Requirements to Travel to Italy: Costs, ETIAS AND MORE

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If you ever want to visit this colorful country, there are a number of Requirements to travel to Italy that you must keep in mind. These will allow you to do the necessary procedures and complete your trip with total success, so you cannot leave once you have arrived here. We will also be explaining the costs to travel, everything you need to know about the ETIAS visa, the best times of the year to visit Italy, why you should do it and much, much more.

Italy It is one of the most visited countries on the European continent, partly due to its enormous historical weight. There you can find museums, historical monuments, ancient ruins, beautiful and colorful landscapes and an incredibly developed culture. Also, who doesn’t love famous Italian food?

Not only is it an incredible place to go sightseeing, but some of its cities are financial and industrial centers, highly developed to accommodate people who are going to do business. Without a doubt, it is one of the favorite destinations for people, so do not think about it anymore, Here we will explain everything you need to know!

What are the Requirements to Travel to Italy from Mexico?

The Requirements to travel to Italy They are diverse but they have all been compiled so that you do not miss anything, neither before, nor during, nor after the trip. Pay careful attention to each of them and everything will be fine.

Let’s see what they are:

  • Valid passport. This must have sheets available and be valid, at least, in the 3 months prior to entering abroad. In this way, you will be able to enter and leave Italian territory without any inconvenience, avoiding delays due to extension procedures and additional costs.
  • Having a job in Mexico, as well as family and friends, is important as it is a sign that you plan to return back to the country after your trip to Europe. Especially important are labor ties.
  • To have underfunded to be able to stay on the planned days, taking into account expenses for food, transportation, accommodation, tourist attractions and unforeseen expenses. This must be demonstrated with account statements, traveler’s checks, international bank cards, etc., which in the last stay will be the documents that will certify your financial income.
  • Plane tickets, both input and output.
  • Investigate if you need any type of visa. Currently, Mexicans who travel to European territory for tourism purposes, for a maximum of 90 days, do not need any. However, from 2021 they will need to process the ETIAS visa, which we will talk about at length later. To travel for another reason, you probably need a visa.
  • Hotel reservation or invitation letter (proof of accommodation), if you plan to stay at the home of an acquaintance, where he or she declares to be responsible for your well-being in case of any eventuality. This letter must be submitted in original, duly notarized and signed by the host.
  • A health insurance that has international coverage.

We recommend that you always carry two copies of your passport with you, of the visa if that is the case, since it could be important in case your passport is lost or something like that. For check if you need a visa, you can check it on the website of Italian embassy > Consular Services. People with Italian nationality will not need a visa.

Costs of Traveling to Italy

The costs of traveling to Italy you have to keep them in mind from the moment zero. In the first instance, the person who is going to travel will be required to show evidence of having sufficient disposable income to make the trip. This can be verified by means of international bank card statements, income certificates, cash, trust, traveler’s checks, and so on.

You should bear in mind that there are certain costs associated with the visa process, if you need it in your case, and expenses related to the journey as such. Within these expenses are those of stay, food, transportation and visits.

These will depend on the type of places you visit, the things you do, if you take public transport or if you use private transport, in addition, it is much cheaper to stay at the house of an acquaintance than in a hotel.

Whatever your case, you must show that you can bear those expenses. Also, the costs of traveling to Italy too they depend on the days you are going to stay. On average, expenses go like this:

  • 1-5 days: approximately € 270 the whole trip.
  • 6-10 days: per day would be about € 45. This if you travel alone, if you travel with someone it can be up to € 25 p / d each.
  • 11-20 days: per day are about € 37, which can be reduced if you travel accompanied by up to € 23. To this must be added a fixed fee of € 52 and € 26 respectively. Thus, to spend 15 days you would need about $ 600.
  • 20-90 days: a fixed fee of approximately € 210 plus another € 28 per day. This would be the days that you are going to stay multiplied by the expense per day, and finally you add the fixed fee. In case of traveling accompanied, it would be € 120 for a fixed fee and € 18 for each day that you are going to be in the country. If you stay a month, for example, you would have to carry around € 1200.

We encourage you to do your own budget, in a very well detailed way, where you take into account specific expenses and an extra for improvised expenses. Write the total cost of the hotel, a limit amount of food per day, and so on. Also, make sure your cards are up to date, without any pending obligations or withholdings.


The permission ETIAS It will come into force for the year 2022 and it is something that Mexicans will need to travel, just like any other person who does not have nationality in any member country of the Schengen area.

This visa, if approved, it will be valid for 3 consecutive years, in which the person can visit any member country for a period maximum of 3 months in a row, for tourism and / or business.

To apply, you must have a valid passport. One reason to deny yourself a visa is that your passport is about to expire, so the ideal time to start applying for this visa is at least one year before the expiration date. Thus, we can say that requirements to process the ETIAS permit are:

  • Valid passport.
  • Credit or Debit Card, which you will need to pay for the procedure.
  • Email address.
  • Smart device to complete the application.

Once you have all this, you can apply online, which can take about 10 minutes if you’re fast. You will only have to answer questions about basic information and other security. Once the request is submitted, the information provided will be analyzed to verify its validity. If the visa is approved or denied, you will be notified by email. In case of being denied, you can appeal. The minors they must also request it.

Finally, you can probably count on several payment methods, but everything will be determined, as well as the amount of the fee, when the program launches in late 2022.People with passports from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominica, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Panama, Uruguay and El Salvador, they are the ones who will need this permission.

This visa will be one of the Requirements to travel to Italy, undoubtedly. If you want more information, you can enter the official site of ETIAS. Here you can even make a quick registration to receive a notification when the permit is available to request it.

Best Times to Travel to Italy

You may be wondering what time of year is it better to visit Italy And well, again, we will tell you that it depends. For example, if you like to go when there are almost no tourists and it may be less expensive to travel, you we would say the best month is September.

The climate is pleasant, from 25º to 30º, the tourist packages are cheaper and there are good prices in hotels. This is due, again, to the lack of tourists that cause prices to rise.

Travel in October it is more than everything to know the traditions of the towns, the temperature is colder, it is a month of festivities. For November and December It is already cold season, so if you are interested in spending Christmas and New Years there, excellent! There are parties, fireworks, concerts, and so on.

In reverse, since we started in September, we have to June July August They are the hottest months and most crowded with tourists. Therefore, it will be very expensive to travel in these months, especially in August. People are on vacation, the temperature is very high, and Italians and tourists hang out.

It is also good to travel in April and May, it is low season and as in September the prices are much lower. As to January February MarchThe weather is very cold, although if you want to see the carnivals, February is your month.

Why travel to Italy?

There are so many reasons to travel to Italy. As we said at the beginning, you are a country rich in culture, where you can visit famous museums, learn about architecture, see historical ruins, access dream beaches and eat divine. Without a doubt, the colorful landscapes that you will find in this country will make you want to return again and again.

In addition, it has one of the most developed economies in the world, so it is also a perfect place for people looking to invest or do business. It is a very complete country, attractive wherever you look.

Now that you know what the Requirements to travel to ItalyWe hope we have helped you and we wish you good luck.

Thanks for reading!


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