Requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia: about Visa, Documents and MORE

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Then we will indicate the requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia. Traveling to Japan is an unforgettable adventure.

Japanese culture has become famous all over the world for its landscapes, gastronomy, juice competitions, geishas and mainly for technological development.

Japan He is also known for his cartoons, baseball practice, samurai, the bonsai, among others. It is a country of many details.

Also, Japan is famous for wellness in your lifestyle, so much so that life expectancy in that country is the highest in the world.

Requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia

One of the essential requirements that we must mention is the visa. The types of visa are mentioned below:

  • Tourists.
  • If the need is to go see the family.
  • Visit friends.
  • For business inquiries.
  • Visas for spouses or children.
  • To participate in sports or other competitions, in fairs, visits to companies, to attend meetings or lectures, to academic events or for religious reasons, among other concepts.

It is essential to mention that the reason for application of the visa It should not be to carry out activitiess with remunerations associated.

In addition, the visa is granted for a maximum of ninety days, which should not be exceeded.

Likewise, the evaluation of the application is estimated in ten working days, excluding cases that require review with the offices in Japan.

On the other hand, the response time in the case of visa applications for more than one entry to Japan, will be higher than for the other applications.

The following are the requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia.

Requirements to Process the Visa

In the case of traveling as a tourist, the following documentation must be presented at the time of making the request, which must be made in person:

  1. Current passport and previous passport.
  2. Present a photograph with a size of 4.5 x 4.5 centimeters, in color and with a white background, preferably recently taken.
  3. Complete and deliver the application form, according to the established indications. The spreadsheet must be printed on both sides of the sheet. In case of requiring more detail prior to submitting the application, the interested person should contact the embassy through the web portal.
  4. Photocopy of identification document, for children birth registration.
  5. Present the air reservation of the trip with indication of the round trip dates. The embassy accepts previous or estimated reservations, without having made the payment.
  6. Show reservation of accommodation and itinerary, with specification of the travel plan, for this requirement the format indicated in annex «e» must be used.
  7. Applicant’s work certification.
  8. Present documentation that evidences the financial capability to assume the expenses, of the person who will pay for the trip.
  9. Certification of Studies of the applicant, if applicable.
  10. Labor certification and from income issued by the employer and the payment receipts for the last three months.
  11. If he applicant has own company, present updated trade certification, as well as income prepared by an accounting professional.
  12. Bank statements, original and copy, of the last three months where the movements and the current balance are observed.

Documents you need

To travel with visa to visit family or friendsFollowing are the documentation, additional to those mentioned for the tourist visa:

  1. InvitationFor this purpose, the form in annex «a» or «b» must be used, according to the indications shown at the end of the visa application requirements.
  2. In addition to the invitation, in case the person inviting is a foreigner in Japan, the document that certifies the address and the copy of the passport of this person must be carried.
  3. Show itinerary of the trip with specification of the activity plan, for which the format in annex «e» must be used.
  4. In the case of visiting family, the documentation that check the relationship with the family member, it can be the birth, marriage or current family registry.
  5. To visit friends, carry the documentation that check the links friendship that exists with the person to visit, for example: photographs, emails, letters, others.
  6. In the event that the person inviting is responsible for the expenses, annex «c» or «d» must be filled out, according to the detailed instructions at the end of the application form.
  7. Yes who invites be foreigner in japan and be the responsable of the expensesBring a document that certifies the address and a copy of the passport with an indication of this person’s visa.
  8. The dfinancial solvency documents of the person who will pay for the trip, evidencing the income during the year and the income tax return, in case the person responsible for the trip expenses is the one who invites.

The requirements for the other visas can be found in the Japan embassy liaison Colombian.

Step by Step

To make the delivery and request requirements to travel to Japan from Colombia, you need to know the step by step:

  • If the request is made by the interested person, they should go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in Bogotá Colombia.
  • Another alternative To complete the application process, it is through a travel agency.
  • The schedule for the application, in the morning is from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and in the afternoon it is from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.
  • Once the documents and the application form are delivered, in person or through travel agencies, the result will be obtained in ten (10) business days.
  • The evaluation time will change in the cases that the embassy requires to review with the offices in Japan.
  • On the other hand, the response time in the case of visa applications for more than one entry to Japan, will be higher than for the other applications.
  • It is important to remember that the Japanese society or community is very orderly, that is, they plan everything, so they expect visitors to do the same.
  • That is why it is suggested, prepare all documentation required by the embassy with advance, in order to avoid wasting time.

It is also necessary to know that in the form or program of activities required at the embassy, ​​it is only necessary to put the date, the place to visit that day and hotel information.

Another important fact is that some embassies request travel insurance, so it is suggested to buy it before starting the trip.

Cost of traveling to Japan from Colombia

To answer this point, it is necessary to take into account that traveling to Japan is expensiveIn fact, it is estimated that approximately 55% of the budget is occupied by accommodation.

Therefore, first we must estimate the duration of the trip, the days that will stay in Japanese lands and an estimate of costs.

For an average tourist, do not look for luxuries, it is estimated that the expense newspaper per person is between 80 and 100 USD not counting the lodging and the cost of the flight.

So if a time of 15 days is estimated in Japan, the estimated cost would be between $ 2,500 and $ 2,700 per person, excluding flight and taxes.

However, there are also other option to travel less expensively, is to make the trip with a backpacking plan, is the name that is generally given, which it is estimated between 650 and 850 USD.

Let us remember that lPrices may also vary by season, if double rooms and hostels are used in low season.

The cost of the flight It is one of the most important, since there is no rule that assures us that the more time in advance, the cheaper it will be.

That is why it is suggested use flight search engines to have an estimate and look for the most affordable alternatives to the budget.

Why Travel to Japan?

  • Culture Japanese has achieved worldwide fame for its landscapes, gastronomy, juice competitions, geisha, and technological development.
  • For all its attractions, Japan is one of the busiest places in the world, since it attracts everyone for its culture and its beautiful landscapes.
  • In Japan, their customs are remote. Many traditions date back more than two thousand years and continue today in the culture of the nation.
  • The most widespread custom that is cultivated throughout the country is surely The tea ceremony, which can be enjoyed anywhere in Japan, for very little money.
  • In addition, all or almost all the custom are united with the recent technologies. All of this is interesting to experience for yourself.
  • Visit tokyo It is a great adventure since it is made up of several cities in one. It is an avant-garde metropolis, with unique architecture and highly modern technology.
  • Osaka It is a representation of Tokyo on a smaller scale.
  • When it comes to Yokohama, with its ocean views and high-rise buildings, it will surprise you.


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