Requirements to Travel to Italy: Documents, Visa and MORE

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Do you want to visit Italy, know its history and its beautiful emblematic sites? You must first comply with The Requirements to Travel to Italy from Ecuador, which are mentioned later.

You will also learn about its tourist attractions, natural landscapes, the costs of traveling to some of its cities, the amount of money that must be justified to stay there for a specific time, some information of interest and much more.

Documents Needed to Travel to Italy from Ecuador

The Requirements to travel to Italy from Ecuador are mentioned below:

  • The tourist visa, which offers the possibility of entering and being in Italy for ninety (90) days. In this case, Ecuadorian citizens require a visa and comply with the Requirements to travel to Italy normally required.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the planned date of the trip.
  • Not being on the «no admission» list of the European community.
  • Check to have the financial resources necessary to maintain themselves during the stay.
  • Submit a hotel reservation or invitation letter.
  • A medical insurance with international coverage of at least € 30,000 euros, to cover hospitalization for emergencies and repatriation expenses.
  • Roundtrip plane ticket.

Tourist Visa to Travel to Italy from Ecuador

To apply for a tourist visa to enter the country, you must meet the following Requirements to Travel to Italy:

  1. Visa petition format.
  2. Updated passport size photo.
  3. The passport with a minimum validity of 3 months from the date of travel.
  4. Round trip ticket.
  5. Certificate of having the resources needed to support in the country.
  6. Document that indicates the professional and social situation of the interested party.
  7. An international health insurance of (€ 30,000 euros).
  8. Check that you have accommodation while you stay in the country.
  9. This visa admits to remain in Italy for ninety days and has a cost of € 60 euros.

Costs: Requirements to Travel to Italy from Ecuador

Below is detailed how much it costs to spend a day in Italy in different cities:

  • Rome: As a backpacker the cost is $ 75 and for a three star traveler it is $ 117.31.
  • Milan: For a backpacker the budget is $ 71 dollars and for a tourist three stars $ 108.22.
  • Venice: The backpacking budget is $ 114 and for a 3-star traveler it is $ 163.67.
  • Florence: The cost for a backpacker is $ 75 and for a 3-star traveler it is $ 113.37.
  • Naples: For a backpacker the cost is $ 58 dollars and for a three star tourist it is $ 83.8 dollars.

Some Considerations Regarding the Cost of Traveling to Italy

  1. If it is a backpacker, the budget is included a room bed in a budget hostel and quality, 3 meals, 2 tours in public transport, a paid cultural visit and 3 beers.
  2. In the case of a three star tourist (moderate budget travelers), who wish to stay in bedrooms with private bathrooms. It is an adequate budget for couples, who share a bedroom and taxi cost. It also includes the most common attraction of the destination, such as: 3 meals and 3 drinks, and a visit to a museum.

With How Much Money to Arrive?

The amount of money with which you have to get to Italy will depend on the days of the trip, if the tourists stay in a hotel or at the house of a relative or friend.

This is also one of the Requirements to travel to Spain. The estimated money for a trip of a tourist, 2 or more is named below:

  • From 1 to 5 days, € 212.81 / € 269.60 euros.
  • From 6 to 10 days, € 26.33 / € 44.93 euros.
  • From 11 to 20 days, € 25.82 / € 51.64 euros.
  • From 11 to 20 days per person, € 22.21 / € 36.67 euros.
  • For more than 20 days, € 18.79 / € 206.58 euros.
  • More than 20 days per person, € 17.04 / € 27.89 euros.

Attractions of Italy


This city is of great importance in this country, for its excellent works of art and architecture being the oldest and most beautiful.

The Roman Colosseum is one of the obligatory visits in Rome, as it is a magnificent construction where gladiators fought for a long time.

The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)

In its dome and walls it contains beautiful details, it has a great fame among visitors who are followers of the Christian Catholic religion.

Its tour gives the feeling of being in an arts museum, as it has world-renowned classical-style paintings, such as: Michelangelo’s Witness and the Last Judgment.


You can walk its avenues and streets by means of gondolas. This place has water channels around it. In the case of visiting the south, you can visit the Ponte Dei Sospiri, which has an impressive history. A bridge connects the old town with the local jail.

The Tower of Pisa

This sculpture is very famous in Italy, which leaves most of the visitors impressed. It is located in the Piazza del Duomo, in the heart of the city. This building it has many steps to get to the top, and from there you can fully appreciate the Piazza and take many photographs.

Verona (Homonymous Province)

Known as the romantic city, where the rivers run through the city and it is full of old buildings. It has beautiful buildings of great aesthetics, and spectacular places to visit and explore. To get to Verona, you must take a train from Venice.

The Cinque Terre (La Spezia)

Offers beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and rocky sand. It contains some small coastal towns, close to the forests of the Riviera and the ocean, which is ideal for vacations, as it has beautiful views and extensive fields.

Sorrento (in Naples)

The floors are cobbled and it has a beautiful view of the cliffs. Its natural landscapes have an unparalleled beauty, where you can enjoy a walk in both mountains and forests.

In the center of Sorrento there are old villas, and a maze of seductive pathways. It is suggested to go to San Cesareo street, where the houses are yellow.

San Gimignano (in Siena)

Its rural tours are unbeatable, where its old residences are beautiful. This town is located very close to the mountains, especially to Tuscany for its walls that are at least 3 centuries old. In San Gimignano you can relax and have peace of mind.


It is a small population that is located in Piamorte. Visiting the lakes is spectacular, with a divine architecture at the level of buildings.

Its local food is very good thanks to its excellent Mediterranean products. There is also the important Egyptian Museum, which has items of great value.


This town is perfect for vacationing near the sea and resting under the sun. Owns a volcano and you can appreciate the extensive blue sea around the place.

Likewise, you can visit the Galleria Umberto where you can enjoy large sculptures and works of old paintings.

For more details about tourist places in Italy, you can enter to this link where there is information about it.

Tips for Traveling to Italy

Apart from fully complying with the Requirements to travel to ItalyHere are some tips that you should consider for your trip to Italy:

  • Show up at the airline booth at the airport at least two hours before to address the airplane.
  • Check the baggage regulations in advance. These data are published on the airline’s web portal.
  • It is advisable wear from casual to elegant clothesIt is essential that it be clothing rather than comfort. However, casual or sports clothing should be avoided. In the case of long flights, do not wear clothing that wrinkles easily.
  • To prevent the consequences of jet lag, it is suggested sleep while the flight lasts.
  • It is allowed to carry 100 ml of liquid in the handbag, the extra will be retained at the airport.
  • It is an excellent alternative to carry zip-lock bags to prevent possible product spills.
  • If your ears become plugged during the plane, you can chew candy or gum, even buy ear plugs in some pharmacy.
  • Prior to the presentation at immigration, the traveler must get ready and have a relationship and normality position. Greet the agent in a polite way with a good morning, good afternoon or hello and have the passport in hand.
  • Normally the immigration authorities ask the reason for the trip, for which you must answer something simple such as: I am going to know Italy, I want to take advantage of the holidays to reconnect with family and friends. Ideally, be confident so that officials are too.
  • During the flight, the flight attendant will provide a form that must be filled out completely with personal information. These data are: address where the tourist will stay, veil number, passport number.
  • When you get off the plane it is suggested to follow the other travelers, because they will all go to the passport inspection area.
  • While in the immigration area, you must choose a row and not change. At that moment you have the opportunity to prepare and have the necessary documents within reach.

One of the Requirements to travel to Italy from Ecuador is to process the Tourist Visa, which is essential because through it entry into the country is allowed.

The other requirements are also easy to meet. Therefore, get ready to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience, take advantage of the time of your stay to know everything that this beautiful country offers, especially its historical, artistic and architectural wealth.


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