it is important that you know that you have a limit of 5 pets with you, during your trips to Germany. But, if your case is about participating in contests, and you have to bring more animals, you can make a special request.

Now, in the sense of care and health, your pet must have the rabies vaccine and possess a microchip identification. On the other hand, the pets that can travel are those that are more than 15 weeks old.

Up to this point, they are all the requirements that people who have Colombian nationality will need.

However, if you came to this article and you do not have Colombian nationality, you should know that there are a few other requirements that you will need to travel to Germany with your pet.

In the first case, if the pet enters Germany from other European countries, it must carry a community passport with a veterinary proof, confirming the implementation of the rabies vaccine.

On the other hand, there are some countries that will have to send certified documents, in which declare that you do not have commercial purposes and your pet is healthy.

Why travel to Germany?

Surely, you will ask yourself the question of: Why should I travel to Germany?, or just looking for reasons to justify your desire to see part of the «old world.»

Regardless of what your reasons are for looking for arguments that lead you to certify your desire to travel, here are some reasons why traveling to Germany seems like a good idea:

  1. Its architecture it is extravagant and wonderful based on medieval works. You can find castles, forts or palaces.
  2. A different taste for your palate with exquisite meats and sausages. But above all, the best thing is to try their beers and have a good lunch.
  3. Incredible landscapes natural and urban. In Germany, you can always find landscapes to marvel at.
  4. You have a great variety of museums and monuments, which you can visit to learn about the history of the country.
  5. If you are a fan of religion, you have for yourself large institutions and works of a religious nature, so you can travel and visit.
  6. Many varieties of beers, so you can enjoy your nights or outings with your friends or family.
  7. Water activities, like boat rides, so you can appreciate the landscapes and rivers of Germany.
  8. You not only have the beer, you also have the wine route, in which you can learn more and dislike this drink.
  9. Christmas has its own section, due to its big beautiful christmas markets, so you can enjoy the best Christmas possible.
  10. A great variety of transport with the latest technology and care.

Finally, traveling will always be wonderful. Getting to know the cultures of other countries and appreciating other types of sight is something worth doing. In this case, Germany will be a fantastic place for you to visit and do tourism, as it has many activities to do.

Also, if you are Colombian, you have easier opportunities to get to know this European country. The requirements to travel to Germany from Colombia, the cost of the visa and passports, is something that favors the Colombian a lot, so it should be taken advantage of.


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